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Since 1991 Africa Christian Action has been mobilising and equipping Christians to make a positive difference in society, working for Reformation and praying for Revival.

Africa Christian Action promotes Biblical Reformation in Southern Africa by:

Researching current issues and alerting members through e-mail updates (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to join our mailing list), and quarterly Christian Action Magazines, sent out by post.

Making a public stand on current issues, through letter writing, press releases, socia media, radio, marches, demonstrations, outreaches, Life ChainsSanctity Life Sunday, the National Day of Repentance, prayer vigils and National Women's Day outreaches.

Producing and distributing tens of thousands of tracts, newsletters, booklets, manuals, books and audio-visual resources.

Hosting a weekly radio programme  - Salt and Light (Tuesdays, 9:30pm) on Radio Tygerberg, 104FM in Cape Town, Salt and Light, addressing contemporary issues from a Biblical perspective (since 1995). To listen online, click here.

Encouraging and training Christians to start local Action Groups to pray, and take action on both local and national issues.

Preparing and presenting submissions based on a Biblical values to national, provincial and municipal authorities e.g. the South African Law Commission, the Advertising Standards Authority, Parliamentary Committees.

Running Salt and Light training courses, and discipleship courses and conferences such as Biblical Worldview Seminars and Summits and Reformation and Revival Conferences.

Importing excellent books and a wide range of audio-visual resources available to supporters at very reasonable prices.

Making speakers available to churches to give expert views on current issues of importance to Christians.

Using Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Sermonaudio.com and Youtube) to inform and mobilise.

You can get involved:

Be informed: sign up to receive ACA information by e-mail and/or post. Buy lots of good books and read them. Listen to good presentations and sermons on MP3 or CD Boxsets.  Make a Difference is an excellent place to start. Like us on Facebook. Share our social media posts with your friends.

Be involved: start an Action Group in your local area.

Be interceding: pray for the work of ACA – and for our country, that we may repent and be Reformed.


  • financially support Africa Christian Action,
  • sponsor literature printing,
  • sponsor someone to attend a camp or course,
  • sponsor books for school libraries
  • sponsor a project e.g. Pro-life and pro-family advertisements or billboards

Operation Nehemiah

"You are the salt of the earth.  But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?  It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled by men.  You are the light of the world... in the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven." Matthew 5:13-16

Christian Action Network is an umbrella organization - consisting of 100 member organizations - which seek to work for Reformation and Revival. CAN does this through providing information and by mobilizing Christians throughout Africa.

As an umbrella organization we provide a larger voice in the public arena enabling us to speak to politicians and the media more effectively on the issues of the day. CAN regularly publishes news releases on social and moral issues and organizes submissions and presentations before political and parliamentary groups.

We are also committed to working and praying for Reformation and Revival in Africa and host Biblical Worldview SeminarsReformation and Revival Seminars, and God and Government Seminars.

CAN publishes the Christian Action magazine quarterly.

Some of the books that CAN has published include South Africa: Renaissance or Reformation?, Reforming Our Families, The Power of Prayer Handbook and The Biblical Worldview Manual. For more books and audio-visual resources available from Christian Liberty Books, click here

Would your congregation or ministry be interested in joining the Christian Action Network? Download the Application Form here. Applicants must reside in Africa.


Christian Action P.O.Box 23632 Claremont 7735 Cape Town South Africa [email protected] - 021-689-4481 - www.christianaction.org.za
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