Prayer and Praise Updates

From the Mailbag: For Praise, Prayer and Action 2017


March for lIfe 2017THANK YOU very much for all your prayers, encouragement and support. 

Your practical participation, generous support and fervent prayers are essential for CHRISTIAN ACTION.

Pro-Life and Pro-Family Action

“I wanted to thank you for your excellent information on the revised State Education BELA Bill that enabled me to get friends and family to react as well. It seems as if it will be necessary to go to court and pray that this Anti-Christian Bill will be found illegal.” R Dekker

“Thanks a lot for the updates of the critical issues that are happening and we are indeed praying for these issues, may God bless this work.” I Robert, Back to the Bible Mission, Barberton

“Physical discipline brings a harvest of peace and makes the child safe. Abuse is exactly that, abuse. It should not be tolerated at all. Discipline proves that you love your child and that you save their lives.” S Isaacs, Cape Town

“I was blessed by the well thought out list of reasons why abortion is not a choice at all. Women often phone our help line and say: ‘I must have an abortion.’ … then she lists (as you wrote so well) all of the various pressures and problems. This is obviously not a choice, rather only a seemingly escape route from her dilemmas. We give her the choice by offering to meet her various needs, both through counsel and by supplying all of her baby needs for a year.  I am so blessed to know that we all work together, around the globe, to save lives.” S Shoshani, Be'ad Chaim pro-life ministry, Israel


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