God and Government

Why Most Youth Did Not Vote in the 2014 Election and How We Can Change That for 2019
The Importance of Ascension Day
Take Action on Threats to Religious Freedom
Freedom of Religion at Risk in South Africa
Through the Looking Glass
The Current Political Climate of South Africa
Restoring our Municipalities
Ten Principles for True Freedom
Think Before You Ink!
Your Biblical Duty to Vote
Mandela Day and the Making of a New Religion
A Christian Response to the American Elections (2012)
How Propaganda Changes Perceptions and People
Why Your Vote Counts!
What is Happening in Our Country?
God, Government and The Ten Commandments
What is Government?
Biblical Principles for Using Your Vote
Over 5 Million Reasons Why I Will Not Be Voting ANC
Government to Drug the People? New Drug Master Plan
Animism, Ancestors and the ANC
A Christian Response to Xenophobia
The Scourge of Slavery - The Rest of the Story
ACDP Councillor Threatened by ANC
Government Orders Gospel Radio to Close Down
The Paganisation of South Africa
Affirmative Action Is Racism
ANC Government Aims to Disarm S.A. Citizens
God's Law
Principle's for True Freedom
Reformation & Revival
Self-Made Religion
Setting the Captives Free!
Should Christians be involved in Politics?
The Deafening Silence - Transcript of taped broadcast
The Death of Justice
The Facts of the Faith
Joshua Generation
Transformations in the Bible
What Difference Can One Person Make?
When Authority is Abused
World Conquest - Poem
Over A Million Reasons Why I Will Not Be Voting ANC
Protesting Perversion at Parliament
A New 'Gospel', a Different Church a Strange God
God's Plan for South Africa
Battle for the Airwaves
Threat to Religious Freedom on Radio
Government Targets Gospel Radio
Racism, Xenophobia and Hate Speech
Christian Holidays Under Threat – Opportunity for Submissions
Biblical Principles for True Freedom
Effective Ugandan AIDS "Vaccine"
Attempt to Kidnap the Children
The Bad Taste of Liberalism
Zambian Police Free 280 Children from Islamic School
DEATH PENALTY: A Must for Effective Governance
Anglican Bishops Split
Biblical Commands to South Africa
Haiti and Satan
Neutrality is Not Neutral!
Traditional Healers
A Macedonian Call from Malawi
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