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It’s not a question of if you and your children will be exposed to pornography, but when. Research conducted by the SA Film and Publications Board (2006) found that 64% of children surveyed have seen pornographic images on the Internet. Considering the easily accessible and prevalent pornified content on TV, mobile phones, the Internet and magazines, you and your children are at a high risk of becoming addicted.In fact,someone you love may already be hooked, but you may not know it yet because most users can easily keep their viewing habits a secret.


You Have Been Infected
Whether you realize it or not, you have been infected by the porndemic. As Gail Dines points out in Pornland, what was considered hard-core pornography 30 years ago, is now considered soft-core. What used to be considered soft-core 30 years ago, is now considered a normal part of mainstream media. It is very likely that you have been desensitized to tolerate sexual immorality and the objectification of women.


South Africa has become more ‘pornified’ than anyone could ever have imagined. Children are not only viewing porn, now they are brazenly imitating its brutality; and making their own. Over the last four years (2010 to 2013), there have been five gang rapes of girls by teen boys (that we know of from news reports); and in four of the cases, the boys filmed the abuse, later spreading the video via social media.Pornography is propaganda for a rape culture.

When it comes to laws covering porn, South Africa is now one of the most liberal countries in the world. In few other countries are families and children so unprotected against the onslaught of filth and smut currently being published, or broadcasted, in our country.

Rape Culture
Pornographers in South Africa have hijacked the idea of freedom of speech and so all forms of porn, except child porn, have been legalised. Meanwhile, violent crime has increased, rape has increased, child abuse is on the rise and families are falling apart. While countless studies clearly show that the prevalence of porn, even non-violent porn, is strongly correlated with an increase in the number of rapes in that area, porn continues to be peddled in the name of ‘freedom’.

Human Wrongs
South Africa claims to have one of the most progressive constitutions in the world. It claims to be a country that upholds human rights. Yet the very concept of a Human Rights Day is an absolute farce when porn, which often depicts women being raped and beaten, is allowed to flourish without check or constraint! The truth is that women and children’s rights to life and liberty are less important in South Africa today than the right to purchase and profit from pornography.

Enough is Enough
In the UK, where a shocking survey found thatnine percent of boys as young as 13watch porn online daily, and other research found that 562 children (98 percent of them boys) have sexually abused other children (2009-2012), Prime Minister David Cameron, concerned citizens, and Internet Service Providers have said ‘enough is enough’ and have agreed to block porn on all their users’ Internet services by the end of 2014. Adults who want to view porn, have to ‘opt in’. Other countries, such as Iceland, are also considering installing blocks on Internet porn.

This could happen in South Africa too, but not without you getting involved and putting up a fight.

NEW BOOK - PORNDEMIC: How the Pornography Plague Affects You and What You Can Do About It
This is a winnable war. What is the Biblical antidote to the porndemic? And what can you do to protect yourself and your family? How can we take back the culture from the pimps and pornographers?Africa Christian Action’s new book Porndemic will equip you, with the help of God, to begin to transform your community.

Help us get this vital book into the hands of teachers, parents, pastors, members of parliament and town councillors.

is unique in its focus on the harmful affects of the porndemic in South Africa. It goes beyond helping the porn addict, to providing strategies for tackling every facet of the pornography plague: from a worldview level, to a community and national level and also what you can do to eradicate porn on films, television, magazines, and the Internet.

Porndemic also includes useful addresses, websites and other recommended resources.

May God be pleased to use this book to strengthen His people, to set captives free and to mobilise the Church to make an impact on cultures and communities.

Now Available


The E-Book can be downloaded online.


Hard copies of the 256-page book (with 22 infographics and 23 pro-family action pictures) are available from Christian Liberty Books, Tel/Fax: 021-689-7478, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Website: for R85 (excluding postage).

“Do not be afraid of them... Remember the Lord, Who is great and awesome, and fight for your daughters, your sons, your wives and your homes.” Nehemiah 4:14

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