An Urgent Call for Prayer and Action 1There are a number of very serious threats to religious freedom in South Africa that require urgent prayer and action:


Threat to Freedom of Religion

Firstly, there is the PEPUDA Amendment Bill. To read our article on this unacceptable, unworkable and unconstitutional threat to religious freedom, you can read our article on the website, click here.


To listen to the Radio Cape Pulpit Christian Perspective on the News on A Serious Threat to Religious Freedom in South Africa – PEPUDA Amendment Bill, click here.

To listen to the Radio Cape Pulpit Christian Perspective on the News on A Michael Swain INTERVIEW - PEPUDA Amendment Bill, click here.


Threat to Freedom of Conscience

The Department of Home Affairs has also produced the Green Paper on marriages in South Africa that threatens to override and trample on the constitutional rights of freedom of religion, belief and opinion, freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of religious communities to practice their religion. Freedom of Religion South Africa is concerned that this proposed new bill could be used to bully pastors to perform, for example, same sex unions and LGBTQ ceremonies. It is essential that freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and freedom of association be protected. Speak up for our freedom of conscience to be respected and protected.


We believe that marriage, according to the Bible, is between one man and one woman. To participate in hosting events for same sex marriages or any act, contrary to the Scripture would be a violation against what we believe in as Christians, because we believe that one day, we will stand before Almighty God to give an account.


The Financial Impact of Lawsuits on Christians

Christians are already standing in the line of fire of these people who say they feel victimised by Scriptural principles and believers should be the ones who are protected by law against this insanity. It seems like ‘unfair discrimination’ in anyone’s mind, could become a perceived ‘reality’. For anybody to consider himself a victim of what someone else believes, could become a license to sue and bankrupt believers who do not want to solemnise weddings that are not between one man and one woman.


The financial impact such lawsuits could have against believers would be devastating, because the government is clearly in support of the accusers, even funding such court cases against Christians and leaving Christians the burden to financially defend for themselves. Because of this, the state is declaring that they are already choosing the side of people claiming to be victims, without setting fair and equal grounds for these cases to be evaluated by.


To listen to a series Salt and Light Radio Program where Dalinda interviews Advocate Nadine Badenhorst of FORSA(Freedom of Religion South Africa) on Radio Tygerberg, regarding the Equity Bill and Marriage Act, click here.


Threat to The Right for Self Defence

Then there is the Firearm Control Amendment Bill which threatens to take away self defence as a legitimate reason for applying for a firearm license! Write to your elected representative to oppose this attempt to take away your right to self-defence.


To view a PowerPoint of our presentation Faith and Firearms – The Biblical, Historical and Practical Basis for Self-defence, click here.


To view the presentation: Faith and Firearms – The Biblical, Historical and Practical Basis for Self-defence as a video, click here.


To listen to this lecture as an audio, click here.


A Call to Action

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. “Who will rise up for Me against the evildoers?
Who will stand up for Me against the workers of iniquity?”
Psalm 94:16


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Pray for ACA Outreaches

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Your prayers and support are much needed at this critical time.

May God continue to be your joy and strength.


Yours for Faith and freedom

Dr. Peter Hammond



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