Zimbabwean Human Rights Campaigner Arrested in South Africa


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Zimbabwean Human Rights campaigner, Collen Makumbirofa, the head of Foundation of Reason and Justice has been arrested and is in danger of being repatriated to Zimbabwe.

Collen Makumbirofa has been arrested in Zeerust as an “Illegal Immigrant.”  A Sergeant Makgotole: tel: 018-3672 (ext 3) informed us of his arrest and that a R3,000 fine was needed. It was not clear if this would free him or merely have him escorted to the border and handed over to Zim officials.  The SAPS would not let us talk to Collen.  Home Affairs informed us that no fine would secure an illegal immigrant’s release – that was “merely a bribe”. They said that Collen would be sent to Lindela Detention Camp and returned to Zimbabwe.

Collen spoke at the Pray for Zimbabwe rally in Cape Town, 11 November, and at the Summitin January. 

He had mentioned problems with Home Affairs renewing his permit.  On page 2 of FF News 3/2005, Mugabe Tsunami in Zimbabwe, Collen stated: “South African Department of Home Affairs deny them asylum permits and refugee status…the go slow tactics of…the Department of Home Affairs is characterized by unprecedented corruption over asylum seekers and refugees.  The Home Affairs officials demand bribes from poor asylum seekers…even the holders of asylum permits are required to pay bribes by the police…permit holders who fail to pay bribes end up in the notorious Lindela Detention Camp…I think there is a secret agreement between South African and Zimbabwean ruling politicians to inconvenience or cause sufferings to Zimbabweans seeking asylum.  Most of the people deported to Zimbabwe will be harassed, tortured and beaten by the Zimbabwean authorities.”

It would appear that this is what is happening to Collen. 

Would you be willing to phone, or write a letter of protest to the South African Embassy closest to you, and/or to Home Affairs (Tel:             018-363-3853      ;  Postal Address: Private Bag X2034, Lerato, Zeerust, 2880), and perhaps the SAPS (Tel: 018-3672 Ext.3; Address: P O Box 3, Nietverdiend, 2874) concerning the treatment of Zimbabwean refugees such as Collen Makumbirofa?  To hand over a Zimbabwean Human Rights Campaigner to the Marxist government of Mugabe’s ZANU is like a death sentence.  Please make Collen’s plight known, mobilise prayer for him at your congregation and request your elected representative to protest the plans to endanger this courageous Zimbabwean’s life.

We would be grateful for anything you could do on his behalf and on behalf of all Christians suffering in Zimbabwe.


For more information on the state sponsored terrorism in Zimbabwe visit:www.frontline.org.za 

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