Edition 1, 2002: The Pink Agenda - Censorship in the New South Africa


By Robert McCafferty


"It would be a scandalous irony if all types of obscenity are protected, but genuine research and academic endeavour is censored. Pray that we will be able to continue to distribute the book widely and get the truth about the radical homosexual agenda out." Co-author Dr. Peter Hammond.

"The Pink Agenda: Sexual Revolution in South Africa and the Ruin of the Family", by Christine Mc Cafferty with Peter Hammond, the book most recently published by Christian Liberty Books for Africa Christian Action, has been restricted by the Film and Publications Board to adults only! (The next closest thing to an outright ban). This raises the questions - as the Bible also condemns homosexuality, will the Bible be next? Where will the discrimination against family values and intimidation of Christians end?

The book is a powerful read. A must for every teacher, minister, parent, Christian and thinker. It is intelligently written, citing over 80 scientific studies, and thoroughly documented with over four hundred references. Internationally, the book has been praised as being "one of the most readable and comprehensive books ever written on the challenge that homosexuality poses to society and to its own practitioners."

The Pink Agenda deals with the history of the homosexual agenda, myths about homosexuality (e.g. the lie that homosexuals are born that way) and its insidious advances in South Africa. South African legislators are doing all they can to promote homosexual "rights". International homosexual activists say the ANC's "platform contains the most progressive gay rights agenda in the world." 2 Unlike any other western country, we have seen "the pink agenda" infiltrate politics, the South African legal system, the police, the military and government schools - all without debate or public sanction! Our democracy is in name only. Proposed changes to the Marriage Act by the SA Law Commission (SALC) would effectively legally recognise a so-called "marriage" between two men or two women. The SALC has also proposed legally recognised "partnerships" for homo and hetro couples and are considering allowing minor children to enter these marriage type contracts (i.e. paving the way for paedophilia).

Of course all this was made possible because our young democracy is a social engineering experiment. Our liberal constitution remains the only constitution in the world to protect "sexual orientation". Judge Ackermann of South Africa's Constitutional Court (influenced by former Constitutional Judge Edwin Cameron) ruled that "sexual orientation" applied: "equally to the orientation of persons who are bi-sexual, or trans-sexual and it also applies to the orientation of persons who might on a single occasion be erotically attracted to a member of the same sex."3 (Emphasis added).

Into this context of stifled debate, with one of the most secular humanist (anti-God) constitutions in the world, and a politically correct oppressive government, comes The Pink Agenda, a brave attempt by the authors to open up the debate. The Pink Agenda documents how similar attempts to stand for righteousness worldwide have resulted in malicious attacks, and calls for banning and censorship from homosexual and liberal activists. In San Francisco, churches have been defecated in and attacked with arson attempts!4 With dramatic foresight and irony, one of the endorsements of The Pink Agenda reads: "The authors are probably in for a lot of flack for being brave enough to speak with authority on a subject where political correctness is considered more important than truth."

The Pink Agenda is Attacked by Homosexual Activists in the Media

In January 2002, a letter damning the book as "the worst homophobic hate speech ever published in South Africa" first appeared on Mail & Guardian's Q-online. It was suspiciously signed, "own correspondent". Not only did "own correspondent" not identify him/herself, but he/she failed to investigate or present the opinion of the authors. Unfortunately this is becoming typical of liberal South African journalism. A remarkably similar article containing similar lies and emotive exageration appeared on the website of a militant homosexual activist group. The Gay and Lesbian Equality Project (GLEP), called on people to complain to the Film and Publications Board (FPB). A letter of complaint was then sent to the FPB. As expected, it was almost identical to that which appeared on the GLEP and the Mail & Guardian websites. Ironically, it is doubtful whether any of the complainants to the FPB had actually even read the book.

Typical of gay activists' strategy - "attack the messenger, ignore the facts" - the articles made ugly accusations against Rev. Peter Hammond, saying that "the Sudanese government (accused Peter Hammond) of gun-running two years ago." 6 Since a web search could find little on Christine Mc Cafferty, she was lamely accused of being "no angel" because she was formerly employed as a media spokesperson for the African Christian Democratic Party, which was described as "the only party that opposed the Equality Clause in the South African Constitution."

The authors were summonsed to make a defense of the book before the FPB. Co-author Christine Mc Cafferty represented ACA and Charl van Wyk represented the publisher, Christian Liberty Books. They made a defense which was described by one observer as "brilliant".

The FPB, is bound by the Film and Publications Act of 1996, under which, a book may be exempted from banning if it is a "bonafide scientific,documentary ... or religious publication" or "a bona fide discussion ..." on a matter of public interest! In their defense, Christine and Charl showed that 

The Pink Agenda:

  • Is scientific because it cites or makes reference to over 90 different studies from across the world including Australia, the United States and South Africa. 
  • Is documentary because each of these studies and the hundreds of quotes and other references are meticulously referenced. Furthermore, a 34 page appendix provides readers with important contact details, suggested further reading, information and documents such as the Lesbian and Gay Rights Charter and the International Church Council Issue Paper Concerning Homosexuality.
  • Is religious because it quotes from over 27 Bible passages.
  • Is of public interest because homosexual activism affects all social and legal spheres. Amongst the many laws that have already been passed include special protection on the basis of homosexual behaviour and erotic attraction, the legalisation of sodomy, the right to access donor sperm for single women and lesbians, access to the defence force for men who are attracted to men and special refugee status for people convicted of sodomy in other countries. Pro-homosexual education has been introduced in schools. The authors believe that parents should be informed that children as young as nine years are being taught that homosexuality is as normal and healthy as heterosexual marriage, and that twelve-year-olds are being taught the mechanics of lesbian oral sex. The establishment of a right for two men or two women to have co-adoption rights, a radical redefinition of the concept of marriage which may include the establishment of "partnerships" and the possibility of broadening the concept of marriage to include two men or two women are imminent. These issues have awakened concern around South Africa, and across the world, and the purpose of this book is to promote debate on these issues.
  • As for the phony "hate-speech" accusations, Charl van Wyk pointed out the contrary in a quote from The Pink Agenda:
    "Violence or harmful action should never be perpetrated against anyone by any individual. Any form of violence by individuals or groups of people against homosexual people must be condemned. It is the duty and responsibility of the state to punish wrongdoers without fear or favour. At all times people should be treated with dignity and care, also in speech and expression. Many people practising homosexuality have been taunted, teased and worse. This is counter-productive and often only further entrenches their feelings of isolation and alienation from general society." (Ch 4, p 58-9)

Film and Publication Board's Bizarre Ruling

The FPB found the book prejudicial and slapped an eighteen and over age restriction on it. Their ruling: "it came close to hate speech" (note, not hate speech); and that it was not scientific because many of the studies originated in America (note, does this mean that according to the FPB, America cannot produce science, despite being the first nation to land a man on the moon) and finally, in classic homosexual strategy, they attacked the authors as being "mean spirited". Not only is this defamation of character, but outside the ambit of their investigation - they were limited to objectively reviewing the book, not to subjectively assume the authors' motives!

FPB Could be Guilty of Administrative Injustice

The FPB released the findings first to the liberal media, who in turn attacked the authors. However, the FPB resisted giving the authors or the publishers a copy of the report, leaving them in the awkward position of having to defend themselves while not even receiving a copy of the ruling. It was only after intense pressure from the authors, that the FPB finally gave them a copy of the ruling - seventy two hours later, by which stage the authors had already had at least ten media interviews. Nana Makaula (director of the FPB) acknowledged that, "we agree, this is most unfair."

Homosexual Activists Praise the FPB - While They Sit on the Board

Evert Knoesen, spokesman of the Gay and Lesbian Equality Project, praised the ruling saying, "we think it illustrates a practical commitment in South African society to implement the values of the Constitution"8 . He also said "We do not believe, however, that this book makes suitable reading for young minds that are still being formed."

He later gave his cover away on talk-show radio whilst debating co-author Christine Mc Cafferty, firstly by acknowledging that he is actually on the Film and Publilcation Board (one wonders how many other homosexual activists sit on this board?)10 and by saying "at least now (that the book is restricted to over eighteens) the book cannot be distributed in Christian schools."11 Sadly, as The Pink Agenda documents, the GLEP is one of the militant gay organisations that will be advertised on classroom walls so that school children of twelve years old "can, according to the new sex education textbooks, access them confidentially (i.e. without parental knowledge or consent)". Since homosexuals cannot reproduce, they must recruit. Chapter 7 of The Pink Agenda documents with meticulous care how the homosexual agenda has penetrated our public schools, right down to twelve-year-olds learning how to give oral sex to women (this includes lesbian oral sex). Yet ironically, this book representing an alternative view is censored.

The FPB Dilemma

Faced with the truth about homosexuality, what was the FPB to do? If the factual analysis of The Pink Agenda is true, then our government is obligated to protect our children, by excluding organisations like the GLEP from schools, revising the radical liberal pro-homosexual sex education, reversing the proposed changes to the Marriage Act, denying homosexuals co-adoption rights, removing the "sexual orientation" clause from the constitution, etc. etc. etc. OR to restrict the book? 

The FPB went for a politically correct, emotionally driven ruling that is not in the public interest. Iyavar Chetty, senior executive officer of the FPB said, "the committee found that it is not desirable for those under 18, who might not be able to separate fact from fiction."12 

The Authors Seek Legal Advice

The legal advice thus far, is that while the defense of the authors at the FPB's hearing was based on sound legal arguments, appealing to a court of law could be futile. Our courts do not always respect sound legal arguments and political correctness often prevails! There is no consistent justice in the land. Furthermore, only books that are censored for sexually explicit content (pornography) can appeal to the courts on South Africa. Essentially this means pornography has more protection in SA than other publications! The publishers will appeal to a review committee of the FPB to retract their unfair censorship and false statements. 

"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who put darkness for light, and light for darkness" Isaiah 5:20.

International Outcry

Co-author Christine Mc Cafferty commented before the FPB findings were made public, "There are many books similar to The Pink Agenda published across the world, including in the United States and Europe. It would be a sad day for SA if it becomes the only country to ban carefully researched books that seek to promote debate on this very important topic." Already radio stations and Christian Publications in the USA have expressed extreme concern over the censorship. In few other Western countries is there such a stifling of debate and restriction on freedom of speech.

Religious Persecution and Action You Can Take

Philip Rosenthal, of Family Alliance International, commented, "Remember that if they restrict Christine Mc Cafferty's freedom of speech today, they could restrict your freedom of speech tomorrow." The question again needs to be asked, since the position taken in the book is based on the position taken by the Bible, will the Bible be next?

The great reformer, Martin Luther said, "If I profess with the loudest voice and the clearest exposition every portion of the truth of God except precisely that point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, then I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Him. Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved; and to be steady on all the battlefront besides is merely flight and disgrace if he flinches at that point."

At a time like this we, as the Church, need to stand together to resist persecution. We need to speak the truth even when it is difficult, for the sake of our families, our neighbours and our nation. Please pray for Africa Christian Action and Christian Liberty Books as they face this threat. Please write to the Film and Publications Board (fax: 021 465 6511, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post to Private Bag X9069, Cape Town, 8000) to complain about this censorship. Please also write to newspapers and speak up for the truth wherever you can.

"The wrath of God is being revealed from Heaven against all the godlessness of men who supress the truth ..." Romans 1:18

If you have not got a copy of The Pink Agenda - get one now! Send a cheque for R54 to Christian Liberty Books, PO Box 358, Howard Place, 7450. A percentage of every book sold lovingly gets donated to ministries that help people who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle. The authors have urged people not to be swayed by the ruling and not to judge the book before they have read it themselves.

"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge ..." Hosea 4:6

Media Attacks on The Pink Agenda and Its Authors 

Most of the media and journalists in South Africa have failed to deal with The Pink Agenda honestly and fairly. In fact many have resorted to intimidation and outright deceit in order to label the book and its authors as "homophobic" and "sinister". 

The Mail and Guardian Q-online website carried a totally one-sided biased article, which suspiciously seems to have been written by a gay activist. We have had no response to our complaint. Both the Broadcasting Complaints Commission and the Press Ombudsman claim they cannot help with articles published on the web.

Die Burger angered readers and sparked a widespread letter protest when it ran an article which was no more than a thinly-disguised character assassination of Rev. Peter Hammond. Peter identified more than 23 lies, misrepresentations and false quotes in the article. In a shallow and selective reply to our letter of complaint Die Burger editor Arrie Rossouw justified the writer Johan van Zyl's article and approach. It would also seem that Die Burger has not published a fair representation of the many letters sent in about the article, as many letters against the article were ignored. A detailed letter of complaint listing 23 falsehoods has been sent to the Press Ombudsman. Please pray that the complaint will be dealt with honestly and fairly. 

As a result of this complaint and the ruling, ACA staff members must have handled more than fifteen hours of broadcast time on radio and television. While many of the radio presenters were rude, in particular John Robbie of Radio 702, we were able to convey the truth that Christ sets people free from homosexuality again and again, and we praise God for these media opportunities. 

"So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it." Isaiah 55:11

For more articles and updates on this (and other) controversies visit our website:www.christianaction.org.za

What People Are Saying About the Censorship

Comment from South Africa:

"The Film and Publications Board has given the 'The Pink Agenda - Sexual Revolution and the Ruin of the Family' an 18 rating. This is appalling and is evidence of the book's thesis that there is a Pink Agenda and anything contrary must be banned! …The suggestion that it is "hate-speech" is from the homosexual lobby and certainly not to be found in this family-friendly book. This widely researched book advocates Christian love towards homosexuals and is explicitly against violence. The Film and Publications Board is starting a dangerous trend. Will the Bible be next on their agenda?
Christians for Truth Media Statement

"The Board's decision is hypocritical particularly in light of programmes such as Yizo Yizo, which our children are encouraged to watch and yet these shows can only be described as violent and pornographic." Member of Parliament, Mrs Cheryllyn Dudley also called for an age restriction to be placed on the new sex education curriculum in schools. "In light of the Board's decision, an age restriction on the virtually pornographic material which teachers will now be expected to use in their mandatory sex education classes according to Curriculum 2005, is justified." 
African Christian Democratic Party Media Statement

"If we don't fight together now for this freedom - your radio station or your publication could be next to be censored for its pro-moral stance. That is exactly what the book says - and that is why the militant homosexuals wanted it banned." Philip Rosenthal, Family Alliance International

"Now I don't want to take time now to discuss the increasing, and in my view unfortunate, influence of the homosexual lobby in our country. Rather, read The Pink Agenda for yourself to become informed about that. And I don't think we need to review why Bible-believing Christians state, and rightly, I believe, that the homosexual lifestyle is a wrong and unbiblical lifestyle. What I do want us to think about today is the grave danger I see in having our government determine what information, what ideas, even what beliefs are appropriate for public consumption. If a book that is based on the Biblical understanding that homosexuality is a sin can now be restricted in our country, what is to protect the Bible itself from one day being restricted? ... We begin to tread on extremely dangerous ground when our constitution is used as a watchdog to deny Christians the right to declare certain types of behaviour morally wrong, or Biblically unacceptable - or even enter into strong debate on these or other issues, such as abortion, the death-penalty, or euthanasia." 
Michael Cassidy of African Enterprise on his radio show Daywatch.

International Comments:

Internationally there has been a serious concern over the censorship of The Pink Agenda
"(T)here is no parallel in the U.S., thanks to our First Amendment to the Constitution. Canada, however, is busily suppressing speech over the airwaves that is perceived as critical of homosexuality. The SA ruling is outrageous and punitive. It smacks of jackboot government." 
Robert Knight, Concerned Woman For America & author of Age of Consent

"It is typical of homosexual extremists to intimidate and try to shut people down for bringing out the truth about their dangerous and risky lifestyle, into the open. What is shocking is the loyal support they get from the media as well as politicians… May you continue to speak out in truth and compassion - we try to do the same up in Vancouver, Canada." 
Deanna Fernandes, British Columbia, Parents & Teachers for Life

"God bless you for your efforts to defend traditional family values." 
David W. New, Esq., Attorney, Washington & member of the National Clergy Council 

"Go girl! We expats appreciate what you are doing in our homeland." 
Pastor Andrew Paton, Church of the Nazarene, Clinton USA

"It was a great blessing for me to hear (Christine) speaking in boldness and authority against the modern idolatry - homosexuality… I was reminded of Gideon who, on God's command, demolished Baal's altar (Judges 6,27+28). Men of the town demanded his life for his brave obedience towards the Almighty. These frightening difficulties were only the beginning of a wonderful victorious period in Israel's history. May god grant you His presence in a special way while you are under attack, and glorify Himself again through the truth."
Michael Muller from Kwazisabantu, Germany

The Upcoming Appeal to the FPB

"Oh the coprophilia (when people get sexual enjoyment out of human excrement) was the ultimate shocker for me. And then there was a video where they got up to all kinds of terrible things with a very old woman in underwear. But we did not ban it… it's available in the sex shops."
Nana Makaula, Executive Director of the Film and Publications Board

These are the words of the director of the Film and Publications Board. Essentially the Board is proud of the fact that they have not banned the most filthy pornography imaginable. Yet this same Board has decided to age restrict The Pink Agenda to 18, and has moralistically claimed that our book contains "sexually explicit material".

ACA and Christian Liberty Books, the publisher, has lodged an appeal to the Film and Publications Board (FPB). FPB senior executive office Iyavar Chetty says that to get our appeal heard, we must give substantial legal reasoning why the classification board's ruling was incorrect.

An appeal could result in the classification being lifted entirely or possibly made lighter, for example, 16 or 13 (may not be distributed to children younger than the specified age). We will also seek retractions for some of the inappropriate statements made by the FPB classification committee in their report. For example, the committee said they "found the argument procrustean, ill substantiated, poorly researched, and highly tendentious" (yes, we also had to get out our dictionaries). Furthermore, the committee attacked the research as "limited", although it cites over 80 studies from across the world, including South Africa, and has over 400 references. Also farcical was the committee's description of our medical description of the diseases associated with sodomy (pp 32-33) as "graphic in detail". Are they going to be censoring medical textbooks next? The committee also said that the book "can only reflect the mean spirit of its authors"!. This must be apologised for as it borders on slander and the committee was not called on to judge the authors' characters (which only God truly knows), but the book.

Lowering the age restriction on The Pink Agenda is important, as it would allow it easier access into high schools. The appeal will cost us some funds and we would appreciate any donations that would be made for this. We cannot allow a negative precedent like this to pass in our country. It could negatively impact on the work of other Christian organisations in this field in the future, and may hamper freedom of speech on Christian radio stations and in other publications. Please pray for our appeal. The good news is that legally a Review Board cannot give us a stiffer ruling than we already have. 

The FPB's handling of our case has been unprofessional to say the least. The media was told the outcome before we were informed, and when we finally got the report, it had a number of spelling and grammatical mistakes and no letterhead. We then received conflicting messages about the date by when we had to appeal and whether we had to wrap the book in a plastic wrapper (we do not have to). If we had not complained, double-checked the Film and Publications Act 1996 and stood up for our rights, we would have been treated even worse.

In many ways though the attempt to ban the book and the censorship of it has been positive as we have had many media opportunities to warn the public with the truth about homosexual activism. We are encouraged that Christians are starting to realise that they will have to stand up for their liberties, and for Christ, if they want to live in a free and Godly nation. Please pray for the outcome of our appeal.

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

By The Pink Agenda co-author Christine Mc Cafferty

The Journalist's Agenda

From the very first paragraph of "Die Bybelsmokkelaar se Agenda" (The Bible smuggler's Agenda) (Die Burger - 15/02/02), correspondent Johan van Zyl showed that this was not going to be an objective article, dealing with the issues, but rather a personal attack upon myself.

It is packed full with sarcastic and prejudiced comments, which have absolutely nothing to do with anything. The article also contains many inaccuracies. Despite what Johan van Zyl states in his article, I was not born in Zimbabwe, nor was my arrest in Zambia in 1987 for "illegally entering the country". I still have the visa stamps in my passport of the time, from the Zambian Immigration officials. The Government of Zambia later apologised for detaining us without any charge.

Nor do I know where your reporter got the impression from that I've used a Honda 250cc motorbike to ride to Sudan on!! Anyone who knows anything about motorbikes, and basic geography, would know that it would be an exceedingly time-consuming exercise to attempt to ride the 7000 km's from Cape Town to Sudan on a 250cc motorbike!

The article ignores the facts presented in our new book "The Pink Agenda - Sexual Revolution in South Africa and the Ruin of the Family" and chooses instead to attack the person. Rather than objectively dealing with the issues, van Zyl goes overboard in emotive subjectivism. He accuses our book of being selective and inaccurate. Yet, he fails to point out any specific inaccuracies in the book. However, this article "Die Bybelsmokkelaar se Agenda" is itself an excellent example of selective and inaccurate reporting. 

Not content with misquoting and mistranslating what I said in the 2-hour interview, the journalist even descended to putting words in my mouth and inventing and inserting comments, which I never made. Van Zyl claims that I will not debate. However, I have regularly engaged in debates at public meetings and on radio, and in fact enjoy a good debate. The whole purpose of our book is to encourage open discussion and debate on the subject. However, instead of openly discussing and debating his point of view with me, face to face, the correspondent chose rather to engage in deception and publishing character assassination. 

I am accused of having smuggled weapons of war in the conflict areas where we have been engaged in Bible distribution, medical, evangelistic and relief ministries. This is completely unsubstantiated slander. Over the last 20 years of serving suffering people in restricted access areas, I've smuggled in hundreds of thousands of Bibles and Christian books, and many tonnes of medicines, agricultural and educational materials - never weapons of war. 

Van Zyl alleges that United Christian Action, of which I have been an office bearer, was exposed as a "secret apartheid era project" of the South African army, before the Truth & Reconciliation Commission. Yet, UCA was never called to testify before the TRC. We have in our possession the full five volumes of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of South Africa Report. In all of its 1200 pages, there is no mention whatsoever of United Christian Action. 

My co-author, Christine McCafferty, and myself are accused of hate speech in our book - The Pink Agenda. Yet the book specifically takes a stand against violence and mistreatment of people engaged in homosexuality, and encourages Christians to reach out in Christian love to homosexuals in their community. The last article of the book is written by a homosexual who came to Christ, and who is a good friend of ours. 

I am described as being "a supporter" of resistance movements, such as Unita and Renamo. However, there is a huge difference between a missionary who evangelises amongst a resistance movement, and a supporter of those guerilla armies. 

Not that this has anything whatsoever to do with the book in question - "The Pink Agenda". One wonders what Johan van Zyl's agenda is? And where he is coming from, when he can describe pro-family groups such as Focus on the Family, The Family Research Council and The Promise Keepers as "the most radical leaders of right-wing, religious groups …" If peaceful, pro-family, pro-life ministries that encourage men to be faithful to their wives, and to be devoted to their children, can be described as "the most radical", then I think it's time Die Burger purchased a dictionary for its correspondent.
Van Zyl attributes to me a quote in which I said that it doesn't matter what people do in their own bedrooms. What I actually said was: "what two people do alone behind closed doors is between them and God - and that is no small matter - but it is not a matter for the state. However, what is taught in the public schools is a public concern".

The vast majority of the readers of Die Burger are Christians who would oppose the radical homosexual agenda, and who would be sympathetic and supportive of the pro-life and pro-family stands made by Focus on the Family, The Promise Keepers and Africa Christian Action. Do the staff of Die Burger really want to antagonise and insult their Christian readers with this kind of sorry excuse for journalism? Instead of attacking the person, it would be more appropriate if somebody actually read and reviewed the book - "The Pink Agenda - Sexual Revolution in South Africa and the Ruin of the Family"

Dr. Peter Hammond

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