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THANK YOU very much for all your prayers, encouragement and support. Your practical participation, generous support and fervent prayers are essential for CHRISTIAN ACTION. We wish all our friends, intercessors and supporters a Christ-centred Christmas.

Raising God-Fearing Children

“Yes, raising children is a key responsibility given to us by God. God blesses an open heart.  A challenge to love, develop and discipline our lovely children.  Lord help me to remain faithful to my children and other offspring”. S.M. – Kenya



“Amen! Thank you for the encouraging and exhorting message! May the Lord help us to stand and speak His Word! The Lord bless you and your ministry!” A.W. – Mozambique


Stand Firm

“Thank for standing firm to enlighten our generation” S.M. – Kenya


Requests for Unplanned Screenings

“How can one get this film to present it to a group of pastors and young people?” DK, Cape Town

“I have been following the developments of the Unplanned movie since before it was released in the USA.  I am excited to hear it will soon be available in SA.  I am a local pastor here in Middelburg, Eastern Cape where there are very good relationships between church leaders from our three communities.  I am very keen to co-ordinate efforts to be able to screen the movie in our town and even beyond if necessary.” DT, Middelburg

“Ek stel belang om gasheer te weer vir die film Unplanned in Heilbron, Vrystaat en ook moontlik in n gemeente of twee in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng.” JB

“I have read the book, very powerful. I would love a copy of the DVD to share with our prayer group and Life in the Spirit Seminar leaders and attendees.” DV


Abortion Brings Torment and Regret

“I heard the broadcast on Unplanned on your Salt and Light radio programme tonight. We are hosting an event and I was thinking the Unplanned film is a brilliant idea to watch and minister to ladies of a disadvantaged background in the Cape Flats, as I have gone through an abortion and I know God wants me to deal with it so it can be a testimony for others. The thought of just wondering what the child would have looked like or been like is so tormenting. I decided to go through the procedure due to the fact that I had a secret relationship with our neighbour’s son and he was much older and was in a relationship and he denied being the father and literally ignored me thereafter and I didn't know what to do as I was in my final year studying. It was hard having to deal with a secret sin like this BUT for God’s help. The after-thought ‘what if’ will always remain. Therefore, I request if you could help us with an Unplanned screening for this outreach, to minister to the ladies and maybe bring healing to someone’s life, just like it would to mine”. – D.P – Cape Town, South Africa


Unplanned Coming to the Big Screen – 28 February 2020
“Thank you for the number of emails we have received regarding the movie Unplanned.Ster-Kinekor is happy to announce that Unplanned will be screening at our cinemas from 28 February 2020.Given the passion you have displayed for this movie, we would also like to offer you a 20% discount on the ticket price for any booking of 20 people or more.To make use of this discount, please contact Lana at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her on 011 445 8529. We look forward to hosting you in our cinemas.” SB, Ster Kinekor – South Africa


Warriors for Life

“Thank you so much putting me in touch with JOY! Magazine. I am also launching Warriors for Life on the 20th of June. I would just like to thank you for everything!” LVB, George.


Wake Up!

“Thank you for this great article regarding abortion! Thank you again for bringing this matter up. It's time for many Christians to wake up and repent.” B.H. – Germany.


Adoption is the Loving Option

“We are grateful to you all for the pro-life work you do.  There are two things in particular that a I feel the 

churches are sadly not preaching, they don’t stress that sex outside of marriage is sinful and they are not encouraging adoption as the only option to the many seeking abortion.  We are expecting our third Great Grandchild from our two precious adopted children.  We feel so blessed by our God-given family!” C.O-B – George.


Ammunition For Our Hearts and Minds

“We are grateful that Almighty God prepared you to publish ammunition for our hearts and minds.  Together in fulfilling the Great Commission.” S.M. - Kenya 


Spiritual Warfare

“Thanks for your tireless work in the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. We too have been waging war against this stronghold of murder and death called abortion. I appreciate this article which is well written. I will be sending it out over our WhatsApp groups we have hundreds of intercessors across SA on groups. We have been tackling this stronghold for many years and respect the authority Father has given you in the battle.” W.H. – South Africa

Stand Against Modern Slavery

“Thank you for your work against trafficking. It is such a world-wide problem. May God bless your ministry” J.van S - South Africa


Responding to Mandela Day Idolatry and the Abortion Holocaust

“Beautifully written Dr. Peter. Every year the unbalanced and inaccurate accolades rush in from all sides of the mainstream media, and I have heard that some NGOs wouldn't answer phones during this week or accept groups to come by because of tourist-like 'helpers' itching to show off what they have just 'done' on social media. I heard one critical interview on RSG Radio today which was encouraging. Mandela Day 2019, the cultivating of a humanist cult continues. I didn't commemorate today because I don't believe in almost any of the things that Nelson Mandela propagated throughout his life, but I cried for our beloved country when I listened to the radio today. They played Impi, and Hier Kom die Bokke, the hit songs that played during the 1995 Rugby World Cup. But I wasn't thinking about that, although it made my thoughts so much more tragic: I thought about all the millions of murders, both the pre- and post-born wholesale killing with no, or minor, consequences in the liberated South Africa, all our nation's wasted growth potential, the sell-out of Christian virtues in society and the undermining of such a high percentage Christian population by blindly pursuing proven failed policies, consistently encouraging lawlessness and rot that halted economic growth, and setting us all on an accelerating route of financial slavery and indoctrinating a whole generation. I will observe Mandela Day with mourning that millions of people are still deceived, looking to blame their disillusionment on some scape-goat to at least seek some relief from the insanity of believing in lies.” D.M. – Cape Town, South Africa


Back to the Bible

“Thank you for the Bible Survey. I had never looked at this in that way! Blessings”. R.E. – South Africa


Bible Survey – John

“Thank you for your beautiful summary of the Gospel of John the beloved.” – B.K. – S.A.

“Thank you Dr Peter.  A Gospel for our time.” – S.M. – Kenya


Hate Speech Bill – Threat to Freedom of Speech

“Thank you for the valued information – on the Fight for Freedom of Speech in South Africa” – P.M. –Ramsgate, S.A.


Speak-up for Freedom of Speech

“Thank so much for this article Freedom of Speech.” E.N. – South Africa

The Deliberate Dumbing-Down of Education

“I trained at the Johannesburg College of Education in the late 1960’s. I taught for seven years before getting married then homeschooled some of our children and taught for 12 years in our school in Khartoum where I became the reading specialist teacher. This saddens me no end to see how our education system which was once so good has become so poor and dysfunctional. I even offered my “services” as a teacher’s helper at schools near where we live now, when we moved back to Cape Town, but not one school got back to me. They have a problem, but as you say, they are living in denial. A good article.

I will send it on to my daughter in New York who works for Success Academy. Many thanks” – E.S. – South Africa


Pro-Life Campaign in my Church

“I was browsing the internet and came across  I go to a church in Durban and recently the Lord has laid a burden on my heart to educate young girls and women about anti-abortion and pro-life. I would like to start in my local church and then try and target schools in my area. The challenge I face is that I'm not sure how to begin, I'm not sure on the resource material as well as the correct advice to be sharing. Please assist me in whichever way you can. I'm a mother of two and cherish my two girls, so it breaks my heart to think of God's blessings in the form of these precious lives, being aborted. Thank you for your assistance. May the Lord bless Africa Christian Action.” K.B. – Durban, South Africa.


Raising God-Fearing Children

“Yes, raising children is a key responsibility given to us by God. God blesses an open heart.  A challenge to love, develop and discipline our lovely children.  Lord help me to remain faithful to my children and other offspring”. S.M. - Kenya


Understanding South African History

“Another splendid article – thank-you” – P. vdH – Betty’s Bay, South Africa


Strengthening the Hands of Evildoers

“Amen! Thank you for the encouraging and exhorting message! May the Lord help us to stand and speak His Word! The Lord bless you and your ministry!” – A.W. – Mozambique

“Thank you for this most brilliant and penetrating article of how we can and must fight corruption, and also how careful and discerning we must be when listening to satan-misled religious leaders. May you be richly blessed for this wonderful effort” – P.vdH – Betty’s Bay, South Africa


Who Killed Jesus?

“What a brilliant article, so marvellously put together with meaningful Scriptures to prove history and His amazing love & grace for mankind!” – P. vdH – S.A.


Pro-life Activists Ensure that Pro-abortion Conference Fails

“Fantastic!!!” – J.M – S.A.


An Hour of Prayer – by Phillip Kayser

“Amen! Thanks for your encouraging words, more love and prayers from Kenya family. We are doing good, the Church is growing, thanks for sharing this encouraging messages, it has been so helpful in my life plus the entire Church members and leadership board. Blessing” – F.J. - Kenya


Explicit Sexual Abuse of Children in Schools

“God bless your bold, courageous and faithful Servants.” – S.M. - Kenya



“Thank you sincerely for taking the time to answer me. Apologia Studios are a great resource, but I was even more pleased to see that there were faithful sons/daughters of God like you who do not sit back while such injustice occurs around us. I am very encouraged by you and Africa Christian Action. I did watch Babies Are Still Murdered Here and I pray the third one, which will be "Babies are no longer murdered here", will come quickly.” C.S. – East London, South Africa 

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