Dr D. James Kennedy Funeral Celebrates Legacy


A statement from Rev. Billy Graham was also read: “He was a bold proclaimer of the Gospel and a strengthening of moral and spiritual values in the American life.”

Rev. John Sorenson, Executive Vice-President of Evangelism Explosion International, declared: “He practiced what he preached, he loved sharing the Gospel of Christ with people.”

Rev. Mark Creech declared: “No one in our time has probably understood with greater depth, conveyed with greater passion, or equipped the church with greater skill, to fulfill its two-fold mission – the Cultural Mandate (that Christians are to bring God’s truth to bear upon every area of human society) and The Great Commission – than Dr. Kennedy.”

Frank Wright, President of the National Religious Broadcasters, paid tribute to Dr Kennedy’s preaching “The full counsel of God.”

Allan Chambers, President of Exodus International said: “Dr Kennedy’s strong stand on social and moral issues elevated and compelled public debate. He was an unwavering defender of the Faith, a passionate advocate for truth, a visionary committed to advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a good friend.”

Wendy Wright, of Concerned Women for America, declared: “We honour his legacy of faithfulness to Christ and commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission.”

Rev. Ronald Siegenthaler, CRPC Executive Minister, pledged: “We will worship the Saviour he faithfully served for so many years, and we will exalt the Gospel of free grace through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ – a message which he proclaimed from this pulpit and to the nations of the world.”

In the keynote message, Dr James Dobson, Founder and Chairman of Focus on the Family, declared: “We have a wonderful heritage in the Christian Faith, but we lost one of the best of these men of Faith last week. When a great oak tree falls, many of us lesser creatures lose a place of shelter and security in its branches. It causes me to wonder, who will be there to carry the banner when this general of leaders is gone? I pray that the Lord will anoint another generation of Jim Kennedys - courageous men and women who will never waver one inch in the defence of righteousness. May God help the younger generation carry on the work that D. James Kennedy did so ably for more than half a century.”

The body of Dr Kennedy was laid to rest Friday 14 September at a private internment ceremony.

Peter Hammond

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