From the Mailbag 2015 – for Praise, Prayer and Action


“I am public health professional, working as a clinician in Ethiopia. Here in my country abortion is legalized and government collaborates with many international pro-abortion NGOs. As a result thousands of unborn babies have been killed.  There is a small pro-life movement but it is difficult to reach the whole nation. I have a vision to create awareness to my people and to motivate others to stand against abortion. Ethiopia needs your prayer and help.” Y Hailu, Ethiopia

Lives Impacted
“Thank you so much for standing up for righteousness in the midst of such ridiculous ungodliness! May God continue to bless your efforts at evangelism and Reformation!” D Grant, Africa School of Missions, White River
“It was a special joy for us to have you here at the KwaSizabantu Ministers Conference. On behalf of all of us here at KwaSizabantu, as well as all the Conference delegates from South Africa and abroad, we thank you heartily for your contribution to the Conference. May God grant that there will be lasting fruit on the few days we had together.  Many preachers expressed gratitude for having been encouraged and revived, and they returned home with more zeal to spread the precious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Rev E Stegen, KwaSizabantu Mission
“I am struggling with my sexual identity and addiction to porn. I need help. I’ve been trying to quite on my own for a long time. Please provide me with details of how I can join a counselling group for those wanting to overcome an addiction to porn.” E
“I have been especially blessed by the sermons that I have recently heard on the MP3 Disc titled: War Against God.” S Mahadho, Malelane
“I completed listening to the Muslim Evangelism MP3s and I am slowly progressing through the Creation Evangelism MP3s. I really appreciate all the effort that has gone into producing accurate information on this relevant and highly controversial battle against propaganda. I have tested some of the ideas on friends family and even in conversations with Muslims at work and I feel better equipped to reach out in love without compromising on the truth.”
D Malan, Cape Town
“I’m looking for a couple to adopt my baby.” G
“I am in desperate need to stop my friend from having an abortion tomorrow at Marie Stopes clinic in Johannesburg. She is a 22 year old Christian girl, she's having this abortion because she does not want to raise her little boy by herself as her boyfriend does not want a child. I need to make them both realise that they can raise this child. Please help.”
Response to our reply: “I am glad to let you know that she did not go through with the abortion. I was able to make it to her before. She's going to name the baby Rorisang, which means praise be to God. Thank you so much for your reply.” M Mashishi, Johannesburg
“I attended the Reformation Day Seminar and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. It was my first time there and I wasn't sure what to expect, but I appreciate the wealth of information, the adherence to the schedule and the volunteers looking after the kids. Everything was interesting, eye-opening and relevant. Please give Dr. Hammond our thanks for all the effort and time he and yourselves put into making this such a wonderful programme. I hope to encourage more people to make a point of going next time.” W Erasmus, Cape Town
“At the Women’s Day outreach in Longbeach Mall, I gave a man who is an acquaintance of mine, Christian Action’s anti-porn leaflet – Fight the New Drug. He later told me that when he got home, he destroyed all his porn magazines. I'm still not sure of his salvation, and I'd like to have heard a more complete story. Perhaps I will sometime in the future.” B Schafer, Cape Town

The Power of Literature
“I received some of your materials from a friend. They are amazing. Would you allow me to use some of your slide series when I teach?.” G Leithgöb, Pretoria
“You emails have been enriching to my personal and ministry life. You write in a well-researched and balanced manner. Emails on books of the Old Testament have helped me so much. This email has come at a right time and I agree with you, tolerance should have a limit and should not be confused with compromise. I continue to pray with you as labour for Jesus.” Rev. M Kamoto, Zambia
“Thank you so much for the literature received. These are so gratefully received by so many at the hospital. I see many who have seldom darkened a church door.  It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to talk and to pray with them.    As I am a retired professional Nurse, I am often able to answer their questions on their illness too.   My husband is a great help in sorting out literature for me. I pass around the DVDs to my prayer groups and Bible Study where they too are most grateful. Any books are also well received for those who are confined to bed for some time.” C Oranmore-Brown, George
“Thank you all again for your visit to the school! Thank you too for the lovely donation of books and DVDs and all the other resources.” H Viljoen, Ichthus Christian School, Dundee
“Thank you for this timely and encouraging Easter Message: Christ is Risen Indeed!
Your articles are always a blessing to me and helpful in my own search in the Scriptures.” Rev H Syre, Cape Town

“Thank you so much for your huge kindness and support with this valuable and Scripturally sound articles on Dating vs Courtship. Many people will make use of the article as a group Bible study/discussion.” F Temilola, Nigeria
“We felt you highlighted Rhodes’s significant contribution to both the country and UCT beautifully. Your grasp of history and the practical application thereof, is of immense value to us in educating us so that we can have a better understanding on the matter.” D Mellville, Cape Town
“I have been so encouraged by the truth that is contained on your website, for once I have found a Biblical understanding of South African history in terms of all the sectors: economics, politics, and religion. I hope you never compromise.” J Malan, Kokstad

“I am honoured to have the great opportunity of writing to you to let you know I appreciate you for your great accomplishments to the work of God. I would like your permission to use your article about The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.  I have a radio ministry (Blow Ye the Trumpet and Sound the Alarm) and I feel that that article would be such a blessing to the people.” O Wiggins, USA
“You have just made my day and given me a resource for my family-time devotion on this Mother’s Day. We will invite friends and view the PowerPoint on Magnificent Mothers with a Mission.” S Sinyinza, Cape Town
Magnificent Mothers with a Mission is a lovely tribute! Thank you! This is inspiring and encouraging.” D Mills, Hermanus
“It is with great sadness and anger that I read the article on Perverted Agenda Destabilises Nigeria. How President Obama will stop at nothing to promote the satanic agenda of perverting the whole world and so prepare for the New World Order of Antichrist. That is the mandate of this president from the demonic powers controlling him. And now our Christian brethren have to bear the brunt of being governed by a Muslim military dictator in Nigeria. I have no doubt this dictator will have sympathies with Boko Haram, after all he is their brother. For our Nigerian brethren, I want to say that they should trust in the One who called them, sanctified them and seated them in the Heavenly places. Thank you once again Dr. Hammond for all your hard work in exposing lies and bringing truth to light.” Pastor Lebese, Vanderbijlpark
“This amazing, true and convincingly persuasive article – 95 Theses for Reformation Today has completely convinced me that from today, Reformation Day 2015, I must step out for Jesus before anything else. At 82 it is high time to do so!” P van der Hoorn, Betty’s Bay
“I am deeply saddened by the Dutch Reformed Church Synod’s decision regarding the legitimising and public acknowledgement of homosexual relationships by the church. This matter is personal for me on a number of fronts. I have come to trust you as individuals and an organisation and I continue to draw inspiration from your teachings especially on this issue that is rebelling against the Faith in our Triune God. In this case I would deeply appreciate a personal response because I really need the encouragement. The aggressive lobby to undermine and radically redefine Scripture is damaging our society and undermining the stand for truth and righteousness.” D Malan, Cape Town

Please pray for these people, congregations, ministries, schools, hospitals and countries. Praise God that His Word never returns void!

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