From the Mailbag: For Praise, Prayer and Action 2017


THANK YOU very much for all your prayers, encouragement and support.

Your practical participation, generous support and fervent prayers are essential for CHRISTIAN ACTION.

Pro-Life and Pro-Family Action

stop state capture of education“I wanted to thank you for your excellent information on the revised State Education BELA Bill that enabled me to get friends and family to react as well. It seems as if it will be necessary to go to court and pray that this Anti-Christian Bill will be found illegal.” R Dekker

“Thanks a lot for the updates of the critical issues that are happening and we are indeed praying for these issues, may God bless this work.” I Robert, Back to the Bible Mission, Barberton

“Physical discipline brings a harvest of peace and makes the child safe. Abuse is exactly that, abuse. It should not be tolerated at all. Discipline proves that you love your child and that you save their lives.” S Isaacs, Cape Town

“I was blessed by the well thought out list of reasons why abortion is not a choice at all. Women often phone our help line and say: ‘I must have an abortion.’ … then she lists (as you wrote so well) all of the various pressures and problems. This is obviously not a choice, rather only a seemingly escape route from her dilemmas. We give her the choice by offering to meet her various needs, both through counsel and by supplying all of her baby needs for a year.  I am so blessed to know that we all work together, around the globe, to save lives.”

S Shoshani, Be'ad Chaim pro-life ministry, Israel

“Thank you so much, some of the links on human trafficking and fighting pornography have been used by us and are very powerful indeed. Thank you for more information, one can never have enough!  We wish you great success with your Women’s Day outreaches! I had some downloads from Africa Christian Action a long time ago, never thinking our paths will cross.” C Long, Crystal Clear Ministries International, Johannesburg

“I have given the names of illegal abortionists in my area to the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and to the city council investigators. The HPCSA is going to work with the police to set up the abortionists for entrapment and the city authorities have let me know that they will plan to set out taking down some of the posters themselves, like you mentioned. I do want to take part in all the important pro-life events you mentioned and will try to get my church involved in them.” Dr J De Vos, Cape Town

“I am so glad that I am associated with you all for your work in advancing and expanding the Kingdom of God. I am with you all in spirit and would have been there with you in the 'flesh' so to speak, had I have been there in Cape Town. I am sure you will touch many hearts.” Piper James, England

Abrie preaching at Marie Stopes“By God's grace a baby was saved from abortion at Marie Stopes during a Saturday morning outreach! A man who was with his girlfriend in the waiting room at Marie Stopes (apparently his girlfriend was having a scan there), heard Abrie's preaching and came out asking to talk to him urgently. Abrie referred him to the one of the other team members (so that he could continue preaching), who then shared the Gospel with him and provided him with pro-life information. The man sent a message to the team later saying he does not want his girlfriend to have an abortion and would be willing to visit church one Sunday. The team is following up with this man and his girlfriend. Please pray for their salvation!” M Mellors, Cape Town

Lives Impacted

“Thank you so much for your emails which I share with others. We want strong Biblical teaching and not just the necessary teaching of 'Jesus loves us' which we know to be true but to hear and read daily the importance of Biblical teaching on the Obedience to God, His Laws and His ways. KwaSizabantu is an amazing Mission built by Erlo Stegen, who has done such an incredible work there.  We spent a week with them some years ago, which we so enjoyed.” C Oranmore-Brown, George

“I greatly appreciate our discussions earlier today, your support this evening, and your support moving forward. It is a true pleasure to engage with someone who really gets it.” J Millar, Cape Town

“Wow, a very big thank your donation of books to us after our house burnt down - we are really appreciative of the kindness shown and for organising everything for us, from the books, to the person to bring them up to us.” A Gray, Knysna

“I am attending the Lusaka Reformation 500 Conference. I have already started benefiting in the first day.” W Ngoma, Zambia

“Dear Abrie. Thank you for coming to share the Good News of the Gospel with us and for the Bibles and other literature. May God continue to use you, as it most difficult to find someone as young as you being sold out for the Gospel in this day and age.” S Moodley, Oudsthoorn

“I really look up to you, especially since you spoke directly to my conscience before you even knew who I was. You have a beautiful way to speak right into the heart of the issues at hand.  I have observed that you don't get weighed down by trying to say something in a way that is palatable to all. While I was overwhelmed with all the hypocritical rubbish, I came across yourwebsite. It was so different that it took me by almost complete surprise. The first thing that I noticed, was a clear Christian critique of the ANC government, then also of vain philosophies and also false religions. All this while maintaining a strongly motivated alternative of a people wholly following Jesus and the way of the Cross. This was in stark contrast to the literature I was exposed to at the time, which seemed more ashamed of having any affiliation with Christianity than actually being appreciative of our rich legacy. Furthermore, the notion of actually promoting a Christian worldview as suitable for all. I remember thinking, these Frontline workers don't seem to be worried at all about either being popular, or of making some hard line enemies. I also wished that I could stand securely on these watershed issues. At that time, my regular exposure to church media included Die Kerkbode, which to date promotes homosexuality and evolution as if it is the true Christian normal! At the time, I had a deviant liberal view in terms of entertaining occultic activities such as the reading more Harry Potter than the Holy Scriptures. When at high school, I was a compromising, bitter person filled with countless hours of Cartoon Network and other filth and my view of history was deeply misinformed by ahistorical, emotionally charged action movies that I allowed to channel my view of what a man should be and what society was like. Your words also cut me to the heart, I realised that you inspire others to live life in earnest and not as if there is a re-record button on life. To actually do committed work and activism even if personal risks abound. Your testimony in the context of the degenerating RSA with many spineless Christians remind me of the motivation of Caleb to Joshua: ‘But my brothers who went up with me made the heart of the people melt; yet I wholly followed the Lord my God.’ Joshua 14:8.

I came clean for the first time in my life while doing my studies that year, and I have continually worked towards restoring my relationship with my family. What a blessing it has been so far. The decision to walk with the belt of truth has not only saved my life, (for when I came upon your site I was regularly contemplating death. The reason being, that I was experiencing gut-wrenching shame that left me totally dead inside and hopeless. I also had the opportunity to encourage my father during last year when many of the Dutch Reformed congregations in SA protested against the unbiblical acceptance and outright celebration of homosexuality by the liberal activists the previous year at the synod 2015. Under the teachings of these activists, there is such syncretism to make the occultic sects look tame. I started to feed off the Word and sound teachings and the Word led me to flee from and ultimately eliminate my deviant behaviour.  I am thankful for the work that you have done, but also for taking the brunt of criticism.” D Malan, Cape Town

The Power of the Printed Page and Media

Back to the BIble reformation conference malawi“Yet again many thanks for direct unequivocal words – Back to the Bible, may I be counted among those who agree and act boldly in the name of Jesus by His power, and for the Glory of God against evil.” T Gassner, Somerset West

“I am once again reminded that we are still here for one reason only – the grace of God! May we all stand up and speak up and show up wherever we are sent!” R Edkins, Bronkhorspruit

“Thanks for your circular about The Greatest Century of Reformation.  Recently I had my 90th birthday and I received this book as a present.  I studied it and now appreciate the Reformers more than ever before.” H Smal, Pretoria

Abortion the facts tract cover“I received your pamphlet Abortion – The Facts at a traffic light in Bloemfontein. I am horrified at abortions! I hereby ask permission to scan your pamphlet to send to all my friends and the world.” Dr JH Fenwick, Bloemfontein

“I love your letters via email and every time experience revelation on how we as born again Christians should react on subjects in the news etc. So THANK YOU for being faithful to the WORD! Please can you help me and our family on basic points with this ‘prosperity gospel.’ How can we address basic points about these false teachings in our community (farm community in Northern Cape)? I can hear some people speaking the language of prosperity teachings. All I know is that we can pray for their eyes to be opened and speak to them in love. But basic truths /questions/Scriptures that we can use to counteract the ‘talk’ of those will help us a lot!” S Nel, Northern Cape

“I praise the LORD for your book review of The Greatest Century of Missions. I was invited to minister in Tanzania, but I have never been ministering outside SA. Many questions have been answered in this email and I trust the LORD to guide me through His people or by Himself.” M Schlebush, Cape Town

“Well done Peter for Inter-Faith Idolatry Aggravates Drought Crisis.” Lots of people are praying for rain but no one is asking God’s forgiveness and drought is a clear sign that God is not happy with SA. We need to pray for repentance and forgiveness, then ask God to bring rain. This was the case when there was three years of drought with Elijah.” P Anderson

“Amen! The very moment we heard about this inter-faith idolatry on the news we knew that Our Father was not pleased! Indeed we will continue to pray and ask God to give you the wisdom forward.” R Edkins, Bronkhorspruit

“Dankie vir 'n uitstekende beoordeling van die rampe wat ons land tref - Droughts, Storms and Fires – Is God Speaking to Us? Ek dit honderd persent eens met jou. Mense draai hul rug op God en minag sy Gebooie, en wanneer Hy sy oordele stuur om ons tot inkeer te bring, ontken selfs die teoloë dat Hy die sonde op dié manier straf. As ons sien hoe mense in ons tyd op God se tugtiging reageer, kan ons beter verstaan waarom die volk Israel ook nie daarop gereageer het nie. Sterkte vir die groot taak waarmee jy besig is en vriendelike groete.” A Breytenbach

“Thank you for your article- Droughts, Storms and Fires – Is God Speaking to Us?  May our Lord have mercy on us as a nation and indeed that we would see the need for repentance and turning to God.” E Groenewald, Hospital Christian Fellowship, Johannesburg

“Thank you for this Spirit-filled info about the recent storm. I asked God why Knysna is so terribly traumatised by the fires. God reminded me: ‘Was it not Knysna who provoked Me last year with 60 gay weddings on the same day? It was also broadcast on TV.  We must not provoke God! Onse God is 'n verterende vuur!” Z Swart, Mossel Bay

“Amen brother. It is so sad that so few can see hand of God in storms and fires” S Nel, Cape Town

gcr-ebanner web“We have followed Dr. Hammond's ministry for several years now, and greatly agree with his views on the Protestant Reformation and its influence in the Western world. We would like to interview him for his thoughts on how the Reformation influenced the birth of the free world, and ultimately the founding of America. Questions would be taken from his book, The Greatest Century of Reformation and also his online essay, Faith and Firearms. The purpose of the documentary is to show how Reformed Christian teachings were responsible for the core principles of America's original concept of freedom and to expose how they have been corrupted by the left in modern times.” C Pinto, USA

“Thank you very much for these Biblical Principles for True Freedom. They are so helpful.” P Mukiza, Malawi

“Enclosed is our latest Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Newsletter. There is an article in this issue that includes some of your words Understanding the Times. Thank you for your bold words. You have a wonderful grasp of history, past and present. We appreciate your publications aimed at helping us all, in every continent. We are especially excited to know that you have ministered in colleges in America.” P Jean, USA

“Thank you for your stand for Christ, for all the freedom-loving peoples of this world! The recent election result in the USA gives us hope of a long overdue return to sanity and Christianity for the good of all mankind, although there is significant damage to undo. I am grateful for your persistent efforts to spread and defend the Gospel across this continent, and the massive implications this holds for the future of our loved ones.” R Fraser, Cape Town

Salt-and-Light-22nd-Version-2 web“Thanks for keeping me informed. I am greatly missing Reformation Society meetings on Thursday nights, but have at least been able to keep up with your Salt and Light radio programmes!”P Braun, Cape Town

“May God richly bless all involved in your Salt and Light radio programme!” A van Greunen, Cape Town

Please pray for these people, congregations, ministries, schools and countries. Praise God that His Word never returns void!

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