From the Mailbag 2018 - For Praise, Prayer and Action


THANK YOU very much for all your prayers, encouragement and support.

Your practical participation, generous support and fervent prayers are essential for CHRISTIAN ACTION. We wish all our friends, intercessors and supporters a Christ-centred Christmas and a hope-filled New Year.

Pro-Life and Pro-Family Action

Well done on the awareness about trafficking you brought during your Women’s Day outreaches. Sounds really impactful and it’s wonderful that the community engaged so well.” C Viljoen, A21 Campaign, Cape Town

“Thank you to you and the Women’s Day team. Glad to hear of the foiled trafficking and that 22 people did the Spiritual Well-Being Questionnaire.” S Longmore, Paarl

“Thank-you so much, Taryn, for these amazing pro-life articles and resources. We are looking into how to action all this and look forward to joining in the National Alliance for Life conference and National March for Life in Durban.” C Friend, Mooi River

“A huge thank you for the pro-life information you have very kindly given me. I so appreciate your time and helpfulness. I’m sure I have enough info for my assignment now.  And to also hold me in good stead for our counselling ministry at City Hill church in Hillcrest Natal.” J Miller, Hillcrest

“I need help with blocking porn on my husband’s phone. He has a problem and its starting to affect our relationship.” L

Lives Impacted

South Africa Mission Report - we praise God for the great work that is going on day by day.” Ps R Sifari, Rwanda

“Thank you, my daughter and I attended the morning session at the Biblical Worldview Seminar in Pretoria. It was such a privilege to meet Dr Hammond - he kindly joined us over lunch and we managed to ask him a few questions. We are very interested in attending future seminars/courses that you may be running.” G Venter, Johannesburg  

“The Biblical Worldview Seminar in Pretoria was a great blessing!” G Pereira, Pretoria

“I cannot even begin to thank you enough for your e-mail. I must say, I wasn’t expecting it. I was still trying to figure out how to make contact with you. Dr. Hammond must have seen my pain when I spoke to him at KragDag and I am so grateful for his advice and guidance. Thank you again for taking the time to send me an e-mail with all the helpful tips and links. As I explained to Dr. Hammond, we have been struggling with my husband’s addiction for a little bit longer than three years. I bought the Porndemic book for him and he is making an effort in reading it, which I am thankful for. Also, I am going to work through your e-mail bit-

by-bit until I have done everything I can. Thank you again for your kindness.” A, Pretoria

The Power of the Printed Page and Media

Education or Indoctrination? is received with thanks. Very great write up. I will use it for God’s glory.” E Ettang, Nigeria

Thank you for telling us the truthThe Scandal of Decades of Government Cover-Ups of Islamic Rape Gangsin the UK. I certainly was not at all aware of this evil in a so-called civilized nation which prides itself of being so very intelligent! How we appreciate you!” R Edkins, Bronkhorstspruit

“Just recently, 31st Oct to be precise, I questioned my daughter (Kelly) who has a 2-year old son, about how the nursery school deals with Halloween.  I am pleased to say that the school did no advertising or expect the children to be dressed up. But, Kelly stated that she didn’t think it was a bad thing to dress up for the occasion as it seemed quite a lot of fun. Thankfully, I kept the notes you published many years ago on Halloween and the Bible.  After reading the article she was ‘reformed’.  Hallelujah!” J Nixon

The Church Today Urgently Needs Reformation – “Thanks, this is well detailed data for a complete project appointed by God. I am blessed indeed.” T Lennox

“Thank you for this email – 31 October is Reformation Day, I have sent it to my sons as it is SO informative and of great value to receive this knowledge.” P van der Hoorn, Betty’s Bay

“Thanks very much for this email – Debating Homosexuality and the Bible on Radio 702. I appreciate it that you participated in the debate and clearly outlined our Biblical views on this. I trust that if Christians can participate in these type of debates, we are able to shine the Light. I use your reports in our Christian Medical Fellowship for the students as a starting points for discussion and form opinions.” Dr M Bac, Pretoria

“Listened to your radio debate on homosexuality. Four people expressing their views and only one expressing God's view. Well done! Good defence. Good presentation. In their own wisdom, they become fools. In the end, it was just three people sitting around giggling like girls and patting one another on the back.” R Brown, Johannesburg

“Thank you, Dr Hammond, for ceaselessly fighting the good fight. Yesterday I listened to a bit of this show (Debating Homosexuality and the Bible on Radio 702), but I found it so nauseating to listen to so-called clergy making a mockery of the WORD. In the night I could not sleep, asking the Lord to bring peace in my heart about these issues and the Lord said two things to me: Jesus is the Word made flesh (John 1:14). Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8). The Word of God has not and will not change, it is the sure foundation on which our lives rest.  The Rock!” I Maree, Cape Town

Fraud, Failure and Farce - Land Expropriation Hearings - An OUTSTANDING article, it has been shared far and wide! Is there a comprehensive paper/documentary detailing the horror and strategy of farm terror that can be shared overseas?” R Fraser, Cape Town

“We have just said our sad farewells to 18 young and energetic missionaries from Brazil. Why am I telling you this? The most grateful gift they received from us were copies of your uncompromisingly truthful writings on Poverty - Its Causes and Cure, as well as your book Biblical Principles for Africa. Thank you for all you feed us with and help us to stay alert and remain on the narrow path. And not to be deceived. I have realised once again how easily we can be trapped into wrong actions: “There is a way which seemeth right unto man; but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Proverbs 14:12. Your literature together with the ‘Poverty and Justice Bible’ will forever be a light and lamp to my walk as a missionary. As we walked to dusty roads amongst the ‘poor’, all they wanted to do was rush off to the supermarket and buy them food. I took them back to those same ‘poor’ homes later – so that they could see that the cry ‘we have no food’ was untrue. As we revisited later that day – there these very same souls were feasting on stew, rice and salad! The food they took (I relented to give them peace of mind and heart) now visibly saw how one needs to enter the mission field alert and watchful and apply discernment. I explained the process of grants and the abuse thereof and then showed them those who are really poor – who have no choice – mostly old folk who have their little stolen by greedy young men and women who are lazy. I further explained that I never reward laziness or thieves. They learned so much and the good news is that 11 of them are staying behind in South Africa. (Johannesburg). Such lovely and pure young people, it was a joy to work with them.” R Edkins, Bronkhorspruit

Farms and Freedom Under Fire - Very powerful illustrations and basic tutoring. Much appreciated.” I Dejongh

What Needs to Be Done? What a splendid and informative message, which I am sending to some of my close friends, for their information.” P van der Hoorn, Betty’s Bay

The Bible in a Nutshell – Joel. Thanks for your clear explanation of God’s Word.” D Smal, Pretoria

I am the Director of the evangelical radio station: City Gate FM broadcasting from Uvira, DR Congo. I am very happy to know how I can become a part of the Christian Action Network. I have been edified by the book Principes Bibliques Pour la Afrique by Dr. Peter Hammond (French translation of Biblical Principles for Africa).” A Muthango, DR Congo

God the Holy Spirit - Thanks VERY MUCH for this comprehensive and encouraging article, it will go in my Bible for regular reading!” P van der Hoorn, Betty’s Bay

Biblical Answers for South Africa SeriesPoverty – Its Causes and Cure - You have reminded me to work hard and to be cautious. There are those expecting to be fed by others.” S Mbae, Kenya 

“Thank you so much for all your edifying Christian Action magazine and Frontline Fellowship News - all very much very timely and relevant to walking a consistent Christian life. I appreciate you sending me these instructive and edifying publications and extra copies for personal witnessing and to share to encourage fellow believers in Christ and my friends, colleagues, fellow workers and campus/church groups at the University of Ibadan Campus Christian Unions of fellowships. Please keep them coming.” F Temilola, Nigeria

Please pray for these people, congregations, ministries, schools and countries. Praise God that His Word never returns void!

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