Christian Action Annual Report 2011


 Biblical Worldview Summit – Cape Town

We started 2011 with the Biblical Worldview Summit (7 – 14 January) in the mountains and forest near Grabouw. The theme was Reclaiming Campuses for Christ and young people came from all over South Africa, and from as far afield as Nigeria, to this intensive Leadership Training camp for students. The Biblical Worldview Summit was an intense body, mind and spirit programme which stretched both minds and muscles. Each morning (except Sunday) began with vigorous P.T., running through the forest and around the lake, and obstacle courses.

The programme included 7 Devotions/Sermons, 34 lectures, 4 Workshops, 18 hours of practicals, 6 films, a Variety Concert and outreaches to the nearby town of Grabouw. The main speakers were Dr. Peter Hammond, the Director of the Christian Action Network; Rev. Greg Denysschen, the Director of Jivannadi Mission and a member of the Haggai Institute Faculty; and Creation Scientist and Engineer, Philip Stott.

From the Response Forms the most popular presentations were: Media Wise; Relationships and Courtship; History, Humanism and Hollywood; Deception, Bondage and Deliverance; How Can a Good God Allow Evil?; The Flood; Egalitarianism and Paganism; What Every Christian Should Know About the Inquisition; Dealing with Guilt Manipulation and Biblical Femininity and Modesty.

The practicals in the afternoon were also a great highlight with hikes, raft building, canoeing, obstacle courses, problem solving, and team building exercises. Several participants had the privilege of leading people to Christ during the outreaches.

Some of the written responses which we received from the participants of the BWS included: “I came last year and loved it, so I came back”; “Tough physically, amazing teaching, a great learning experience”; “Very different from anything I had ever been used to”; “Very well organised, excellent!”; “Well disciplined and organised camp with the very best speakers”; “Scary! Well organised, power-packed, worth the money and time”; “Very well organised, excellent and friendly leaders, fun team-building activities”; “I did things I never thought I could do”; “A must for any Christian wanting to grow in Christ”; “I have grown stronger in my faith and learnt more than I could have ever imagined!”; “I have learnt more this week than I have learnt at school!”; “I have learnt not to believe anything without evaluating the proof”; “It was great!!!”; “You should make the camp longer – about 4 weeks!”.

Sanctity Life Sunday

Numerous churches countrywide observed Sanctity Life Sunday on 30 January 2011 by preaching pro-life sermons and/or praying against abortion and giving testimonies. Sanctity Life Sunday is an important part of the Christian calendar as it serves to remind Christians of the importance of honouring God by protecting life made in His image.

Christian Action has promoted Sanctity Life Sunday in South Africa every year since 1998 and we provide sermon notes, worship outlines, prayers of repentance and Bible Studies for pastors interested in observing the event.

National Day of Repentance

On this day we commemorated the fact that 14 years before, abortion-on-demand was legalised. Over one million babies in South Africa had been murdered by abortion since 1997. Christians for Truth and other Action Groups organised Pro-life outreaches, demonstrations or marches in Boksburg, Potgietersrus, Durban, and East London.

Funeral Procession to Parliament

ACA arranged a funeral procession through the centre of Cape Town on 1 February with a hearse leading, followed by pallbearers with small wooden coffins, ladies and men dressed in black followed, carrying flowers and crosses. Scriptural banners were held and our enormous pro-life trailer also featured in the procession. At a prayer meeting outside Parliament, flowers and coffins were laid outside the gates to symbolise the loss of life of the babies that have been aborted. Gospel tracts and literature were distributed to passers-by and to spectators standing on the streets.

Scriptural Imprecatory Prayer Proclamation

Participants at the Prayer Vigil prayed a Scriptural Imprecatory Prayer Proclamation, calling on the nation and government leaders to repent of the national sin of abortion and warning them of God's Judgement if they do not repent. 

Obituaries Censored

Obituary notices for those babies who have died through abortion were placed in newspapers and, as usual, created controversy. The Cape Times and Cape Argus again refused to print the obituaries, although other newspapers had no problem accepting our obituary notices. We exposed this media hypocrisy on radio and through emailings and press releases.

Media Interviews

Taryn was then interviewed by 5 different media (mostly radio stations) on this event, including a radio talk show debate with editor Cape Argus Editor Chris Whitfield on Radio 702/Cape Talk on this issue of censorship of our obituary notices. In response to her letter, the Editor-in-Chief of the Cape Times/Argus admitted that the Classifieds receptionist had been wrong to refuse the notice being placed in the Personal section. It seems hypocritical of newspapers that take money from pimps and traffickers to advertise illegal brothels to refuse an obituary from a non-profit Christian group for victims of abortion.

20 Years of Christian Action

This year, Africa Christian Action celebrated our 20 th anniversary. On the evening of 17 th March friends and co-workers of ACA gathered at Livingstone House to give thanks to the Lord for His gracious protection, provision and blessing throughout the last two decades. Special messages of greeting were read from: Rev. Erlo Stegen, the Founder and Director of KwaSizabantu Mission, Rev. Bill Bathman, the Chairman of Frontline Fellowship, Rev. Kenneth Meshoe, MP, President of the African Christian Democratic Party, Hardus Zevenster, the CEO of Radio Tygerberg, Miriam Cain, the Director of Abba House and former ACA Co-ordinator, and from Charl van Wyk – the Director of Africa Christian Action for many years and Rob and Christine McCafferty in Australia. All of whom have played a key role in Africa Christian Action throughout the years. Testimonies were also presented at the event by Mrs Dorothea Scarborough, the head of Gospel Defence League and the Chairman of the Christian Action Network, Carl Fourie, Musician and School teacher, a Founder Member of ACA, Clive Human, of Standing Together Opposing Pornography (S.T.O.P), Gerhard Le Roux of Christians For Truth and Member of Parliament, Steve Swart.

Dr. Peter Hammond, the Director of the Christian Action Network presented a slide presentation overview of highlights from 20 years of Christian Action. The International Co-ordinator of Christian Action, Taryn Hodgson concluded the evening with a look at challenges and projects ahead.

20th Anniversary DVD

We have compiled a 3 Disc DVD Boxset with over 8 hours of Christian Action film, including the controversy over the Pink Agenda on Crux and T.V. News, The Big Question T.V debate on Gun Control, National Day of Repentance Funeral march to Parliament, Life Chains, the debate on The Big Question on Zimbabwe, another Big Question debate on the Death Penalty, Future Imperfect debate on the Secular State, the Blasphemy, Is it Free Speech? debate at University of Cape Town, Calvin 500, Muizenberg Outreach and much more.

South African Voter Education

We encouraged Christians through our E-updates and radio programmes to register to vote for the Municipal Elections and to vote according to Biblical principles.

The South African Biblical Issues Voters' Guide was updated and over 6 000 copies were printed by us. Thousands more were downloaded and distributed from in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa and now also in Zulu. Our Voters Guide website received over 48 000 hits.

Christian Action Network Conferences in Zambia

By God’s grace the Director of the Christian Action Network, Dr. Peter Hammond conducted two very successful Christian Action Network conferences in Zambia. Over 800 pastors, teachers, chaplains and evangelists participated in the two CAN conferences, Saturday, 30 April and Saturday, 7 May in Lusaka.

Libraries for Pastors

Over 2,000 books were distributed to CAN members and participants in these Zambian conferences. Evangelists received Mark Cahill’s One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, or One Heartbeat Away books, teachers received Dr. David Noebel’s The Battle For Truth , Bishops and overseers received Faith and Courage – Commentary on Acts, Winning the War Against Radical Islam by Dr. Robert Morey and Practical Discipleship by Dr. Peter Hammond. Pastors received Practical Discipleship and The Ten Commandments – God’s Perfect Law of Liberty. Businessmen were entrusted with Privatisation for Prosperity books. Many other books, CDs, DVDs and MP3s were also delivered and distributed to CAN members.

Leadership Training

Dr. Peter Hammond gave presentations on the Islamic Revolution in the Middle East, What is the Difference between Christianity and all other Religions, An Overview of 20 years of Africa Christian Action, Recognising God’s Voice, Mugabe’s Blood Diamonds and the Chinese New Colonialism, How Can a Good God Allow Evil?, How South Sudan won its Freedom, and the Field Director of Frontline Fellowship, John Leach, presented a Comparison of Islam and Christianity and screened one of the Islam Rising films.

Lusaka Declaration

At the CAN conference on 30 April, a new Board of 12 members was elected for Christian Action Zambia. At the 7 May Reformation and Revival Conference Christian Action Zambia deliberated on, drafted and voted to accept and send out the Lusaka Declaration.

Working for Reformation in Zambia

Dr. Peter Hammond was invited to conduct Reformation History lectures at the Justo Mwale Theological University College. He also was received by cabinet ministers and interviewed on national radio and TV. He spoke at numerous church services, was interviewed for newspapers, met the heads of media ministries, and had a special meeting with the Commissioner of Police and Chaplains for the Zambian Police.

Literature Distribution

Boxes of Christian Action Magazines, tracts and leaflets were distributed and over 3,000 copies of Biblical Principles for Using Your Vote.

Action Against E-TV Porn

Together with the Family Policy Institute, we mobilized Christians to request E-TV to remove their sexually immoral “Naked News” programme and to join millions of Christians across South Africa in switching off E-TV. We Praise God that several Denominational Heads agreed to support this campaign by urging their congregations to follow suit.

E-TV Demonstration

When E-TV brazenly refused to remove these programmes from the air, we helped (together with Family Policy Institute) to mobilise, over 100 Christians to march to the E-TV studios in Cape Town and Johannesburg and handed over a Memorandum Calling for the Removal of Sexually Explicit Broadcasts to a senior E-TV manager. The Naked News programme is no longer broadcast. Although we do not know what their reasons were for removing this immoral programme, we can thank God for this answer to prayer and pressure.

Biblical Worldview Summit - June

By God’s grace our second Biblical Worldview Summit of the year was greatly blessed. Participants came from as far afield as Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, the United States of America and from all over South Africa. The venue was beautifully situated on the slopes of a mountain overlooking the ocean.

This year Christian Action celebrates 20 years of conducting Biblical Worldview Seminars in Africa. The BWS teaches and equips Christians to critically analyse competing ideas and to stand firm in the Faith. The Summit trains participants to know what they believe, why they believe it, how to defend it in argument, and most importantly how to win friends, neighbours , fellow students and co-workers to Christ.

The programme included a wide range of lectures and activities including Bible Drill, Just a Minute debating skills games, adventure activities, team building exercises, Public Speaking and Debating Workshops, self-defence classes, archery and air rifle training, discussion groups, P.T. every morning (except Sundays) problem solving skills, survival skills, and outreaches in local communities. This included door-to-door evangelism, mass literature distribution, one-on-one personal evangelism, spiritual surveys and assisting chalk talk Evangelist Paul Young in open air evangelism in nearby Fishhoek . Teams also conducted outreaches in Simonstown , Red Hill and Masiphumelele .

Participants of the BWS wrote: “Very well organised with excellent, thought provoking lectures and fun activities”; “A very thorough presentation of practical issues that Christians must confront and deal with”; “An active, interactive total immersion into the importance of the need for missions”; “Highly challenging and highly informative”; “Packed, time well filled, challenging and intriguing lectures”; “My faith has grown, my outlook has changed, my attitude has changed and my goals have changed”; “I have learnt an amazing amount from every lecture and made great friendships”; “Excellent!! Very intense, fun and uplifting.”

The Director of the Christian Action Network, Dr. Peter Hammond, presented lectures on: Worldviews of Destruction; The Battle for the Mind; Revolution!; Marvels of God’s Creation; Discerning Between True and False Guidance; How Can a Loving God Condemn Anyone to Hell?; The Greatest Killer; How Can You Know That God Exists?; The Eschatology of Victory; Poverty – The Causes and Cure; Revival!; Hollywood, Humanism and History; The Law of God in Evangelism; You Can Change Your World and the Sunday sermon, Whatever Happened to Sin?

Jackie Georgiou of JOY! Magazine presented Media and the Christian. Dr. Angela Stott gave five lectures on Origins, using her workbook on How Turtle Got His Shell, to involve everyone in fascinating discussions and energetic debates. Frontline Field Director, John Leach, dealt with Discipleship, What Does it Mean to be a Christian, as well as Biblical Masculinity. George Oesch of KwaSizabantu mission dealt with Holiness and Restitution. Gerhard Le Roux from Christians for Truth dealt with Idols for Destruction. Joshua Leach presented The Message in the Music. Christian Action Co -ordinator , Taryn Hodgson presented the Christian Action Workshop. Frontline Missionary, Mike Watson, dealt with Victory in Christ. Evangelist Paul Young presented an Evangelism Workshop and everyone participated in the Variety Concert.

Evening programmes were concluded with excellent films including: The Big Question; The Ultimate Gift; Return of the Daughters, What if Jesus Had Never Been Born? Pop Culture and Paganism; Hells Best Kept Secret and Not Without My Daughter.

Despite some cold weather and occasional rain, the fellowship was warm. It was clear that the participants greatly enjoyed the whole experience. From the Response Forms: 16 fully surrendered to the Lordship of Christ; 26 committed themselves to studying the Word of God more regularly; 23 to spending more time in prayer for our country; 20 to reading more good Christian books; and 14 to discipling at least one person per year. 12 committed themselves to starting a Transformation Team or Reformation Society in their school, college or community.

Pro-life Vigil and Pro-family Outreaches

During the Great Commission Course, which followed the BWS, Taryn organised a placard protest, Prayer Vigil and sidewalk counselling outreach outside the Marie Stopes abortuary in Cape Town. Several counselling situations developed including with individuals considering an abortion. She also organised two night outreaches for the GCC participants outside a sex shop and night club.

Exposing Modern Day Slavery

About 50 Christians protested outside a Mavericks brothel in central Cape Town on 1 December – the day 178 years ago when all slaves were officially set free by an Act of Parliament, including the Cape. One year earlier, as a result of the Evangelical Parliamentarian William Wilberforce’s tireless efforts, the Slavery Abolition Act had been passed, freeing slaves throughout the British Empire.

We again graphically portrayed the abuse inherent in prostitution and trafficking and got some good media coverage and interviews. We also witnessed to passers-by and distributed Gospel literature.

Mavericks appalling, immoral billboard advertising campaign encouraged men to cheat on their wives with sleazy excuses such as “I was working late”. Thankfully, after we urged “actionites” to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority (they received over 100 complaints) the billboards were ordered to be removed. The ASA ruled that the adverts objectify women and were in public places that could be seen by children.

Shane Harrison, the Mavericks owner, is currently engaged in a High Court battle with the Department of Home Affairs to allow the strip club the right to continue importing foreign strippers into South Africa using false information and documentation. Mavericks have repeatedly violated the conditions of its corporate permits and have lost track of the women in its employ.

We therefore called on government to revoke Mavericks corporate permits and business license to end its sexual exploitation of women and its blatant flouting of the law.

Christian Action Starter Pack

Christian Action gets frequent emails from concerned individuals wanting to know how to take a stand against issues that effect the family for example immoral advertising and TV programmes. We are able to send them advice from two decades of experience of dealing with these issues and contact details of organisations whom we network with who may be more specialized in dealing with the specific issue. Most of this information is summarised in our regularly revised and updated Starter Pack.

The Christian Action Starter Pack is packed full of inspiration and practical advice on how you can start an Action Group in your community.

Action Groups launched

At least 5 new Action Groups were launched countrywide (that we know of).

16 Years of Salt and Light on Radio Tygerberg

Our Radio Tygerberg Salt and Light programmes, every Tuesday night (9:000pm on 104fm or listen online at:, have now been running for over 16 years. We have dealt with contemporary issues that affect Christians in daily life. Numerous guests have included Frontline Fellowship missionaries, Errol Naidoo of the Family Policy Institute, Evangelist Paul Young and ?

Issues dealt with during the year included:

  • The World War of Worldviews
  • Post-abortion testimonies
  • Fighting Trafficking
  • Protecting Women from Exploitation and Abuse
  • Crime and Self-Defence
  • Government to Drug the People? New Drug Master Plan
  • Biblical Principles for Using Your Vote
  • The Battle for the Mind in the News Media
  • How Propaganda Changes Perceptions and People
  • Praying for the Persecuted Church
  • Advertising Standards Authority hypocrisy
  • Reclaiming Campuses for Christ
  • Why We Should Celebrate the Reformation
  • Evangelism and Missions
  • Learn to Discern: Minds, Morals and Movies
  • Sudan, Zambia, and Zimbabwe mission outreach report backs
  • Skeptics Answered: What About All the Hypocrites in the Church?, Why Does God Not Stop All the Suffering?

These and other Salt and Light programmes are available on MP3 Audio from Christian Liberty Books.

Women’s Day Outreaches

On National Women’s Day, Africa Christian Action was permitted to set up displays in 4 shopping malls in Cape Town. 76 Volunteers helped us to distribute over 17,000 Gospel tracts and leaflets and nearly 2,000 balloons with Scriptures and pro-family messages on them. By God’s grace, during this 12 hour mission to the malls, we were able to counsel over 70 people and explain the way of Salvation to them. Each person who was counselled through Way of the Master and Evangelism Explosion questions received an ESV New Testament.

This was the 16th year that Africa Christian Action has conducted outreaches in shopping malls on National Women’s Day. Initially we received quite a lot of resistance, and one after the other of the managers of the various shopping malls that we contacted, gave a firm “No”. Some specifically said that it was their policy to not have any religious organisation or display in their malls. One manager pointed out that as we had a Scripture verse on our ACA banner, they could not allow us to have a display in their shopping mall!

The Scriptures command us to go into the highways and byways. “Wisdom calls aloud outside; she raises her voice in open squares. She cries out in chief concourses, at the openings of the gates in the city she speaks her word.” Proverbs 1:20-21. The shopping malls of today are like the town squares, market places and crossroads of the old towns and villages.

Thankfully, by God’s grace, we persevered and finally received permission to conduct our outreaches in 4 major shopping malls in Cape Town. As a result many thousands of people were reached during this very full day of literature and balloon distribution, personal conversations, counselling and personal evangelism in the shopping malls.

Campus Workers Book Donation

Packages of books including Fearing God by Dr Robert Morey; The Battle for Truth by Dr David Noebel; Slavery, Terrorism and Islam and The Apostles Creed- Firm Foundations for Your Faith by Dr Peter Hammond were donated to full time campus ministry workers in Cape Town.

South Africa Mission

By God’s grace, the Director of the Christian Action Network, Dr. Peter Hammond, Taryn Hodgson, and two other mission workers, conducted over two weeks of ministry throughout South Africa.

By God’s grace, our Biblical Worldview Seminar in Gauteng was greatly blessed. Over 80 people participated in the BWS. Some of the written responses received included: “I’ve learned the importance of the Holiness of God”; “The BWS has broadened my horizons and opened my eyes”; “Good solid provable info”; “The BWS has a determination to bring to awareness the supremacy of Christ and enhance the skills of Christians to bring souls to Christ”; “The BWS made me re-think all my positions”; “A lot of awesome information compiled by people who know what they talk about”; “The BWS opened my eyes”; “I experienced God!”; “The BWS gave me a better Christian understanding and foundation”; “I’ve gained a better understanding, many questions have been answered, my faith has increased and I am motivated to action”; “The Seminar was very excellent in all spheres. It helped me develop critical thinking from a Biblical perspective”; “The PowerPoints made a tremendous impact confronting me with historical reality”; “A great Seminar!”; “It renewed my confidence in the Bible”; “The speakers were well informed and the information was well presented”; “It was all so amazingly interesting”; “Excellent multimedia presentations”; “I am inspired, fired up and encouraged!”

Presentations included: Remember the Persecuted, God’s Law vs. Paganism, Worldviews in Conflict, Biblical Femininity and Modesty, The Message in the Music, Hollywood and Humanism, Answering Objections Skeptics Raise, Change the Campus – Change the World, and an Evangelism Workshop. There was much open discussion and Bible Drill, Just a Minute, PT, and sports were much enjoyed by the participants.

Following the weekend Biblical Worldview Seminar, Taryn helped conduct the Junior Assembly at Three Rivers Christian Academy, while Dr. Peter Hammond presented Wonderful Wildlife and the Word of God at the High School Assembly.

Taryn represented Christian Action at the Christians for Truth Conference at KwaSizabantu Mission. There was much interest in the book table and many boxes of Christian Action magazines, tracts and leaflets were distributed to conference delegates.

Taryn and Peter presented a Christian Action Workshop for His People at the University of Durban. The workshop focused on Social Justice and Compassion in the light of Human Trafficking.

During this 4,500km mission throughout South Africa, Peter, Taryn and the rest of the team conducted 45 meetings at 4 school Assemblies, ministered in 4 churches, 3 Mission bases, one Radio station, a School of Missions, a Teacher Training college and at a university. Almost a tonne of Bibles, Christian books, evangelistic and discipleship materials, Gospel booklets, tracts, audio visual materials, CDs, DVDs, MP3s were delivered and distributed to schools, churches, missions and ministries in five provinces.

Life Chains

Up to a million Christians in approximately 1 500 locations worldwide took part in the various Life Chains this 2 October, International Life ChainSunday. Africa Christian Action organised the Cape Town Life Chain where over 130 Christians proclaimed the sanctity of life at the busiest intersection in Cape Town, at the entrance to the Waterfront.

Life Chains also took place in 5 other cities in South Africa: Polokwane (Pietersburg), Johannesburg, Durban, East London and Bloemfontein.

The Life Chain is an international prayer rally and peaceful pro-life placard witness seeking to "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves" (Proverbs 31:8).

We distributed thousands of pro-life and Gospel leaflets to passing motorists and pedestrians. Numerous evangelistic discussions ensued, including with a medical student who said that he had never before been challenged to consider when life begins and what Abortion actually was.

Since 1987 Life Chains have been held in the USA, and since 1992 Africa Christian Action has organised Life Chains in South Africa. This was the 19th Life Chain held in Cape Town.

Gifts, such as baby items, in support of KwaSizabantu Mission were collected at the Cape Town Life Chain.

National Alliance for Life Forum

The day before the Life Chain, Taryn gave a presentation to the National Alliance for Life Forum on Ideas for Pro-life Action and showed film clips from the pro-life films Blood Money and 180 . Taryn challenged the delegates on the need for national repentance for the national sin of abortion. Taryn further challenged the delegates to mobilise more pastors to observe Sanctity Life Sunday (29 January 2012). Several participants commented that they were grateful for the presentation and purchased pro-life resources from us.

Most of the pro-life organisations, including Doctors for Life, Christians for Truth, Concerned Young People, the Christian Action Network, Africa Cares for Life, Christian Health Care Workers Fellowship, Human Life International, and the Christian Medical and Dental Association in South Africa were represented, as well as pastors from several different denominations.

The National Alliance for Life was formed in 1995 and provides an opportunity for pro-life organisations and churches to support each other and work together in the Fight for Life.

STOP Trafficking

In September we participated in the STOP Trafficking Demonstration outside Parliament, the main purpose of which was to urge Parliament to finalise and pass the Combatting and Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Bill.

Reformation Celebration

Taryn had opportunities on Radio Pulpit, CCFM and Radio Tygerberg to expose the occultic roots of Halloween and to encourage Christians to celebrate the Reformation. Peter gave presentations on the Reformation to businessmen’s fellowships in Franschhoek and Constantia.

31 October is the birthday of all Evangelical and Bible-believing churches. It was on 31 October 1517 that Dr. Martin Luther launched the Protestant Reformation with his bold stand at the Castle Church in Wittenberg.

On Reformation Day - Monday 31 October, Dr Peter Hammond gave an interesting guided tour of the Huguenot Monument and Museum in Franschhoek for several homeschooling families and numerous interested individuals. The tour was followed by a special Reformation Day Celebration Service at the Monument.

Paarl Mall Outreaches

Over three days in November, Africa Christian Action set up a table and display at Paarl Mall as part of their Charity Exhibitions Week. Hundreds of balloons with pro-family messages were distributed to children along with "Christ is Risen Indeed! Evidences for the Resurrection" tracts to all interested adults. Many good discussions about pro-life and pro-family issues ensued with those who came by our table.

Meeting with Film and Publications Board Council

Taryn Hodgson, Clive Human of Standing Together to Oppose Pornography and 4 other grassroots activists met with the Deputy Chairperson of the Film and Publications Board Council and with several other senior FPB leaders to discuss concerns over lenient classifications and magazines that are flouting the law; and also the sexualisation of children and sexual objectification of women in the media and how these critical issues should inform the guidelines for classification of films and magazines.

Christian Action

T he Christian Action magazine had four editions published this year. 1281 people receive each Christian Action magazine by mail and thousands more at conferences, seminars and services.

Christian Action E-Updates e-mails have been sent to subscribers at a rate of 3 per week. There are 1 429 subscribers to this E-mail list. Approximately 200 different Christian Action news items or articles have been sent out this year. 9 press releases were sent out to almost all the commercial and community radio and TV stations, newspapers and magazines in South Africa and even to some abroad.


Christian Action has printed and reprinted several leaflets including: Is the Doctrine of the Trinity Taught in the Bible?, First Things First,The Greatest Book in the World,The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, The Christian Liberation of Women, That’s Entertainment!, Secrets of Success and Failure, He is Risen! Evidences for the Resurrection, Come Back!,Abortion: The Facts, Finding Freedom from Pornography, Where Will You Spend Eternity?, Shattered Hopes, Broken Dreams, Communist Liberation: Myth or Reality?, The Heart of Communism, Halloween and the Bible, What is Government?, Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?, Facts of the Faith, The Greatest, Women Need Protection and Respect, Transformations in the Bible, Bisexuals, Lesbians, Gays and the Bible, Body Piercing: A Return to Paganism, Reclaiming Surrendered Ground, and The Bible and Animals.

JOY! and JUIG! Magazine

Several ACA related articles, news items and adverts were printed in the JOY! Magazine. These have resulted in many new useful contacts and actions.

Christian Action Network

13 new Affiliate Members were added to the Christian Action Network this year. The Network now includes 90 members from 14 different African nations (South Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda) and also one Africa-related ministry based in the UK. The Affiliate and Established members of the Network represent well over 3 600 congregations, or ministries, and 1 800 000 Christians.

Christian Action Network Conferences in Uganda and Kenya

Frontline Fellowship Field Teams were able to conduct Biblical Worldview Seminars for members of the Christian Action Network (and other contacts) in Kampala, Uganda; and in Eldoret and Nairobi in Kenya during their Africa Overland Mission to Sudan. They delivered boxes of literature to CAN members across 8 nations en route.

Literature Distribution

ACA continues to receive frequent requests from ‘actionites’, teachers, evangelists and pastors who either come by our offices to collect, or phone us requesting, Gospel tracts, especially pro-life literature. Volunteers are kept busy reprinting thousands of these tracts on our rizograph machine. Over 450 000 tracts were printed on our rizograph this year.

Youth and Student Meetings

Taryn was invited to give a Christian Action introductory presentation to a Cape Penninsula University of Technology student fellowship and a presentation on Dating vs Courtship at a youth group in Ottery. She gave a presentation on Understanding the Islamic Worldview at a His People Worldviews Seminar.

Media Interviews

ACA committee members had many Letters to the Editor published. They were quoted in newspapers frequently. In total, Christian Action Network Committee members were interviewed over 180 times on various radio stations and by newspaper journalists and twice on national television.

Upcoming Events

Africa Christian Action will be promoting resources to mobilise congregations to observe Sanctity Life Sunday (29 January 2012). We would also like to include more congregations, pastors and ministries in the National Day of Repentance (1 February 2012) march and prayer vigil in Cape Town. We will encourage congregations and ministries in other parts of South Africa to hold similar demonstrations and prayer vigils. Other upcoming events will include the Worldview Weekend (6-9 January 2012) and Biblical Worldview Summit (30 March – 5 April 2012), Women’s Days Outreaches (9 August), Life Chains (7 October) and the Reformation Celebration (31 October).

Thank you for your prayers and support. May His Name be glorified through this work to inspire, inform and involve Christians in pro-life, pro-family and pro-moral rebuilding of the walls.

“Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun… For evil men will be cut off, but those who hope in the LORD will inherit the land.” Psalm 37: 5-6, 9

“Proclaim His salvation day after day. Declare His glory among the nations, His marvellous deeds among the peoples. For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise. He is to be feared above all.” 1 Chronicles 16: 23-25

In His Service

Peter Hammond


Taryn Hodgson

International Co-ordinator 

Christian Action P.O.Box 23632 Claremont 7735 Cape Town South Africa [email protected] - 021-689-4481 -
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