Christian Action Annual Report 2013


Muizenberg New Year's Day Outreach

By God's grace we had a good number of co-workers and volunteers join us for the Muizenberg New Year's Day Outreach. Thousands of Gospel leaflets and booklets in many languages were distributed to the crowds swarming onto Muizenberg beachfront on New Year’s Day. Evangelist Paul Young presented the Gospel through various chalk talks for over 2 hours while the rest of us distributed Gospel literature and engaged in one-on-one personal evangelism. Some people asked us to pray with them.

Great Commission Camp

From 4 to 7 January, we conducted our Great Commission Camp at the Back to Basics Bush Camp in the forest, on the mountains, by a lake, near Grabouw. At the Great Commission Camp and Course we teach simple, but effective Evangelism methods, developed by Evangelism Explosion and Way of the Master. We also put feet to our Faith, with an outreach in the town of Grabouw.

Responses from Great Commission Camp Participants
“I learnt how to evangelize”, “very convicted and changed”, “inspiring and informative”, “I am more confident in evangelising”, “improved physical health, discipline and management of time, interpersonal relationships and mission awareness”, “it exceeded my expectations, I learnt the history of missionaries and the need to evangelise”, “convicted, equipped and sent”, “very encouraging”, “I have been challenged to re-examine my life”, “I have received vital information, vital skills, met remarkable people, and acquired a new vision and mind-set.”

In response to the question: ‘Has this course led you to make any commitments or decisions?’ some of the participants responded: “I feel more adequate to teach your material”, “To write letters and not stay quiet. To pray for the persecuted as if I was there with them”, “to sensitise my church more in the area of missions involvement”, “I want to go on more evangelistic outreaches”, “to lead local churches in local evangelism. To run a church camp using GCC material”, “to witness more regularly, not conform to the world and not be ashamed”, “to be more courageous in evangelism”, “to hand out Gospel literature wherever I go.”

Great Commission Course

Participants of our intensive three-week Great Commission Course came from as far afield as America, Australia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Malawi and Namibia. Each morning, except Sundays, began with PT, Devotions, and lectures on a wide range of Missions subjects. Each afternoon was packed full of practicals and outreaches, including to prisoners, hospital patients and staff, on the streets, in townships, at taxi ranks, at railway stations, and to Muslims in the Malay Quarter.

There were open-air services in residential areas, child Evangelism, door-to-door Evangelism, ministry to the homeless and one of our people even managed to witness to and place a Gospel booklet in the hands of the Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille. This was when she visited an area in Khayelitsha where homes had been destroyed in a fire. Our Mission team was part of a local church initiative to distribute food, clothing, and blankets to the hundreds of people who had lost their homes in the disaster. A witchdoctor was also witnessed to in Khayelitsha.

Evenings often included hikes, including to the top of Lion's Head, in Newlands Forest and up and over Table Mountain, as well as radio ministry, outreaches outside porno parlours in Claremont and Observatory, and with Straatwerk in central Cape Town. The evening programmes frequently ended well past midnight. Many of our participants had the privilege of praying with people on the streets, and leading people to the Lord. Thousands of Gospel booklets and Evangelistic tracts were distributed at taxi ranks, bus stops, traffic lights, street corners and in townships. Participants also had an opportunity to reach out to women facing a crisis pregnancy with pro-life love and support outside the Marie Stopes abortuary in Cape Town and to protest against the exploitation of women in pornography outside porno parlours in Claremont and Observatory. Each Sunday participants ministered in churches throughout the Peninsula.

National Day of Repentance on 16th Anniversary of Legalisation of Abortion
On 1 February a funeral procession was organised by the Christian Action Network in memory of the thousands of babies, killed by abortion, who have never had a funeral. This is the 16th year that the Christian Action Network has organised a National Day of Repentance.

Marchers carried miniature coffins, Christian flags and crosses and were led by a hearse. A six metre billboard trailer, with the words, “Abortion Kills Babies”, and “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8) accompanied the marchers.

Over 100 Christians, including numerous pastors from different denominations, took part in the funeral procession and gathered afterwards to pray outside the main gates of Parliament in Cape Town.

Participants at the Prayer Rally prayed a Scriptural Imprecatory Prayer, calling on the nation and government leaders to repent of the national sin of abortion and warning of God's Judgement if they do not Repent.

Obituary notices were placed in the Cape Times, Argus and Die Burger newspapers in memory of all babies killed by abortion since 1997.

Pro-life demonstrations and prayer rallies also took place in East London, Port Elizabeth, Hammanskraal (near Pretoria), and in Durban.

Sanctity Life Sunday

Throughout the country many church congregations and concerned individuals observed 27 January as Sanctity Life Sunday. They reflected on the tragic reality of abortion and proclaimed the sanctity of life.

We made available pro-life sermons, Bible studies and resources to enable to encourage congregations to observe this day and educate their people on this subject.

Livingstone 200: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of David Livingstone

2013 is the Livingstone Bicentennial. 19 March marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of David Livingstone. A special Livingstone 200 Birthday lunch and presentation was held at Livingstone House to commemorate the event.

Dr. David Livingstone was the best friend Africa ever had. He was a great Missionary Pioneer pathfinder who dedicated his life to ending the slave trade and opening up Africa for he Gospel. To mark the Livingstone Bicentenary, Frontline Fellowship launched the website, a Dr. David Livingstone Facebook page and sent out an Africa Overland Mission to conduct evangelistic outreaches, leadership training courses and Bible distribution in countries where David Livingstone pioneered the Gospel.

Kwasizabantu Ministers Conference

In March, Dr Peter Hammond was invited to speak at the Kwasizabantu Ministers Conference on Resisting Babylon and the Beast. He also presented The Life and Legacy of David Livingstone to staff and students of the school at KwaSizabantu Mission and recorded 24 radio programmes for Radio Khwezi. Taryn also recorded a radio programme on Khwezi and helped run the book table at the Conference.

Real Men’s March Against Rape and Abuse of Women

Dr Peter Hammond participated in the Real Men’s March against rape and abuse of women and children on Saturday, 16 March, organised by Family Policy Institute. There was a tremendous spirit amongst the marchers, some of whom wore T-shirts or carried banners saying, “Real Men Don’t Rape”, “Stop Mavericks Flesh Trade”, “Women are Not Sex Objects” and “End the Silence on Domestic Violence”. A Memorandum Calling for stricter penalties against rapists was handed to a representative from the Department of Justice.

Action Against Top TV Porn Channels

In 2012, ICASA refused TOP TV a licence for three hard-core porn channels on the basis that “a women’s right to dignity outweighed Top TV’s right to freedom of expression, and the “rights” of viewers to receive pornography on television.” Appallingly, in March, ICASA reneged on this decision, ignoring all the expert testimony given and granted them a license.

Taryn re-sent the Submission she had sent in 2012 to ICASA, detailing why ICASA should not grant Top TV a license to broadcast these immoral channels and mobilized “actionites” to register their concerns with ICASA, Top TV and the Minister of Communication.

A Christian Action Network representative presented our submission at public hearings at the ICASA offices in Johannesburg.

The Christian Action Network has called on their members to boycott Top TV and has encouraged community leaders and Christians to do the same. The Justice Alliance has filed papers with the Western Cape High Court in an attempt to stop Top TV from airing this pornographic material.

Speaking Up for the Right of Parents to Discipline Their Children
In 2007, Parliament discussed amendments to the Children’s Act that would effectively ban parents from spanking their children. The section was dropped from the Bill, with the aim of it being deliberated again at a later stage. ACDP MP Cheryllyn Dudley played a key role in getting this section dropped from the Bill.

On 21 May, the Department of Social Development conducted a Child Care and Protection Forum, with various NGOs participating. As the Christian Action Network had given a submission to Parliament on this issue in 2007, we were invited to give a presentation on the “Positive Discipline of Children.” Pearl Kupe from Hebrew Midwives Prayer Ministry gave a presentation on The Right of Parents to Discipline Their Children on our behalf.

We were the only organization present that supports the right of parents to discipline their children! However, Pearl reports that several individuals came up to her afterwards and said they supported our views, even though in their official capacity they are required to advocate for a ban on corporal punishment.

The Department of Social Development is still exploring options for preparing a Bill for Parliament that could ban parents from spanking their children. Several secular NGOs again made calls for spanking to be banned and there was many debates held in the media, especially in reaction to the complaint lodged against Joshua Generation Church (JGC) and investigation by the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

We mobilised Christian Action supporters to send in submissions to the Department of Social Development and to send letters of support to JGC and to copy these as Letters to the Editor of local newspapers.

Religious Freedom Under Attack
A Cape Town church is being investigated by the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), for preaching what the Bible teaches on spanking. This is the second investigation of a Christian organisation by the SAHRC. The SAHRC ruled on 8 April 2013 that Creare Christian Arts Training Centre in Bloemfontein was guilty of human rights violations for discriminating against homosexuals. Instead of dealing with real issues of human rights abuses such as pornography, prostitution and human trafficking, the SAHRC seems to want to criminalise Christians. Killing your baby through abortion is legal, but apparently loving discipline is not! The SA Human Rights Commission will also be investigating several SA Adoption Agencies, after complaints were lodged about their alleged “discrimination against homosexuals” and “pro-Christian bias.” This was the third complaint lodged with the SAHRC against Christian ministries in 2013.

New Christian Action Website Launched
Our website has been completely redesigned to better inform, inspire and involve you in working for Reformation and praying for Revival. Visit our Featured News articles and Upcoming Events on the Home page, to get involved and make a positive difference. Much more articles can be found in different categories under Articles. These can also be shared on your social media. Find advice on how to clean up your community of illegal abortionists, porn magazines and brothels under Action Items. Get involved in our long-term, strategic Projects such as the Reformation Society, or the Library Sponsorship Programme. Our key pro-life resources that you can use to motivate and mobilise your congregation to save lives and stop abortions are listed under Resources. Download the completely revamped Fight for Life: The Truth about Abortion and How You Can Save Lives PowerPoint. Leaflets in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa are available. Download a selection of compelling, short Youtube videos from other pro-life ministries to share on your social media, or to screen to your congregation. View our key pro-life books, DVDs and CDs, Sanctity Life Sunday Sermons and Prayers and link to local and international pro-life ministries and Crisis Pregnancy Centres.

From when our new website was launched in June to 10 December, we have had a total of 13 999 visitors to the website.

Historic Treasure

Our increasingly popular website is a treasury of hundreds of Peter's historical articles, character studies and lectures. This website has been completely redesigned to make it more user-friendly to empower your school, study group and congregation.

Evolution Vs. God Premiere

In July we hosted the Cape Town premiere of Way of the Master's excellent new film: Evolution Vs. God. The Reformation Society venue was packed to overflowing for the screening.

18th Year of
Missions in the Mall
On National Women’s Day, Africa Christian Action set up displays in 3 shopping malls in Cape Town and one in Pietersburg. Shopping malls are the modern-day marketplaces and gateways to the city. Indeed, thousands of people seem to spend a significant part of public holidays ata mall! With advertising that often promotes anti-family values, and many anti-family films at cinemas, malls are battle sites of the World War of Worldviews. Making a stand at a mall can therefore seem intimidating, but as our new banner proclaims, we boldly seek to be on the Frontlines of the Fight for Faith, Family and our Future. Our mall outreaches are also part of our strategy to inform and involve Christians in making a positive difference in society.

The Word of God is the Power of God for Salvation To All Who Believe
55 volunteers helped us distribute over 3 400 Gospel tracts and leaflets and 1 300 balloons with Scripture and pro-family messages on them. By God’s grace, during the 6 hour Mission to the malls, we were able to counsel over 24 people and explain to them the way of Salvation. Each person who was counselled through Way of the Master and Evangelism Explosion received Todd Friel and KirkCameron’s DVD – The Biggest Question. This is the 18th year in a row that we have organised these Mall outreaches.

STOP the Traffick!
Due to greater mall restrictions on religious organisations, we focussed on mobilising people to take action against the exploitation of women in human trafficking. Two new tracts were developed last year for our outreaches. STOP the Traffick exposes the global challenge of human trafficking and pinpoints what we can do to help set the captives free.

Muslim Evangelism
Hundreds of Muslims gladly received our pamphlet on “modern-day slavery” but soon they would have noticed that the pamphlet contained a Gospel presentation! We pray that many seeds will be sown through this message of “Jesus Came to Set the Captives Free!”

Double Standards
This year we were sadly not allowed to have a table at the biggest shopping mall in the Western Cape – Canal Walk. Most malls in the Cape Peninsula rejected our request to have a human trafficking awareness table on Women’s Day, claiming that they do not allow any religiously orientated campaigns in their mall. This is despite the fact that most malls wish their Muslim customers a “blessed Ramadan and Eid.” Only Blue Route and Fairbridge Malls, and a Khayelitsha Shopping Centre accepted our request. We also set up a table at the Kenilworth Mall Charity Day on Saturday, 25 August.

Mpumalanga Mission

Peter, David, John and Taryn conducted a productive time of ministry in Mpumalanga (Eastern Transvaal) in early September. This included a Great Commission Seminar at the Back to the Bible Training College outside Barberton (126 students from 24 countries throughout Africa), conducting a Biblical Worldview Seminar in Nelspruit, Christian Action and Evangelism Workshops at local Christian schools, and running a Muslim Evangelism Course at the Africa School of Missions. The question and answer times at BBTC were lively, sometimes lasting for a full hour. The films A Call for Discernment and Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust were screened to the students. All BBTC students were given a Great Commission Manual, Muslim Evangelism Workshop Manual, and Biblical Principles for Africa book. The Second and Third Years were donated copies of Answering Skeptics and Reforming our Families. The Team also had opportunities to speak at Youth Meetings, and mid-week meetings in Barberton and Nelspruit.

Biblical Worldview Seminar in Nelspruit
The Biblical Worldview Seminar in Nelspruit was well supported with over 70 in attendance on the Saturday. Some of the participants stayed behind afterwards for an outreach at a local mall. The Sunday evening service included Mission Reports and testimonies. The pastor of our host church is the founder of the longest running ACE school in South Africa.

Christian Action Network Conference in Lusaka, Zambia

Frontline Fellowship Missionaries and field workers conducted a Christian Action Network Conference in Lusaka, Zambia for Christian Action Network members. Topics included: Reforming Our Families – Reforming Our Nation, The Greatness of the Great Commission, Revival in the Bible and in History, and Biblical Principles for Government. A new Christian Action Zambia Committee was elected. The CAZ Committee has been encouraged to conduct research on the political parties in Zambia with a view to producing their own Voters’ Guide.

Speaking Up for Women at Risk
The Commission on Gender Equality (CGE) in Cape Town is a Constitutional Chapter 9 organisation that is meant to advise government on “gender” issues. In Augustthe CGE released an official statement calling for the legalisation of prostitution. Taryn mobilised other anti-prostitution organisations to send emails of concern to the Gender Commission, along with research reports detailing the disastrous consequences that countries such as New Zealand and Holland have experienced.

National Alliance for Life
Taryn joined pro-life ministries and pastors from around the country for the National Alliance for Life Conference in Durban (5 October). Taryn gave a short expose on Marie Stopes International, particularly warning about their new Blue Light Campaign to target youth. She also explained how we can educate Christians on political parties’ positions on abortion using the Christian Action SA Voters Guide.

Networking relationships were strengthened and strategies discussed to advance the pro-life cause and movement in South Africa.

International Life Chains Proclaim Right to Life of Pre-Born

Up to a million Christians in approximately 1 800 locations worldwide took part in the various Life Chains this 6 October, International Life Chain Sunday. A National March for Life, organised by the National Alliance for Life, took place in Umhlanga, Durban, with about 400 marching. A memorandum was handed to political leaders at the march.

About 130 Christians formed a Life Chain to proclaim the sanctity of life in Cape Town. Life Chains also took place in 2 other cities in South Africa: East London and Bloemfontein. Gifts, such as baby items, in support of Kwasizabantu Mission were collected at the Cape Town Life Chain.

Earlier this year, Marie Stopes Abortuary Chain launched their Blue Light Campaign to target schools and universities with their immoral ‘sex education’ and pro-abortion message. Pro-life groups will therefore be stepping up their efforts to educate youth on the scientific facts about the development of the pre-born in the womb and the physical and psychological after-effects of abortion. Since 1987 Life Chains have been held in the USA, and since 1992 Africa Christian Action has organised Life Chains in South Africa. This was the 21st Life Chain held in Cape Town.

Over 2 000 Gospel tracts and pro-life leaflets were distributed to pedestrians and motorists at traffic lights.

Reformation FIRE Conference – Franschhoek

The day before Reformation Day, a wide spectrum of Christians from far and wide gathered together to recognise the threats - how civilization has been hijacked and to turn the tide by considering the battle-proven Reformation strategies for Revival.

Turning the Tide

Strategy groups considered how we may decisively work for Biblical Reformation in education, in the news media, entertainment, churches and in the social and political spheres. Report backs were given on 15 Reformation FIRE seminars that have already been held in seven countries throughout Africa, hosted by affiliates of the Christian Action Network.

Responding to the Challenges

At the conclusion of the conference, The Franschhoek Declaration was discussed, amended and adopted. The presentations were recorded, both audio and video and the resolutions and summaries of the Strategy Group recommendations are available.

Africa Overland Mission - Meetings with Christian Action Network Members

The Africa Overland Mission team completed their seven month, 12 country Mission. Ministering amongst Christian Action Network members in Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Congo, Zambia and Namibia, the Team travelled over 29 000km, conducted over 390 meetings, services, outreaches and seminars, and distributed almost 3 tonnes of Gospel literature and Discipleship training material including Bibles, tracts, books, Reformation FIRE Manuals, 95 Theses for Reformation Today leaflets, audio CDs, DVDs, posters, and MegaVoice solar-charged audio Bibles.

New Book Published: Porndemic – How the Pornography Plague Affects You and What You Can Do About It

Over 11 years ago, Christine Mc Cafferty started working on an update of Dr. Peter Hammond’s very successful booklet Finding Freedom from the Pornography Plague, first published in 1991, later expanded in 1994. Over 10 000 copies of these two editions were completely sold out. Finding Freedom from the Pornography Plague helped to launch a country-wide grassroots campaign to remove pornographic magazines from supermarkets and other retail shops. Over 9 000 stores were persuaded to no longer stock pornography and Scope and Playboy SA magazines soon went bankrupt.

Expanded and Updated
Taryn Hodgson has now expanded, updated and completed this important project, which exposes how the pornography plague affects ordinary South Africans and equips parents, teachers and community leaders to fight back.

is unique in its focus on the harmful affects of the porndemic in South Africa. It cites research on the exposure of South Africans, especially children, to porn and quotes numerous South African experts, such as those who work in prisons to rehabilitate porn-addicted rapists. It goes beyond helping the porn addict, to providing strategies for tackling every facet of the pornography plague: from a worldview level, to a national and community level and also what individuals can do to eradicate porn on films, television, magazines, and the Internet.

Porndemic also includes useful addresses, websites and other recommended resources. It is our earnest prayer that the Lord will use this book to inspire, energise and equip Christians to fight the porndemic more effectively.

The book launch will be held in Cape Town on Thursday, 6 February 2014.

Invaluable Resource Now Available
This256-page book (with 22 info-graphics and 23 pro-family action pictures)is now available from Africa Christian Action for R85 (excluding postage).

Livingstone 200 Missions Conference

2013 is the Livingstone Bicentennial. Throughout Africa, and in many other parts of the world, special events have been arranged to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Missionary Pioneer, Dr. David Livingstone. Frontline Fellowship conducted a Livingstone 200 Missions Conference in Livingstone, Zambia, which included outreaches and services in the area.

Combatting Modern Day Slavery

David Livingstone worked tirelessly to expose the Muslim slave trade in Africa. Whilst the Muslim slave trade still rages blatantly in some parts of Africa today, human traffickers use deceptive offers of job opportunities, or scholarships to trick and trap their victims. Taryn had opportunities to ‘Traffick Proof’ the Conference participants, a nearby primary school and a youth group and to inspire them to be modern day abolitionists.

Victoria Falls

The Livingstone Mission also coincided with the anniversary of Dr. David Livingstone's sighting, mapping and naming of Victoria Falls, 16 November 1855. This historically significant milestone was marked by a special commemorative service at Victoria Falls on 16 November, with national television and radio covering the service.


Literature for Livingstone

Approximately 2 tonnes of Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels, Theological and Discipleship books, audio-visual materials and Evangelistic tracts were distributed during the Livingstone 200 Mission in Zambia. Many dynamic ministries, missions, churches and schools were blessed with hundreds of Bibles and books for their outreaches, leaders, faculty, students and Evangelistic outreaches.

Sunday Services

On Sunday, 17 November, Frontline missionaries preached at 8 different venues. This included 6 different congregations in the morning and the David Livingstone College of Education chapel in the afternoon. Peter Hammond presented 3 sermons and one lecture on this Sunday.

The Livingstone 200 Mission consisted of 50 meetings, including 3 radio and 4 TV interviews, 5 film screenings, 15 lectures at the conference and more at the David Livingstone Teacher Training College, presentations at school assemblies and outreaches on the streets of Livingstone.

Articles Published in JOY and JUIG Magazines

As the Contributing Editor of JOY! magazine, Peter Hammond has up to 3, 4 and 5 articles printed in each edition of JOY! and in JOY!’s sister Afrikaans publication – JUIG!. Taryn had one News article and a short Review of Porndemic published in JOY!

18 Years of Salt and Light on Radio Tygerberg
Our Radio Tygerberg Salt and Light programmes, every Tuesday night (9:30pm on 104fm, or listen online at:, have now been running for over 18 years. We have dealt with contemporary issues that affect Christians in daily life, always encouraging our listeners to be solutions-focused. Numerous guests have included Frontline Fellowship missionaries, Creation Scientist Dr Philip Stott, Christian filmmaker Gary Wilkinson and Evangelist Paul Young.

In addition to pro-family, pro-life, Missions and Evangelism, other issues dealt with during the year included:

  • Idols for Destruction
  • How Propaganda Changes Perceptions and People
  • Children producing porn (“sexting”): What should parents do?
  • Protecting Women from Exploitation and Abuse
  • Crime and Self-Defence
  • Responding to the Education Crisis
  • Freedom from drug addiction testimonies
  • Healing after abortion testimonies
  • Praying for the Persecuted Church in Egypt, Sudan, Northern Nigeria and Somalia.
  • The Life and Legacy of David Livingstone
  • Reformation FIRE for Africa
  • Evangelism and Missions
  • Evaluating the Worldviews of films: e.g. The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter
  • The Greatest Man Whoever Lived
  • Controversies Over Christmas

These and other Salt and Light programmes are available on MP3 Audio from Christian Liberty Books.

Christian Action
The Christian Action magazine
published four editions this year. 730 people receive each Christian Action magazine by mail and thousands more at conferences, seminars and services.

Christian Action E-Updates have been sent to subscribers at a rate of 3 per week. There are 2056 subscribers to this E-mail list. Approximately 200 different Christian Action news items, or articles, have been sent out this year. 9 Christian Action press releases were sent out to almost all the commercial and community radio and TV stations, newspapers and magazines in South Africa and even to some abroad.

1 New leaflet printed this year: Responding to the Health, Wealth, Prosperity Cult.

2 leaflets were updated: Stop the Traffick and SA Voters’ Guide.

A total 160 000 of our leaflets were printed: 140 000 on our Rizograph machine in-house and 20 000 glossy leaflets at a local printer.

56 different leaflet titles are available. These include:

Is the Doctrine of the Trinity Taught in the Bible?; Blaspheme or Honour God?; First Things First; The Greatest; The Greatest Book in the World; Die Mees Invloed Rykende Boek in die Wereld; The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived; Die Mees Invloed Rykende Man Wat Oit Geleef Het; The Christian Liberation of Women; That’s Entertainment!; Going Gaga? Here’s What to Expect…”; Secrets of Success and Failure; How to Fail in Life; He is Risen! Evidences for the Resurrection; “It’s My Body”; “Dis My Liggaam”; “Nguzimba Wam”; Milestones of Early Life; Mypale van Vroee Lewe; Abortion: The Facts; Aborsie: Die Feite; 10 Reasons Why I Want an Abortion; Should Prostitution be Legalised in South Africa?; STOP the Traffick!; Finding Freedom from Pornography; Fight the New Drug; Shattered Hopes - Broken Dreams; Communist Liberation: Myth or Reality?; The Heart of Communism; Glamorising a Mass Murderer; Liberation Theology; The World’s Greatest Revolutionary?; The Christian and War; Die Christen en Oorlog; What is Government?; Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?; Halloween and the Bible; Facts of the Faith; Women Need Protection and Respect; Vroues Verdien Beskerming en Respek; Transformations in the Bible; A Message to Roman Catholics; The Chocolate Soldier; Bisexuals, Lesbians, Gays and the Bible; Samson and Delilah; Body Piercing: A Return to Paganism; Reclaiming Surrendered Ground; Where Will You Spend Eternity?; Waar Sal Jy die Ewigheid Deurbring?; Come Back!; Supernatural Power for World Missions; SA Voters Guide; 95 Theses for Reformation Today; Will Animals Be in Heaven? and The Bible and Animals.

Literature Distribution
ACA continues to receive frequent requests from ‘actionites’, teachers, Evangelists and pastors who either come by our offices to collect, or phone us requesting, Gospel tracts, especially pro-life literature. Volunteers are kept busy reprinting thousands of these tracts on our Rizograph machine.

Christian Action Network
8 new Affiliate Members were added to the Christian Action Network this year. The Network now includes 108 members from 15 different African nations (South Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda) and also one Africa-related ministry based in the UK. The members of the Network represent well over 6 000 congregations, or ministries, and 4 000 000 Christians.

Resources Donated to University Students
Taryn donated copies of Answering Skeptics and One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven to several UCT student cell group leaders and to those who are enthusiastic about evangelism.

Media Interviews
ACA committee members had several Letters to the Editor published. They were quoted in newspapers numerous times. The online Christian Newspaper – Gateway News: published at least 4 of our press releases. In total, Christian Action Network Committee members were interviewed over 154 times on various radio stations and by newspaper journalists.

Watchmen on the Walls

Peter has been interviewed twice on Family Policy Institute’s TV programme Watchmen on the Walls, which seeks to deal with social, political and moral issues. Taryn was also interviewed twice on this programme, both times on pro-life issues: at the National Day of Repentance Prayer Vigil outside Parliament and at the National Alliance for Life Conference.

Social Media
We regularly post news, Action items, Events and pictures on our Facebook page.Activity on our social media increased immensely this year. 766 people like the Africa Christian Action page on Facebook and ACA has 76 followers on Twitter. Our Facebook page postings have sometimes had hundreds of shares and over 17 000 views in a single week. It has grown by 376 Likes since last year and Twitter by 18 new followers. Our social media is being utilised to promote events and outreaches, share photos and report backs, and new resources. 100 of our Reformation Society PowerPoints are viewable online on Slideshare. Taryn’s The Fight for Life, Protect Your Family from Pornography and Traffick Proof PowerPoints are now available on Africa Christian Action’s slideshare. Short Life Chain Church Announcements, The Pro-life Teaching of the Bible and Body Piercing: A Return to Paganism PowerPoints are also available on the ACA slideshare. Over a hundred of Peter’s sermons are being downloaded thousands of times every year from

12 of Dr Peter Hammond’s books are now available as E-Books: Practical Discipleship, The Discipleship Handbook, Answering Skeptics, Power of Prayer Handbook, Biblical Principles for Africa, Reforming Our Families, Victorious Christians, Character Assassins, The Apostles Creed, The Ten Commandments: God’s Perfect Law of Liberty, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam and the Livingstone 200 Missions Manual. Two booklets by other authors that we have also published, are available as free e-books on the Christian Action website: Christian Terror and A Biblical Manifesto for Christians.

New Reformation Website
Please visit the website, which has been set up to help co-ordinate the Reformation 500 FIRE movement. The Reformation FIRE Manual with 10 documents from the Coalition on Revival and the 95 Theses for Reformation Today are available as an e-book on the Reform500 website.

Schools presentations
Fight the New Drug is a youth-run, youth-focussed organisation in the USA, that gives presentations at school assemblies across the USA on the harmful effects of pornography. Taryn has now officially been approved as a presenter and will be arranging Fight the New Drug presentations at schools. She also hopes to get opportunities to give Traffick Proof, Pro-life and True Love Waits presentations at schools in 2014.

Upcoming Events
Africa Christian Action will be promoting resources to mobilise congregations to observe Sanctity Life Sunday (26 January). We would also like to include more congregations, pastors and ministries in the National Day of Repentance (31 January) march and prayer vigil in Cape Town. We will encourage congregations and ministries in other parts of South Africa to hold similar demonstrations and prayer vigils. Other upcoming events will include the Great Commission Camp and Course (3 -22 January), Porndemic Book Launch (6 February),Women’s Days Outreaches (9 August), Life Chains (5 October) and the Reformation Celebration (31 October).

Thank you for your prayers and support. May His Name be glorified through this work to inspire, inform and involve Christians in pro-life, pro-family and pro-moral rebuilding of the walls.

“Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun… For evil men will be cut off, but those who hope in the LORD will inherit the land.” Psalm 37: 5-6, 9

“Proclaim His salvation day after day. Declare His glory among the nations, His marvellous deeds among the peoples. For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise. He is to be feared above all.”1 Chronicles 16: 23-25

In His Service

Dr Peter Hammond                                  Taryn Hodgson
Director                                                 International Co-ordinator

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