Christian Action Annual Report 2014


Muizenberg New Year's Day Outreach

By God's grace we had a good number of co-workers and volunteers join us for the Muizenberg New Year's Day Outreach at Muizenberg. Thousands of Gospel leaflets and booklets in many languages were distributed to the crowds swarming onto Muizenberg beachfront on New Year’s Day. Evangelist Paul Young presented the Gospel through various chalk talks for over 2 hours while the rest of us distributed Gospel literature and engaged in one-on-one personal Evangelism. Some people asked us to pray with them.

The Great Commission is Our Supreme Ambition
On Friday the 3rd ofJanuary, we began our 3-week intensive Great Commission Course with a Great Commission Camp at Back to Basics Campsite in the forest, on the mountains, by a lake, near Grabouw. The 75 participants were challenged to personal repentance and restitution, to destroy idols in their lives and to respond to the call to be faithful labourers in the Large Harvest fields of the nations. Participants of the Great Commission Course came from as far afield as America, New Zealand, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, the Congo and from all over South Africa.

Outreaches included distributing thousands of Gospel tracts in outreaches at Dark City on the Cape Flats, Ocean View, and at the Waterfront and Cavendish Malls. Participants also held a Prayer Vigil and outreach to women facing a crisis pregnancy outside Marie Stopes Abortuary and ministered on our Salt and Light programme on Radio Tygerberg.

Responses from Great Commission Course Participants
Participants of the Great Commission Course 2014 wrote these responses: "Inspirational and effective"; "Excellent, very, very well planned and well thought through, extremely relevant to our times"; "Informative, creative, challenging and inspiring"; "I have been strengthened. I have wrestled with God. I have learned a lot and now I have a new way of looking at the world"; "Absolutely brilliant!"; "Excellent all-round learning experience"; "Really good team and Christian spirit, well put together, wonderfully challenging!"; "I have become a bolder witness for Christ, especially at one-to-one witnessing"; "Packed with activities. Probably the most comprehensive, in-depth crash course on the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ out there"; "Outstanding!"; "Godly friendships, Godly discipleship"; "I have learnt a lot about discipline and benefited both spiritually and physically"; "I have gained the passion to want to learn more about the Bible and God"; "It is hard-core, reality and so Biblical. It presents one with the refreshing truth. I've been equipped to be an Evangelist"; "Full power-packed lectures"; "Wonderful!"; "Very informative, very practical, a life changing course! You cannot leave the same way you came" "Good, hard, tough, vigorous, blessed, victorious, focussed, intelligent and necessary"; "It has been a great experience. I love the combination of physical exercise and learning and spiritual growth".

National Day of Repentance March for Life and Parliamentary Prayer Vigil

On Friday, 31 January 2014, a funeral procession was organised by the Christian Action Network in memory of the thousands of babies, killed by abortion, who have never had a funeral. This is the 17th year that the Christian Action Network has organised a National Day of Repentance.

Marchers carried miniature coffins, Christian flags and crosses and were led by a hearse. A six metre billboard trailer, with the words, “Abortion Kills Babies”, and “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8) accompanied the marchers.

Christians from different denominations took part in the procession and gathered afterwards to pray outside the main gates of Parliament in Cape Town.Participants at the Prayer Rally prayed a Scriptural Imprecatory Prayer, calling on the nation and government leaders to repent of the national sin of abortion and warning of God's Judgement if they do not Repent.

The Peoples Post included a full page of colour pictures on this March for Life.

Obituary notices were placed in the Cape Argus and Die Burger newspapers in memory of all babies killed by abortion since 1997. 

Sanctity Life Sunday

Throughout the country many church congregations and concerned individuals observed 26 January as Sanctity Life Sunday. They reflected on the tragic reality of abortion and proclaimed the sanctity of human life.  

A pro-life demonstration and prayer rally took place on 1 February in East London and Bloemfontein.

Porndemic Book Launch

Over 60 people attended the Porndemic Book Launch held on Thursday, 6 February at Pinelands Town Hall in Cape Town. Dr Peter Hammond – Director of the Christian Action Network set the stage with a presentation on the historic situation and success stories in this Winnable War. Then, the author, the Co-ordinator of Africa Christian Action, Taryn Hodgson, gave a presentation on the South African porndemic and two new projects that Africa Christian Action is helping to initiate – educating schools and lobbing government and Internet Service Providers to block Internet porn country-wide. Her presentation was followed by News Updates, Testimonies and Action Strategies from Clive Human – Director of Standing Together to Oppose Pornography (STOP) and Errol Naidoo – Director of the Family Policy Institute.

Taryn has been interviewed on CCfm, Cape Pulpit and on our Salt and Light radio programme on Radio Tygerberg on the book.

“Every responsible adult, mother, father, grandparent, teacher, principal and pastor should read and own a copy of this book. The plague of pornography must be stopped, but can only be done through Biblical advocacy, education and a call to holiness. We must preserve the future generations and fight this insidious evil – accurate knowledge is critical if we are to be taken seriously.” Erin Georgiou, Editor JOY! Magazine

“At Focus on the Family, we encourage Christians and churches to begin talking about the harms of pornography and sexualized media and to proclaim the beautiful message of God's design for sexuality. This book is a wonderful tool that can be used powerfully to affect change in this regard. With specific focus and information relevant to this country, I would encourage every Christian leader in South Africa to have a copy.” Graeme Schnell – CEO, Focus on the Family Africa

Mpumalanga Mission

The Director of the Christian Action Network, Dr. Peter Hammond, the Co-ordinator of Africa Christian Action, Taryn Hodgson, and a missionary intern, Ryno, drove 5,000km to and around Mpumalanga and back. Michael and Renee Watson drove up from KwaZulu/Natal for our intensive Mission to Mpumalanga. The Mission involved over 70 meetings at 5 schools, 4 churches, 3 mission bases, two Bible Colleges and a Reformation and Revival Seminar.

From the beginning, this Mission was complicated by unprecedentedly intense torrential rain, which swelled the rivers to bursting their banks and flooded large areas. Several of the key bridges we had to cross were rendered impassable by the swollen and fast-flowing rivers.

“When you pass through the waters I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.” Isaiah 43:2

School Outreaches

While Dr. Peter Hammond was presenting a week of lectures on Church History at Back to the Bible Training College, Michael, Renee, Taryn and Ryno were daily walking out along the train track and the high railway bridge to cross the raging Crocodile River, which wraps around Back to the Bible Training College and had rendered the road bridge completely impassable. By walking across the railway bridge, the rest of our team was able to make the 7 school meetings at 5 different schools in nearby Barberton, 30km from BBTC. Taryn had an opportunity to present the Fight the New Drug (anti-pornography) presentation at a Christian School and at the local government high school in Barberton. We praise God that many government schools are still open to Gospel preaching. They also made the church services, Bible studies and youth outreaches in Barberton by travelling on foot and by taxis.

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring Good News…”Isaiah 52:7

Reformation and Revival Seminar

Dr. Peter Hammond presented a Reformation and Revival Seminar at KwaSizabantu Mission Schulzendal. The team also conducted an Evangelism Workshop and dealt with Christian Action issues.

“Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?” Psalm 85:6

National Elections and Biblical Issues Voters Guide

In the run up to the National Elections (7 May) we promoted and distributed our Biblical Issues Voters Guide and the website. Over 14 000 copies of our Voters’ Guides were printed in English, Afrikaans and Zulu. PowerPoints on Biblical Principles for the Elections are available on Slideshare for you to educate your congregation. We focused our Salt and Light radio programmes on these issues and interviewed Christian members of Parliament on why smaller Christian parties can play a crucial role in standing for righteousness, truth and justice in Parliament. The Voters Guide sparked much debate about pro-life and pro-family issues and the Biblical role of civil government on social media.

Mission to America

By God's grace, the Director of Frontline Fellowship, Dr. Peter Hammond, conducted a packed and productive Mission to America. In three weeks, he conducted over 40 meetings in 12 churches, in 3 states, Arizona, California and Idaho. This speaking tour involved 8 flights, lots of driving, being hosted in 9 different homes, ministry in 12 churches, being a key-note speaker at a Biblical Worldview Conference, as well as on 7 radio programmes and 3 TV interviews. This Mission to America also included strategic planning with Missions leaders, heads of ministries and co-ordination with the Coalition on Revival over the upcoming Reformation 500 Global Church Conference in Wittenberg (2017).

Noah and the Last Days Premiere

We hosted a premiere of Living Waters’ new documentary: Noah and the Last Days here in Cape Town. This film was produced by Ray Comfort, and with the support of Ken Ham from the Creation Museum, in response to the blatant distortion of Scripture, science and history in the new Hollywood film, Noah.

God’s Not Dead Screening

Based on hundreds of legal cases involving the infringement of the rights of Christian students by atheist professors on campus, God's Not Dead tackles the intense confrontations that many students have to face on college campuses.

Irreplaceable Screening

In the Month of November 2014, Focus on the Family partnered with churches around the country to screen the film: Irreplaceable. We screened this film at the Reformation Society in Cape Town and encouraged other churches around the country to as well. This feature-length documentary film explores answers to the important questions "What is family?", "Does family still matter in today's society?" and “What can I do to strengthen my family?”

Biblical Principles for Africa
We have also reprinted Biblical Principles for Africa (in both English and French) for missionaries to equip Evangelists, pastors and teachers throughout Africa.

Evangelism Expo

We participated in and helped promote the Evangelism Expo in Cape Town organised by JOY! Magazine. The event was well-supported with 15 different Evangelistic ministries making resources available to over 200 pastors, evangelists and outreach-minded Christians.

Exposing Trafficking

The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has now submitted a report to the High Court following an investigation into the Cape Town “strip club” Mavericks. The International Co-ordinator of Christian Action, Taryn Hodgson, scrutinised and summarised the report’s findings in a press release. Taryn was interviewed about the report by Radio Tygerberg and by Errol Naidoo for his TV programme, Watchmen on the Wall.

The report confirms the suspected human rights violations that were exposed in the Cape High Court battle, but disappointingly is not conclusive on whether these abuses constitute human trafficking.

The report does recommend, however, that the Hawks and police must work together to investigate and prosecute suspected cases of trafficking and prostitution; and that the Department of Home Affairs must monitor compliance with immigration laws, especially corrupt officials who illegally grant visas to Mavericks’ agents.

"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." Ephesians 5:11

Traffick Proof Presentations at Community Events
Taryn was invited to give the Traffick Proof presentation at 4 local community awareness events:Cape Town Police Victim Empowerment Volunteers, Peace Haven Old Age Centre, a Trafficking Awareness Rally organized by the Brooklyn-Ysterplaat Rate Payers Association and also at Ysterplaat Primary School. The Traffick Proof PowerPoint is now available on slideshare.

Christian Action Workshop in Zambia

Frontline Fellowship Missionaries John and David conducted a Christian Action Workshop for Christian Action Network members in Lusaka, Zambia.

Although Zambia would claim to be a Christian nation, there are many threats facing this country. Those who support Zambia with foreign aid try to push for the legalisation of many unbiblical policies. Abortion, homosexuality and pornography are very real threats to Zambian Christians. Their aim during a three day conference, was to mobilise action groups to take a stand against social evils. Using lectures, PowerPoint presentations, information and literature, they equipped pastors, elders, leaders and church members to form a resistance against ungodly legislation which seeks to corrupt the population of Zambia. Along with these resources, those who attended the training signed documents which state the Scriptural principles to which they hold. These documents include: 25 Articles on the Kingdom of God, the Essentials of a Christian Worldview, Manifesto for the Christian Church, The Inerrancy of Scripture, and 95 Theses for Reformation Today. By the end of the conference, many people were interested in beginning their own action groups and raising awareness about social and political issues.

Warning Teens About Porn Addiction in Zimbabwe

John and David spoke to a Zimbabwean pastor who works closely with high school boys, about a survey he did. This pastor was shocked at the number of boys who were watching pornography. Some of them had begun from as young as ten years old. He had seen in a recent JOY! magazine that Taryn Hodgson released a book called Porndemic. He desperately wanted one, but he did not know how to obtain it. Thankfully John happened to have two copies of the book with him, so he happily donated them to him. He was incredibly grateful.

19th Year ofMissions in the Mall
77 Volunteers helped us distribute over 7,500 tracts, leaflets and Gospel booklets and over 2,000 balloons with Scripture messages on them, in 4 shopping malls on Saturday, 9 August (National Women's Day) in South Africa.

Balloon Evangelism

The messages on the balloons included: "A woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised." Proverbs 31:30; "End Modern Day Slavery - Stop Human Trafficking!; "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves." Proverbs 31:8; "Women and children are precious!; "If the Son sets you free you will be free indeed." John 8:36; "The Bible is the greatest Book ever written"; "Give us this day our daily bread…" Matthew 6:11; "Read the Bible Every Day."; "The family that prays together - stays together."; "Stop Human Trafficking! - Trafficking is Modern Day Slavery" and "You shall know the truth and the Truth shall set you free." John 8:32.

Child Evangelism

The children were plainly delighted to be given these colourful balloons. Soon the shopping centres were filled with children carrying our colourful balloons with Scriptural messages. It must be hard, even for an irate atheist adult, to take a balloon away from a child! Soon we were seeing even Muslim women, wearing the black hijab, coming to receive balloons for their children.

Leading People to Christ

By God's grace, we were able to counsel 103 people through our Spiritual Well-Being Questionnaire, leading them through The Way of the Master and Evangelism Explosion questions to confront them with the Law of God and the reality of eternity. To each of these people we gave a free copy of the New Testament and/or The Biggest Question DVD. "The Law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul." Psalm 19:7.

Cultural Battleground

Shopping malls are the modern market places and gateways to the city. Thousands of people spend a significant part of public holidays at a mall. With advertising that often promotes anti-family values, and many anti-family films at cinemas, malls are battlegrounds in the world war of worldviews. Making a pro-family, Biblical stand at a mall can seem intimidating, but as our banner proclaims: We boldly seek to be on the Frontlines of the Fight for Faith, Family, and our Future. These mall outreaches are part of our strategy to inform and involve Christians in making a positive difference in society.

STOP the Traffick!

Due to greater mall restrictions on religious organisations, we focused on mobilising people to take action against the exploitation of women in human trafficking. Two tracts developed for these outreaches, include: STOP the Traffick, which exposes the global challenge of human trafficking and pinpoints what we can do to help set the captives free. This pamphlet contains a Gospel presentation: "Jesus came to set the captives free!"and Fight the New Drug. This exposes how pornography is like a drug in the way that is rewires your brain and is as addictive as hard drugs, such as cocaine. Fight the New Drug also points out how pornography fuels the demand for prostitution, and therefore human trafficking.

Those Who Sow in Tears Will Reap With Joy

By God's grace, during these outreaches on Saturday, our volunteers recorded 18 commitments from the 103 people we counselled and prayed for. 57 The Biggest Question DVDs were distributed and many new contacts were made for follow up.

The Gospel is the Power of God for Salvation to All Who Believe

Please continue to pray that the Gospel seeds sown will produce an abundant harvest. We are well aware that some of the seed that we sow falls on hard ground, some on rocky ground, and some on thorny ground, however, praise God for the good soil that produces 30, 60 and 100 fold.

Home School Expo

Our Christian Liberty Books ministry was involved in the Home School Expo ON Saturday, 30 August. There has been a tremendous growth in the home school community in Cape Town and there were many new families exploring the curricula available as they plan to launch into home schooling in this coming academic year.

Cavendish Mall Charity Book Sale

Along with offloading another 18 tonne container shipment of Bibles and books, we recently took part in a 4-day Charity Book Sale in Cavendish Square, an upmarket shopping mall in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town. Along with numerous other charities, we were invited to set up book and literature tables running all day, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This was a tremendous opportunity to distribute Gospel literature, Bibles and Christian books, much of it donated by Christian Liberty Books, leading to many Evangelistic discussions and counselling opportunities. We also offered free New Testaments to anyone who completed our Spiritual Well-Being Survey, which led people through Way of the Master and Evangelism Explosion questions to evaluate their lives in the light of the Law of God and Eternity.

Debating Euthanasia

Taryn was interviewed twice on national TV on the euthanasia issue. On Sunday, 31 August she also participated in a panel discussion and debate hosted by Judge Dennis Davis for a programme called Judge for Yourself. She was grateful to have a doctor from Doctors for Life, also giving pro-life arguments. The pro-euthanasia group, Dignity SA, plans to take the issue to the Constitutional Court. You can view the interviews on the Video Gallery on

"Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice? On the heights along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand; beside the gates leading into the city, at the entrances, she cries aloud." Proverbs 1:20-21

Creation Science Outreach at UCT

Last week Taryn organised for International Creation Science author and speaker Dr Philip Stott to speak at the University of Cape Town (UCT) on Has Science Disproved the Need for God? The Question and Answer session lasted for an hour afterwards, with Christians and skeptics intensely discussing issues around the existence of God and scientific evidence for Creation. This was part of a series of God’s Not Dead outreaches at UCT, which also included the screening of the God’s Not Dead film on campus. Dr Philip Stott also spoke at the Reformation Society on Billions of Years? The Case for a Young Earth.

National Alliance for Life

Taryn participated in the National Alliance for Life Conference in Durban on Saturday, 4 October with 30 other pro-life leaders, including pastors and Christian media.She urged pro-lifers to lay charges against illegal abortionists at their local police station. A form detailing how illegal abortions violate both the Termination of Pregnancy Act and Medicines Act has been drafted for this purpose and can be downloaded from Action Items on the website.

Networking relationships were strengthened and strategies discussed to advance the pro-life cause and movement in South Africa.

International Life Chain Sunday
Up to a million Christians, in approximately 1 800 locations worldwide, took part in the various Life Chains this 5 October, International Life Chain Sunday. A National March for Life, organised by the National Alliance for Life, took place in Durban, with about 2000 marching.

Over 100 Christians formed a Life Chain to proclaim the sanctity of life in Cape Town near the Waterfront. Thousands of pro-life and Gospel tracts were distributed to passing motorists. Life Chains also took place in East London and Bloemfontein.

The Life Chain is an international prayer rally and peaceful placard protest against the abortion holocaust.  

This year we made new placards to speak up for the elderly, weak, dying and disabled who may be targeted for euthanasia, should it be legalised in this country. Slogans included: Euthanasia – We can live without it!; Kill the pain, not the patient; Life is Sacred… from conception until natural death.

Speak Up for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves
90 000 abortions were performed at state hospitals in 2013, up by 20 000 from 2012. Many of them, 54 000 or 60%, were teenagers. Of the 37 000 abortions at Marie Stopes abortuaries in South Africa in 2013, 8% of them were performed on teenagers. (“Teenage Abortion Numbers Shoot Up”, The Times, 6 August 2014). Combining the statistics given for state hospitals and Marie Stopes abortuaries, means there were approximately 127 000 abortions in 2013.

Pro-Life Teens Stand Up
Despite the fact that many South African teenagers are falling pregnant and aborting their babies, at the both the March for Life in Durban and at the Life Chains, hundreds of children and teenagers proclaimed that they will stand for Life in their generation. These are the children that were not aborted by their parents after the Termination of Pregnancy Act was passed in 1997.

Since 1987 Life Chains have been held in the USA, and since 1992 Africa Christian Action has organised Life Chains every year in South Africa.

Visit the Photo Gallery on to view photos of these events and outreaches, including of the new Christian Action pro-life billboard trailer.

Victory Over TV Porn
On Monday, 3 November, in the Western Cape High Court, Mr Justice Bozalek, struck down the licence granted by ICASA in April 2013 to On Digital Media (formerly Top TV) permitting them to broadcast 3 pornographic TV channels.

The Justice Alliance of South Africa (JASA) and its 2 co-applicants, Cause for Justice and Doctors for Life (DFL), were awarded their costs against both ICASA and ODM.

The effect of the judgment is that broadcasting of the porn channels must cease immediately.

TopTV/StarSat has now appealed against the judgement, which will be heard on 5 December. Please continue to pray for the Christian lawyers representing JASA, Doctors for Life and Cause for Justice.

Please continue to pray and mobilise friends, family and congregation members to stand for family values.

The Christian Action Network presented submissions at both ICASA hearings (2012 and 2013) on Top TV’s licence application (the first time ICASA refused to grant Top TV a licence, the second time they reneged and granted them the licence, prompting JASA, Doctors for Life and others to launch this case in the High Court).

“Then Jesus told His disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” Luke 18:1

World Changers Camp
Homeschooling families gathered in Franschhoek for the World Changers Camp (30 October – 1 November). The parallel children’s programme involved Bushcraft and Evangelism training.

Reformation Day Celebrations
Christian history came alive when Christian Missionary and Historian, Dr. Peter Hammond, led a guided tour of the Huguenot Museum and Monument in Franschhoek on Reformation Day, Friday, 31 October, followed by a Reformation Day service at the Huguenot Monument. Home schooled children and their parents enjoyed a dynamic and vibrant history lesson that encouraged them to work for Reformation and pray for Revival.

The Celebration service was followed by an outreach in the town of Franschhoek. That evening we screened the Luther film. Participants have launched a new Facebook page: Young Reformers Out to Change the World.

Africa Overland Mission

By God’s grace, our Africa Overland Mission team has returned to South Africa safely. In just under 5 months, they have driven over 18 000km, conducting over 366 meetings with Christian Action Network members and contacts throughout the Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and South Africa. This included conducting 7 Reformation FIRE Seminars, 15 Great Commission Seminars, 36 film Evangelism outreaches, 14 Evangelism campaigns, 30 Sunday sermons, and 38 open-air Evangelistic outreaches.

Religious Freedoms Under Attack
This year we helped to expose and oppose numerous cases of religious freedom under attack in South Africa: draconian new homeschooling policies, Christians targeted for their beliefs on a Biblical view of marriage, legal action against a pro-life activist, and court actions launched against 6 Christian schools.

Homeschooling Freedoms at Risk -New National Policy Could Be Drafted in 2015
Homeschoolers in SA have won a battle for religious freedomand the right to protect the best interests of their children, but the war is far from over. Through prayer, publicity and pressure homeschoolers in the Western Cape managed to squash the DA’s proposed draconian anti-homeschooling regulations, causing them to withdraw the draft.

On 11 February 2014, the Western Cape Department of Education released a draft policy on home education. Cape Home Educators and the Pestalozzi Trust, the South African home-school legal defence association, were concerned by its implications.

There was an immediate outcry among home educators across the country as the policy denied parents their constitutional right to choose the form of education in the best interests of their children. It also insisted that the state’s values be taught to home educated children – an infringement of the right of parents to raise their children according to their own religious and moral values, a right which all parents of school-going children should enjoy.

The proposed policies gave all power to the head of the Department of Education, who would approve curricula, require regular assessments, monitor children’s progress and have the right to withdraw the registration for homeschooling should s/he wish.It required that parents justify their reason for choosing home education, apply for permission to home educate before 30 September of the previous year, keep attendance records, keep records of regular assessments and a portfolio of the children’s work etc.

Western Cape Policy Withdrawn
With the national elections approaching, home educators sent emails to their local DA (Democratic Alliance) councillors country-wide. The email campaign caused a significant stir. DA councillors were soon passing concerns up the ranks and by 14February, just 3 days after the draft policy had been issued, an announcement from the Department of Education stated that the draft policy “has no formal status” and “has been withdrawn with immediate effect” with apologies. This was no doubt a ploy to pacify disgruntled voters ahead of the elections.

New National Draft Policy
Subsequently, the Western Cape Minister of Education, Donald Grant stated that they would wait for the national draft policy due in August 2014 before drafting a new provincial one. In other words, the DA is likely to follow the ANC’s lead on national policy for home education. This means that a national policy similar to that proposed by the DA for the Western Cape could soon be foisted on homeschoolers country-wide.

Concerning in the Light of Private Schools Harassment
This is concerning in the light of how private schools have been increasingly harassed with time-consuming and expensive accreditation and qualification criteria over the last ten years. The Minister of Education herself has suggested that homeschoolers can expect 'strong pressure' from government over the next three to five years.

“Fathers… bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4

Taryn’s article New Threat to Homeschooling: Call to Action was published on Gateway News online.

Gender Equality Bill Amended to Exempt Churches

As a result of submissions by “Freedom of Religion SA” (FORSA), “the Justice Alliance of SA” (JASA) & “Cause for Justice,” the Women’s Empowerment & Gender Equality (WEGE) Bill was amended to exempt Churches and NGO’s from complying with government enforced quota systems.

Court grants request of FOR SA and Christian guest house owners to conciliate
On Tuesday, June 24, the Equality Court in Bellville ruled that it was in the interest of the parties, and in the interest of justice, that the dispute between the homosexual couple and the Christian owners of “House of Bread” guest house in Wolseley, at this point be referred to an agreed institution for conciliation, mediation or negotiation.

The Christian owners of The House of Bread Guesthouse in Wolseley, Western Cape were hauled before the Equality Court in Bellville for choosing not to host a gay couple in November 2013.

The court hearing followed an investigation by the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) following a complaint by the gay couple after they were declined a room at The House of Bread guesthouse. 

In Court, the Magistrate pointed out that on the facts as agreed between the parties, it is clear that the Christian owners already on a previous occasion when the issue first arose and before legal proceedings were instituted against them, were desirous to amicably resolve the matter but that the homosexual couple was not interested.

A ruling in favour of the homosexual couple would have set a negative legal precedent for Christians taking a stand on their Biblical convictions on homosexuality. The guesthouse owners would have been forced to donate money to a homosexual lobby group.

News taken from FOR SA report published on, 26 June 2014.

"Who will rise up for Me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for Me against the workers of iniquity?" Psalm 94:16

Remain Vigilant

Please remain vigilant in prayer and action against any attempts to limit religious freedom.

Submission to Parliament on Statutory Rape and the Age of Consent

We had an opportunity to mobilise supporters to send in written submissions on an Amendment to the Sexual Offences Bill that would reduce the age of sexual consent to 12 years. This means that sex between consenting teenagers would no longer be considered as statutory rape. The amendments follow the two Constitutional Court matters contesting the constitutional validity of criminalising consensual sexual conduct between children of 12 to 16 and the mandatory inclusion of the names of children convicted of sexual offences against other children on the National Register for Sex Offenders.

We are in agreement with the Justice Alliance of South Africa that the best interests of children and the public interest require that South Africa, in common with the vast majority of other democratic countries, must prohibit sexual intercourse between children, even if in practice, prosecutions are only very seldom brought.

Articles Published

As the Contributing Editor of JOY! magazine, this year, Peter Hammond had 15 articles published in each edition of JOY! Magazine and in 28 articles translated and published in JOY!’s sister Afrikaans publication – JUIG!. Taryn had How the Media is Sexualising Your Children in the June edition of JOY! Magazine. It was also translated in Afrikaans for JUIG! Magazine.

Gateway News online published Taryn’s article New Threat to Homeschooling: Call to Action. The Vessel Newspaper published two of our articles and The Africa 4 Jesus Newspaper in Kimberley published 3 of our articles.

19 Years of Salt and Light on Radio Tygerberg
Our Radio Tygerberg Salt and Light programmes, every Tuesday night (9:30pm on 104fm, or listen online at:, have now been running for over 19 years. We have dealt with contemporary issues that affect Christians in daily life, always encouraging our listeners to be solutions-focused. Numerous guests have included Frontline Fellowship missionaries, Creation Scientist Dr Philip Stott, and University Evangelist Rice Brookes.

In addition to pro-family, pro-life, Missions and Evangelism, other issues dealt with during the year included:

  • One Hundredth Anniversary of World War One
  • How Corruption Undermines Conservation
  • Religious Freedoms Under Attack
  • Homeschooling Freedoms at Risk
  • Christian Schools Under Attack
  • Reviews of new Christian films: God’s Not Dead and Born to Win
  • The Euthanasia Controversy
  • Praying for the Persecuted Church in the Middle East.
  • Evangelism and Missions
  • Evaluating the Worldviews of films: e.g. the Hollywood Noah
  • The Christmas Truce of 1914

These and other Salt and Light programmes are available on MP3 Audio from Christian Liberty Books.

Christian Action
The Christian Action magazine published four editions this year. 743 people receive each Christian Action magazine by mail and thousands more at conferences, seminars and services.

Christian Action E-Updates have been sent to subscribers at a rate of 3 per week. There are 2199 subscribers to this E-mail list. Approximately 200 different Christian Action news items, or articles, have been sent out this year. 5 Christian Action press releases were sent out to almost all the commercial and community radio and TV stations, newspapers and magazines in South Africa and even to some abroad.

New leaflet produced this year: Who Killed Jesus?

3 leaflets were updated: Stop the Traffick, SA Voters’ Guide and Considering Abortion? Get the Facts First.

A total 59 000 (as at 28 Nov) of our leaflets were printed: on our Rizograph machine in-house and 16 000 glossy leaflets at a local printer.

57 different leaflet titles are available. These include:

Who Killed Jesus?; Is the Doctrine of the Trinity Taught in the Bible?; Blaspheme or Honour God?; First Things First; The Greatest; The Greatest Book in the World; Die Mees Invloed Rykende Boek in die Wereld; The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived; Die Mees Invloed Rykende Man Wat Oit Geleef Het; The Christian Liberation of Women; That’s Entertainment!; Going Gaga? Here’s What to Expect…”; Secrets of Success and Failure; How to Fail in Life; He is Risen! Evidences for the Resurrection; “It’s My Body”; “Dis My Liggaam”; “Nguzimba Wam”; Milestones of Early Life; Mypale van Vroee Lewe; Abortion: The Facts; Aborsie: Die Feite; Considering Abortion? Get the Facts First; Should Prostitution be Legalised in South Africa?; STOP the Traffick!; Finding Freedom from Pornography; Fight the New Drug; Shattered Hopes - Broken Dreams; Communist Liberation: Myth or Reality?; The Heart of Communism; Glamorising a Mass Murderer; Liberation Theology; The World’s Greatest Revolutionary?; The Christian and War; Die Christen en Oorlog; What is Government?; Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?; Halloween and the Bible; Facts of the Faith; Women Need Protection and Respect; Vroues Verdien Beskerming en Respek; Transformations in the Bible; A Message to Roman Catholics; The Chocolate Soldier; Bisexuals, Lesbians, Gays and the Bible; Samson and Delilah; Body Piercing: A Return to Paganism; Reclaiming Surrendered Ground; Where Will You Spend Eternity?; Waar Sal Jy die Ewigheid Deurbring?; Come Back!; Supernatural Power for World Missions; SA Voters Guide; 95 Theses for Reformation Today; Will Animals Be in Heaven? and The Bible and Animals.

Literature Distribution
ACA continues to receive frequent requests from ‘actionites’, teachers, Evangelists and pastors who either come by our offices to collect, or phone us requesting, Gospel tracts, especially pro-life literature. Staff are kept busy reprinting thousands of these tracts on our Rizograph machine.

Christian Action Network
9 new Affiliate Members were added to the Christian Action Network this year. The Network now includes 116 members from 16 different African countries (South Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan) and also one Africa-related ministry based in the UK. The members of the Network represent well over 6 000 congregations, or ministries, and four million Christians.

Resources Donated to University Students
Taryn donated copies of Answering Skeptics and One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven to several UCT student cell group leaders and to those who are enthusiastic about evangelism.

Media Interviews

Almost any given week, the Director of the Christian Action Network, Dr. Peter Hammond, is conducting radio interviews, by phone, with radio programmes all over the world. Sometimes he has several radio programmes in one day. On Ascension Day, after concluding our Thursday night Reformation Society meeting, he had a television interview with Ray Comfort of Way of the Master on The Comfort Zone TV programme by Skype! This can be accessed on, under Previous Episodes – Mother to Hang for Being Christian.

ACA committee members had several Letters to the Editor published. They were quoted in newspapers numerous times. The online Christian Newspaper – Gateway News: published four of our press releases. In total, Christian Action Network Committee members were involved in over 143 radio programmes and interviews by newspaper journalists. Dr Peter Hammond was interviewed 8 times on television.

Social Media
We regularly post news, Action items, Events and pictures on our Facebook page.Activity on our social media increased immensely this year. 1218 people like the Africa Christian Action page on Facebook and ACA has 115 followers on Twitter. Our Facebook page postings have sometimes had hundreds of shares and over 17 000 views in a single week. It has grown by 452 Likes since last year and Twitter by 39 new followers. Our social media is being utilised to promote events and outreaches, share photos and report backs, and new resources. 136 (as at 28 Nov) of our Reformation Society PowerPoints are viewable online on Slideshare. Taryn’s The Fight for Life, Protect Your Family from Pornography and Traffick Proof PowerPoints are available on Africa Christian Action’s slideshare. The Pro-life Teaching of the Bible and Body Piercing: A Return to Paganism PowerPoints are also available on the ACA slideshare. 173 of Peter’s sermons were downloaded 25, 383 times this year from

New Videos
Volunteers have produced new educational videos for us and have edited footage from our TV interviewsfor social media. The promotional videos include Great Commission Camp, Great Commission Course, Life Chain, Are You an Accessory to Murder? and National Day of Repentance. The Videos are viewable on the Video Gallery on The videos are also able to be shared on social media from Vimeo or Youtube.

14 of Dr Peter Hammond’s books are now available as E-Books: Faith Under Fire in Sudan, Church History Manual, Practical Discipleship, The Discipleship Handbook, Answering Skeptics, Power of Prayer Handbook, Biblical Principles for Africa, Reforming Our Families, Victorious Christians, Character Assassins, The Apostles Creed, The Ten Commandments: God’s Perfect Law of Liberty, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam and the Livingstone 200 Missions Manual. Two booklets by other authors that we have also published, are available as free e-books on the Christian Action website: Christian Terror and A Biblical Manifesto for Christians.

Upcoming Events
Africa Christian Action will be promoting resources to mobilise congregations to observe Sanctity Life Sunday (25 January). We would also like to include more congregations, pastors and ministries in the National Day of Repentance (2 February) march and prayer vigil in Cape Town. We will encourage congregations and ministries in other parts of South Africa to hold similar demonstrations and prayer vigils. Other upcoming events will include the Great Commission Camp and Course (2 -21 January), South Africa Mission ( including the KwaSizabantu Mission Ministers’ Conference: 9-11 March), Women’s Days Outreaches (9 August), Life Chains (4 October) and the Reformation Celebration (31 October).

Thank you for your prayers and support. May His Name be glorified through this work to inspire, inform and involve Christians in pro-life, pro-family and pro-moral rebuilding of the walls.

“Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun… For evil men will be cut off, but those who hope in the LORD will inherit the land.” Psalm 37: 5-6, 9

“Proclaim His salvation day after day. Declare His glory among the nations, His marvellous deeds among the peoples. For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise. He is to be feared above all.”1 Chronicles 16: 23-25

In His Service

Dr Peter Hammond                                  Taryn Hodgson
Director                                                 International Co-ordinator

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