Christian Action Annual Report 2016


Reaching the Nations for Christ – Great Commission Camp
Our Great Commission Camp began on New Year's Day, 1 January, with 76 participants from as far afield as Germany, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe and the United States of America. We were privileged to have four excellent guest speakers, including Don McAlvaney, Rev. Al Baker, Paul Young and George Ochse. The camp stretched minds and muscles as participants learnt how to reach the nations for Christ. Presentations included: The Creation Mandate, The Greatness of the Great Commission, Right With God, Resisting the New World Order, Spiritual Stamina, Biblical Faith and Modern Counterfeits, Discipline, Total Depravity, The Harvest is Large, The Three-Fold Gospel, Missionaries Who Changed the World, The Message in the Music, Modesty, 10 Marks of Revival, The Hard Words of Jesus, The Sovereignty of God, Revival Prayer, and Christian Action. Workshops included: Evangelism Workshops incorporating Way of the Master and Evangelism Explosion principles, self-defence and Bushcraft Survival Skills. We also put feet to our Faith by sharing the Gospel one-on-one in the streets of nearby Grabouw.

Great Commission Course
The Great Commission Course continued in Cape Town with 12 participants. Outreaches included: a demonstration, prayer vigil and side-walk conversations with women and men going into Marie Stopes abortuary, sharing the Gospel one-on-one at the Waterfront, ministering at a feeding programme for destitute children in Ocean View, ministry to the elderly and disabled in Kraaifontein, a Hospice outreach in Capri and sharing the Gospel with Muslims in Bo-Kaap. Our three week Great Commission Course included: 16 P.T. sessions, 8 hikes, 5 adventure activities, 12 Devotions, 13 Bible Drills, 5 discussion groups, 58 lectures, 21 films, 10 outreaches and 12 church services. The GCC concluded with palletising and loading 24 tonnes of Bibles, New Testaments, Sunday school materials and Bible Study materials to donate to a ministry working throughout Africa.

March for Life
1 February 2016: Marchers mourned the over 1.3 million babies killed by abortion since it was legalised in South Africa 19 years ago. A funeral procession to the gates of Parliament, led by a hearse, with marchers carrying little coffins, crosses, flowers, flags, banners and posters, was hosted by the Christian Action Network in memory of the thousands of babies, killed by abortion, who have never had a funeral.A six metre billboard trailer, with the words, “Abortion is Murder”, and “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8) followed the marchers.Over 80 Christians, including pastors from different denominations, took part in the procession and gathered afterwards to pray outside the main gates of Parliament in Cape Town.Participants at the Prayer Rally prayed a Scriptural Imprecatory Prayer, calling on the nation and government leaders to repent of the national sin of abortion and warning of God's Judgement if they do not Repent.

Outreaches at UCT
During Orientation Weeks, the two weeks before the riots at the University of Cape Town erupted (16 February), we conducted seven different outreaches on campus. We preached the Gospel, engaged in on-on-one Evangelism and distributed Gospel tracts and New Testaments. We also distributed the latest edition of Christian Action magazines (with the main article A Biblical Response to Protests) and Evangelism Training Boxsets to eight different Christian student societies on campus. Two days after the mayhem erupted, Abrie went to the Rondebosch Police Station to seek an opportunity to preach the Gospel to the students arrested for the destruction of property during the riots. He was refused access to them, but he did seize the opportunity to preach the Gospel to the large group of students who had come to visit their friends in the holding cells! Suddenly, several news reporters, also gathered at the Police Station, were filming his Gospel sermon! Only the Gospel has the power to make sinners new creatures – transforming hearts and minds. Altogether Taryn, Abrie, Francis and Joseph conducted about 20 outreaches at UCT.Even during the #Feesmustfall riots, Abrie continued to minister to students at UCT. We had many good, seed-sowing conversations, especially with atheists and relativists.

Ministering to Muslims
During one outreach, Abrie and Taryn started to speak to a group of Muslims. The conversation was lively, but friendly. Soon, more and more Muslims gathered around, until there were about fifteen listening in on the conversation. They arranged to meet up with some of them again for further discussions. This second discussion seemed blessed by the Lord. They started by asking questions about how, in Islam, can they have assurance of salvation and how can they get closer to God. Then the Muslims asked many questions, mostly about the Deity of Christ, the Incarnation and the Trinity. Abrie made it clear (in a respectful way) that Christians do not believe in the same God, as our God is Triune and it is not possible for God to be Triune and not Triune at the same time! They had opportunity to share several Scriptures with them and gave them New Testaments and Gospel booklets called "Dear Abdullah", which are specifically designed for Muslims.

Indoctrination or Education?
We dealt with Biblical Solutions to the education crisis in South Africa on two Salt and Light programmes and a radio phone-in programme on CCFM, screened the IndoctriNATION film about the hijacking of government schools, at the Reformation Society in Cape Town. “Tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power and the wonders He has done…so that the next generation would know them … Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget His deeds but would keep His Commands. They would not be…stubborn and rebellious…” Psalm 78:4-8

Schools Ministry
Abrie and Taryn presented Fight the New Drug at a total of 23 schools and at 4 different Christian Missions or churches in 2016. They gave the Traffick Proof presentation at 9 different schools. Taryn presented The Truth About Abortion at 5 different schools and to 2 other groups (one of which included a Muslim women’s community group). They also gave 7 other presentations at schools. In total, they gave 44 presentations at schools in 2016. In each Fight the New Drug presentation Taryn explains how pornography addiction is similar to a drug addiction in its damaging effects on the addict’s brain. At all the schools, Abrie shared the Gospel as part of his testimony. At one boys’ high school, they were given two hour-long sessions with the grade tens and elevens, and then the matrics. The Question and Answer times were intense and created a stir of lively conversation (almost disruptively) amongst the boys. They had several good opportunities to reiterate the Gospel and give an apologetic (defense) for the Christian Faith.

Christian Teachers Open Doors
At another boys’ high school, they had been invited to speak to the Christian Group, but when they got there they found out that the whole school was required to attend! They had the freedom to openly preach on the holiness of God and the importance of fleeing from sexual sin as part of the main presentation. There are several dedicated teachers at the school, to whom they could donate good book and audio-visual resources and resources for their school library.

Debating Porn
At another high school, Abrie was not permitted to share his testimony. A female learner debated with them after the presentation, saying that she believes viewing pornography is healthy! Taryn reminded her how about the degenerative nature of a porn addiction (the addict begins to watch more violent and explicit forms in order to get the same high, which can lead him to abuse or rape women and children) and shared the Gospel with her. Afterwards, they went to different groups of teens having their break time, distributed Gospel tracts and shared the Gospel with them.

“I deleted all the porn off my phone!”

At one school, a group of boys stayed behind after the presentation to ask Abrie questions. One boy said that during the presentation he deleted all the porn off his phone! This was another good opportunity for Abrie to remind them that although deleting porn off your phone is a good start, we must repent of our sin and surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ, to experience lasting freedom. At each school we distribute our Fight the New Drug leaflets to each learner as they leave the hall.

At each school we visit, we also donate a copy of the Porndemic book to the school and teachers’ library and leave JOY! magazines and Christian Action magazines for all the teachers.

Christian Schools Affected by Porn Plague
The principal of a Christian School was very appreciative of the Fight the New Drug presentation as some of the boys at that school were recently caught smoking marijuana and with pornography in their possession. She has been meeting with the parents of the boys concerning these issues and encouraged the learners to seek counselling if they are struggling with anything.

Traffick Proof
We had an opportunity to present Traffick Proof at a school for children with learning disabilities. The Traffick Proof presentation warns teens how not to be tricked into being trafficked. The teacher who invited them is a Christian and is going to arrange for them to come back and speak at the Christian Union. Taryn shared how each of us is a slave to sin and we need to be set free by Christ’s Atonement. They distributed Stop the Traffick! leaflets to each learner as they left the hall.

With the release of the excellent epic new film about the Resurrection of Christ – Risen – in time for Easter, we adapted our Christ is Risen tract to include a promotion for the film. We conducted six outreaches at different cinemas in Cape Town, distributing hundreds of these new tracts. The staff at the cinemas seemed to have no problem in us distributing tracts to people in the queues for tickets and even allowed us to stand outside the actual cinema where Risen was showing, to distribute tracts to those going to watch the film. Through our emails and social media, we encouraged people in other parts of the country to download the tract and conduct similar Risen outreaches at cinemas.

Voter Education
In the run up to the Municipal Elections in South Africa, we updated our Biblical Issues Voters Guide (including the website) and designed numerous new social media postings to help educate Voters on Biblical Issues that should influence our vote.

New Publications

Along with Putting Feet to Your Faith and Going On, which were produced at the beginning of 2016, in time for our Great Commission Camp and Course, we completed: Biblical Faith and Modern Counterfeits, The Greatest Century of Missions, Biblical Preaching Handbook and the Old Testament Survey. These are invaluable for Discipleship Seminars, Evangelism Workshops, Biblical Preaching Seminars and lectures in Bible colleges on Missions History and Bible Survey.

Sketches from South African History is now available. It was produced in time for the five-province South Africa Mission, which included opportunities to promote the book at Missions, schools, Bible Colleges and at Historic Monuments and Museums. The articles that were translated into Afrikaans for JUIG! tydskrif are available in electronic format on the updated and expanded South African History Audio and Data Boxset. The Boxset includes 20 audio lectures, 15 PowerPoints and 30 articles, which can also serve as lecture notes.

The Afrikaans translation of Biblical Principles for Africa (Bybelse Beginsels vir Afrika) was also re-printed in time for the South Africa Mission.

South Africa Mission

Dr. Peter Hammond and his team of Missionaries and Interns conducted a packed and productive Mission across six provinces of South Africa. In one month, they visited and ministered at 42 schools, churches, Missions, colleges, youth ministries and old age homes. The team of four, Peter, John, Joseph and Francis, gave over 140 presentations, including Evangelism Workshops, Creation Evangelism, Way of the Master, Evangelism Explosion, The Bible and Animals, Stewardship of Creation, The Greatness of the Great Commission, Biblical Worldview lectures, Discipleship Training, Ministry to the Persecuted Church, Church History, South African History, Missions History and Discipleship presentations.

It was a joy for them to see so many dynamic independent Christian schools, Bible colleges, churches and Mission stations. John and Peter had the opportunity to record numerous devotions for Radio Khwezi in KwaZulu Natal, to speak at the Cedar College of Education chapels for teachers in training, and participate in the Bible College Consultation, where 80 representatives of 25 Bible Colleges and teaching institutions, from over 10 countries gathered together. Peter conducted workshops at the Consultation on How We Should Teach to Increase Bible Knowledge.

Adullam Mission hosted a Firm Foundations for Your Faith Seminar, where Peter and John ministered, with Zulu translation, dealing with essential Discipleship issues. At the same time Joseph and Francis ran a parallel children's programme, which incorporated Creation, The Ten Commandments, Pilgrim's Progress and Evangelism Explosion. As always, John's presentations on The Message in the Music and A Call for Discernment engendered much discussion.

Despite serious vehicle break downs and delays caused by mechanical problems in remote areas, the team only missed one engagement and made every other appointment on time. The schedule was often gruelling, often started very early and seldom ended much before midnight. The team drove over 5,000km and had many opportunities for literature evangelism, one-on-one personal evangelism and counselling. Open air preaching opportunities were also organised. Child evangelism in townships were a challenge, with incessant noise being boomed from PA systems close by.

Over two tonnes of Bibles, New Testaments, Gospel booklets, books, library donations, audio visual materials and Evangelistic tracts were delivered and distributed to teachers, students, pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists, Bible College lecturers, old age homes and to Museum libraries. Because of the generosity of Dr. R. C. Sproul, they were able to donate hundreds of Reformation Study Bibles to Missionaries and Bible college libraries and lecturers.

There was tremendous interest in our books: The Greatest Century of Missions, Going On, Old Testament Survey andSketches from South African History. Biblical Faith and Modern Counterfeits were enthusiastically received and our new audio visual resources, including The South African History Audio and Data MP3 BoxsetandOld Testament Survey Audio and Data MP3 boxsetwere greatly appreciated.

Doctors for Life invited Peter to conduct a workshop on Effective Media Interviews. KwaSizabantu Mission invited Peter to speak at evening services four nights in a row. Back to the Bible Institute, which had 105 students from 20 countries throughout Africa, invited Peter to present a week of lectures on Church History. As the Greatest Century of Missions book had just been updated and reprinted, our team was able to present each student and staff member with a copy of this dynamic collection of Missionary biographies. Several people told Peter that they had never been interested in History before but his presentations had made History come alive and inspired them.

Among the many encouraging responses during this South Africa Mission, the team met people who had been blessed from services and seminars far and wide over many years. One host, who now runs an independent Christian school, had participated in a Biblical Worldview Seminar in the Transvaal 20 years ago and launched into Christian education as a result. A number of ministers and missionaries had heard Peter Hammond preaching in the Army over 20 years ago. Some homeschoolers travelled long distances to bring their children to hear presentations by our team. One young man came under conviction over the kind of music he listens to and informed John that he had deleted all his music off his phone as a result of John's presentation.

After addressing the Biblical response to false prophets, a woman came up to John and confessed that she had allowed one of these 'pastors', who are more like witchdoctors, into her house to have a day of anointing oil prayer. She renounced and repented of this action.

While evangelising in a poor community, two drunken women, with tears in their eyes, said that they wanted to give up their alcohol. When told to throw their alcohol away as part of their repentance, only one was willing to do it while the other became very angry and even snatched the alcohol away from the one who wanted to pour hers out. Unfortunately, this community is plagued with alcoholism, and we trust God to work through the efforts of the churches in that area.

We praise God for every life touched, every mind renewed, every soul brought under conviction and to conversion as a result of the power of the Word of God printed and proclaimed. The Word of God never returns void. It is the power of God for the Salvation of everyone who believes. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

Missions in the Mall – Women’s Day Outreaches

"Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice? On the heights along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand; beside the gates leading into the city, at the entrances, she cries aloud."Proverbs 1:20-21

83 Volunteers helped us distribute over 6 500 tracts, leaflets and Gospel booklets and over 1,300 balloons with Scripture messages on them, in 5 shopping malls on Tuesday, 9 August (National Women's Day) in South Africa.

Over the last six years, we have been receiving increasing resistance. Most mall managements gave a firm, NO. Several stated that it was against their policy to have any religious charities, or displays in their malls. By God's grace and after much prayer and approaching of many shopping malls, we did receive invitations to 4 shopping centres in the Cape Peninsula.

These days, requesting an opportunity to have a table and display in a Mall is almost like smuggling Bibles into a restricted-access country! One has to use some innovative and creative methods. Due to these greater mall restrictions, we focused on mobilising people to take action against the exploitation of women in human trafficking.

Balloon Evangelism

The messages on the balloons included: "A woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised." Proverbs 31:30; "End Modern Day Slavery - Stop Human Trafficking!”; "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves." Proverbs 31:8; "Women and children are precious!”; "If the Son sets you free you will be free indeed." John 8:36; "The Bible is the greatest Book ever written"; "Give us this day our daily bread…" Matthew 6:11; "Read the Bible Every Day."; "The family that prays together - stays together."; "Stop Human Trafficking! - Trafficking is Modern Day Slavery" and "You shall know the truth and the Truth shall set you free." John 8:32.

Child Evangelism

The children were plainly delighted to be given these colourful balloons. Soon the shopping centres were filled with children carrying our colourful balloons with Scriptural messages. It must be hard, even for an irate atheist adult, to take a balloon away from a child! Soon we were seeing even Muslim women, wearing the black hijab, coming to receive balloons for their children.

Cultural Battleground

Shopping malls are the modern market places and gateways to the city. Thousands of people spend a significant part of public holidays at a mall. With advertising that often promotes anti-family values and many anti-family films at cinemas, malls are battlegrounds in the world war of worldviews. Making a pro-family, Biblical stand at a mall can seem intimidating, but as our banner proclaims: We boldly seek to be on the Frontlines of the Fight for Faith, Family and our Future. These mall outreaches are part of our strategy to inform and involve Christians in making a positive difference in society.

Leading People to Christ

By God's grace, we were able to counsel 59 people through our Spiritual Well-Being Questionnaire, leading them through The Way of the Master and Evangelism Explosion questions to confront them with the Law of God and the reality of eternity. To each of these people we gave a free copy of the New Testament and/or The Biggest Question DVD. This one-hour DVD is one of the most effective Evangelistic DVDs available.

Cavendish Mall’s Charity Book Sale

From Thursday 25 August to Sunday 28 August we had the opportunity to have a book table at Cavendish Mall’s Charity Book Sale. As with our Women’s Day outreaches, this was an excellent opportunity for one-on-one evangelistic discussions and counselling and to educate shoppers on pro-life and pro-family issues. We sold good quality, second-hand Bibles and Christian books donated to us by trusted authors at very reasonable prices. We also distributed free literature from our tables to all interested people, primarily focusing on informing and motivating people to make a difference in stopping human trafficking.

Abrie and Taryn’s South Africa Mission

By God’s Grace, Abrie and Taryn completed a month-long, country-wide Mission. They travelled over 6 200km, through six provinces. Together they gave 42 different presentations at 15 different schools, conducted an Evangelism Seminar and Discernment Seminar at a School of Missions, ministered at 3 churches, undertook 4 outreaches and participated at 2 Home School Expos. They also made over 40 donations of literature and audio-visual materials to individuals, schools, churches, Bible Colleges, Missions, Evangelists, Missionaries and pastors. We praise God for the open door to preach the Gospel at every school they spoke at, most of which were government schools. At all the schools they gave out Fight the New Drug, Stop the Traffick or Considering Abortion? tracts to each learner, depending on the presentation. They were encouraged to see the difference that dedicated Christian teachers at Christian Schools and at government schools are making in the lives of their students.

Meeting the New Mayor of Pretoria

The newly elected Mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga, was invited to speak at the Pretoria Homeschool Expo. After he had stepped down from the stage, Abrie introduced himself and gave him a copy of Biblical Principles for Africa and a Million Dollar Note Gospel tract. Abrie encouraged him to study God’s Blueprint (or Principles) for productive and successful nations – the Bible.

Presentation at Taryn’s Old High School in Pietermaritzburg
One of the highlights of this Mission for Taryn, was the opportunity to give three presentations in a row at her old high school in Pietermaritzburg – Carter High. She had a whole hour and a half to address the topics of Traffick Proof, Fight the New Drug and The Truth About Abortion to about 400 learners. It was also a strange but wonderful opportunity to give a presentation whilst one of her old History and English teachers (who is still there 16 years later!) was listening. The learners asked many questions. One of the teachers who said she is a Christian, said one of the girls was crying as Abrie was sharing the Gospel through his testimony! Carter’s motto is Justitia et Veritas - Justice and Truth (the school was named after a judge). Please pray that the Truth sets many free and that the Holy Spirit convicts the learners of sin, God’s righteousness, and the Judgement that is to come! "Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

Kenya Mission

When Walter contacted Dr. Hammond for permission to re-print 10,000 copies of The Greatest Century of Missions book, he knew that he had to do a complete revision, expansion and update. SIM wanted these books for distribution to pastors, teachers and youth leaders throughout East Africa. They also wanted to him be their guest speaker at a series of conferences to introduce this Youth Workers Toolkit. On this Kenya Mission, Dr. Hammond gave presentations at the SIM Youth Workers’ Training Conferences in Nairobi and Nakuru, at the East Africa Christian Teachers' Conference at Kabarak Christian University and also at a Great Commission in the Twenty-First Century and Beyond Seminar organised by CAN members in Nakuru.

Standing for Life

On Sunday, 2 October, we participated in International Life Chain Sunday. We organised a Life Chain in Cape Town, through which about 120 Christians witnessed to the Sanctity of Life through our placards and banners and distributed thousands of pro-life tracts, containing a Gospel message, to passing motorists and pedestrians. The National March for Life simultaneously took place in Durban, with about 1 500 people marching. Later that week, our Mission also witnessed and prayed outside an abortuary, as part of a 40 Days for Life Campaign organised together with other pro-life ministries. Hundreds of pro-life tracts were distributed to passing pedestrians and motorists and to anyone going into the abortuary willing to receive a tract. A Cape Talk radio presenter saw the demonstration and invited Taryn to be interviewed on an hour-long, Friday night Talk Show. She interacted with two callers, one of which quite hostile, trying to justify abortion and later admitted that she had had an abortion. This was a good opportunity to remind the listeners that life begins at conception, abortion is murder and that one day we will all give an account before God on how we did, or did not, defend and protect the sanctity of life.

Threats to Religious Freedom in South Africa

The last week of October saw the ANC government advocating a series of legislation that could pose some of the greatest threats to religious freedom and free speech ever seen in our country. On Wednesday 26 October 2016, the CRL Rights Commission released its report on what they called the "Commercialisation" of religion and "abuse of people's belief systems". Pages 31 to 39 contain the Commission's proposals for regulation of religious groups. In another threat to religious freedom, the "Hate Speech" Bill was released in the same week as the CRL's Report. The Bill's extremely broad definition of hate speech under section 4 of the Bill includes in its scope any communication which is considered "abusive or insulting" and intended to "bring into contempt or ridicule" a person, or group of persons, on the basis of their gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. This includes email, or social media communications as well as teachings from a pulpit, or in a Bible study. We sounded the trumpet call to prayer and action through our email list and alerted Christians through our Salt and Light radio programme, Reformation Society meetings and press releases. In early 2017 we submitted comments on both the Hate Speech Bill and CRL Report. We will continue to mobilise prayer and action against these threats to religious freedom.

Reformation Celebrations with the Eurochoir
We praise God for a most successful and blessed time of ministry and outreach with the Eurochor in Cape Town. The 140 voice Eurochor accepted our invitation to participate in Reformation events at the end of October. Members of the Eurochor came from Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Romania and Switzerland. Their enthusiastic, dynamic presentations of the Scripture in song ministered to heart, mind and soul, inspiring us to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Their first performance was at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Amphitheatre, on Saturday afternoon. Crowds packed the Amphitheatre and many looked on and listened from all around and on different levels of the V & A. Each hymn and Psalm from the Eurochor was received with enthusiastic applause and evident widespread support from the crowds of shoppers and tourists thronging the busy Waterfront.

Many in the crowd joined in singing Amazing Grace with the choir. Their rendition of Make Me A Channel of Your Peace was very inspiring and as many said, also convicting. Numerous evangelistic conversations resulted and many could be seen reading Gospel tracts and booklets that they had received from our people.

On Sunday morning we ministered at the Strand Street Lutheran Church: not only the oldest Lutheran Church in the Southern Hemisphere, but the oldest Protestant church still in operation in Southern Africa. The vast Lutheran church was packed upstairs in the galleries and downstairs, with over 600 people for this special combined Reformation Sunday service.

On Reformation Day, 31 October, Dr. Peter Hammond led two guided tours of the Huguenot Museum. The Eurochor made our Reformation Day celebration service in front of the Huguenot Monument an unforgettable experience. People travelled from as far as Villiersdorp, Oudtshoorn, Knysna, Alexandria, Port Elizabeth and KwaZulu Natal to participate in this special Reformation celebration. In the brilliant sunshine, in scenic Franschhoek, in a most spectacular venue surrounded on all sides by mountains, beautiful trees and vineyards, the choir and congregation sung A Mighty Fortress is Our God, Dr. Martin Luther's great battle hymn of the Reformation.

In the afternoon the Eurochor presented a concert in the beautiful Dutch Reformed Church where the galleries and wings attest to the dramatic growth of the congregation, as a result of the 1860 Revival, during the time of Andrew Murray.

Evangelism Expo

Africa Christian Action participated in the Evangelism Expo in Tableview and distributed pro-life and pro-family resources. Our Literature4Africa Ministry distributed Bibles, New Testaments, Gospel booklets, tracts and audio-visual materials to Evangelists and pastors.

Atheist Delusion Premiere

We premiered Way of the Master’s latest film – The Atheist Delusion at the Reformation Society in Cape Town.

JOY! And JOY! Digital Magazine
Our News items about the Reformation Celebrations with the Eurochor and the March for Life were published on JOY! Digital.  Articles by Dr Hammond that were published in JOY! Magazine in 2016 include: The Bible in a Nutshell articles on each book of the Bibles from Haggai to Romans Part 1, Agenda - How The New World Order is Hijacking Civilisation, 10 Reformers Who Changed the World, The Great Cathedrals of Britain, What Is Going On in Russia Today? and Blindsided by Bias. Articles published in JUIG! tydskrif include: Die Bybel in n Nuetedop articles on each book of the Bible from Joel to Zachariah, Agenda - Hoe Die Nuwe Wereldorde Die Beskawing Kaap

Radio Opportunities

Taryn had an opportunity to be interviewed about Porndemic related issues on an eight-part, weekly, drive-time programme on a local community radio station.

Dr Peter Hammond also had numerous radio opportunities to share a Biblical response to the refugee crisis in Europe, the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted, Halloween, the battle over History, and the student riots on Radio Tygerberg, Radio Pulpit, Cape Pulpit and sixdifferent American radio stations.

21 Years of Salt and Light on Radio Tygerberg
September marked 21 years of Africa Christian Action’s Salt and Light programme, broadcast every Tuesday night on Tygerberg 104FM in Cape Town. This makes Salt and Light the longest running Christian community radio programme in South Africa. Hosted by Dr Peter Hammond and/or Taryn Lourens, John Clifford and Joseph Cave Salt and Light tackles current issues, education, entertainment, Evangelism and History from a Biblical worldview. Salt and Light aims to inform, inspire and involve Christians in making a positive difference, applying the Lordship of Christ to all areas of life. If you live in Cape Town, you can tune in to Tygerberg 104FM, Tuesdays, 9:15pm, or you can listen online on through live streaming worldwide.

Some of the subjects we have tackled during the year have included: Revival, Missions, The Right to Life, Freedom of Religion, Indoctrination in the Classroom, Biblical Solutions to Racism, Biblical Principles for Productivity and Prosperity, A Biblical Response to Crime, Why Was the Cross Necessary?, Biblical Principles for True Freedom, What Can we Do to Restore our Communities?, Women at Risk, Setting Captives Free, Reformation vs. Revolution, Our Calling as the Church of Christ Militant, Pearl Harbour, Castro, Cuba and Communism and The Christmas Truce. Guests last year have included: George Verwer, Founder of Operation Mobilisation, Professor Henry Krabbendam, of Covenant College, Dr. Albie van Eeden, the CEO of Doctors for Life, John Boyd, President of Missionary Aviation Fellowship, Members of Operation Mobilisation's Mission Ship, the Logos Hope, South African Historian, Cuan Elgin, Economist and Author Stephen Mitford Goodson, Nadine Badenhorst of FORSA, Sandy Shoshani, Director of B'ed Chaim, a Pro-life Ministry in Israel, American Evangelist, Paul Young, Theresa Basson, of The Exceptional Nurse Campaign and Christian film producer, Frans Cronje.

Salt and Light recordings from June 2016 onwards can be listened to on Soundcloud.Each week, our latest Salt and Light programme is uploaded and is shared on social media.

Christian Action
The Christian Action magazine published three editions this year. 700 people receive each Christian Action magazine by mail and thousands more at conferences, seminars and services.

Christian Action Magazine
During 2016 the Christian Action Magazine included: Ten Steps to Revival, Racism - Rhetoric and Reality, Sketches from South African History, Faith in Action, Campus Outreaches, March for Life, Racism and Intolerance, Revolutionaries on Campus, Understanding South African History, Making Disciples of All Nations, Why Does History Matter?, Examples of Excellence, Missions in the Mall, Understanding the Times, KwaSizabantu Youth Conference, Reformation Celebrations with the Eurochor, Freedom of Religion at Risk, South Africa Mission and Communist Chaos on Campus. In addition, of those who read the Christian Action Magazine online through ISSUU, we had 35,807 impressions with 1,875 total reads.

Christian Action E-Updates have been sent to subscribers at an average rate of 3 per week. There are 2478 subscribers to this E-mail list. Approximately 200 different Christian Action news items, or articles, were sent out last year. 8 Christian Action press releases were sent out to almost all the commercial and community radio and TV stations, newspapers and magazines in South Africa and even to some abroad.

The website received 76,562 page views.

New Tracts Produced
By God's grace we produced a series of new tracts last year including: The Hard Words of Jesus, How Can I Know That Jesus is the Messiah?,Vocation Provides Purpose and Direction, Stamina, The Return of the Judaizers, The Heart and Soul of Karl Marx (also available in Afrikaans), Luke Warm Christians Make God Sick, Risen, God's Not Dead 2 - Faith on Trial Our Fight the New Drug tract was translated in to Afrikaans – Beweg Die Nuwe Dwelm. These have all been placed on our websites for anyone to download and print, for outreaches in their neighbourhoods. We now have over 70 Evangelistic and Discipleship tracts and leaflets available for download on and

Literature Available
71 different tracts, brochures or leaflet titles are available. These include:

The Hard Words of Jesus; How Can I Know that Jesus is the Messiah?; Vocation Provides Purpose and Direction; Stamina; The Return of the Judaizers; The Heart and Soul of Karl Marx; Die Hart en Siel van Karl Marx; Luke Warm Christians Make God Sick; God’s Not Dead 2 – Faith on Trial; Who Killed Jesus?; Is the Doctrine of the Trinity Taught in the Bible?; Blaspheme or Honour God?; First Things First; The Greatest; The Greatest Book in the World; Die Mees Invloed Ryke Boek in die Wereld; The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived; Die Mees Invloed Ryke Man Wat Oit Geleef Het; The Christian Liberation of Women; That’s Entertainment!; Going Gaga? Here’s What to Expect…”; Secrets of Success and Failure; How to Fail in Life; He is Risen! Evidences for the Resurrection; “It’s My Body”; “Dis My Liggaam”; “Nguzimba Wam”; Milestones of Early Life; Mypale van Vroee Lewe; Abortion: The Facts; Aborsie: Die Feite; Considering Abortion? Get the Facts First; Should Prostitution be Legalised in South Africa?; STOP the Traffick!; Finding Freedom from Pornography; Fight the New Drug; Beweg die Nuwe Dwelm, Shattered Hopes - Broken Dreams; Communist Liberation: Myth or Reality?; The Heart of Communism; Glamorising a Mass Murderer; Liberation Theology; The World’s Greatest Revolutionary?; The Christian and War; Die Christen en Oorlog; What is Government?; Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?; Halloween and the Bible; Facts of the Faith; Women Need Protection and Respect; Vroues Verdien Beskerming en Respek; Transformations in the Bible; A Message to Roman Catholics; The Chocolate Soldier; Bisexuals, Lesbians, Gays and the Bible; Samson and Delilah; Body Piercing: A Return to Paganism; Reclaiming Surrendered Ground; Where Will You Spend Eternity?; Waar Sal Jy die Ewigheid Deurbring?; Come Back!; Supernatural Power for World Missions; SA Voters Guide; 95 Theses for Reformation Today; Mutshio FuchidaFrom Pearl Harbour to Calvary; The Heart and Soul of Karl Marx, Corruption Undermines Rhino Conservation; Cecil and Canned Lion Hunting; Will Animals Be in Heaven? and The Bible and Animals.

Literature Distribution
ACA continues to receive frequent requests from ‘actionites’, teachers, Evangelists and pastors who either come by our offices to collect, or phone us requesting Gospel tracts, especially pro-life literature. Staff are kept busy reprinting thousands of these tracts on our Rizograph machine.

Christian Action Network
Seven new members were added during 2016. We now have 130 members of the Christian Action Network representing over 7,000 congregations and 5 million Christians in 19 different African countries (Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

Media Interviews

Almost any given week, the Director of the Christian Action Network, Dr. Peter Hammond, is conducting radio interviews, by phone, with radio programmes all over the world. Sometimes he has several radio programmes in one day.

Taryn was quoted once in a secular South African newspaper that we know of. The online Christian Newspaper – Gateway News: published 4 of our press releases. In total, Christian Action Network Committee members were involved in over 130radio programmes and interviews by newspaper journalists. Taryn was interviewed about a Biblical Worldview of Education for a local Kruiskyk Christian television programme and Dr Peter Hammond was interviewed 7 times on television.

Social Media
We regularly post news, Action items, Events and pictures on our Facebook page.Activity on our social media increased immensely this year. 2066 people like the Africa Christian Action page on Facebook and ACA has 165 followers on Twitter. Our Facebook page has grown by 464 Likes since last year and Twitter by 37 new followers. Our social media is being utilised to promote events and outreaches, share photos and report backs, and new resources. The Africa Christian Action Facebook page had 656,964 impressions/hits, reaching 393,149 unique users with 25,193 people engaged.

196 of Dr. Peter Hammond's PowerPoint presentations are available on SlideShare, which you can access through our website. Some of the most popular of these PowerPoint presentations are: The Causes, Consequences and Catastrophe of World War I (19,989 views), Corruption and Greed – A Christian Response (14,007 views), The Bombing of Cities in WW2 (11,690 views), Ancestor Worship, Animism and the ANC (11,220 views), Body Piercing - A Return to Paganism (10,584 views), The St. James Massacre (9,980 views), The Katyn Forest Massacre (9,126 views), Andrew Murray and the 1860 Revival(8,841 views), The Best of Enemies (8,689 views). Some of our recent additions to Slideshare have included: Christ is Risen Indeed! - Evidences for the Resurrection, Biblical Faith and Modern Counterfeits, How Civilisations Commit Suicide, Versailles - The Poisonous Spirit of Vengeance, Ascension Day and Its Implications For Today, Communist Chaos on Campus, Racism - Rhetoric and Reality, General James Barry Hertzog, The Heart and Soul of Karl Marx, William Wilberforce and the War Against Slavery, William Carey - The Father of Modern Missions, Livingstone Fellowship Hymns, Was Pearl Harbour an Unprecedented Surprise Attack? and Cuba, Castro and Communism. There were 186,675 views of our PowerPoints on Slideshare, just in the last year.

Taryn’s The Fight for Life, Protect Your Family from Pornography and Traffick Proof PowerPoints are available on Africa Christian Action’s slideshare. The Pro-life Teaching of the Bible and Body Piercing: A Return to Paganism PowerPoints are also available on the ACA slideshare.

60 new Livingstone Fellowship sermons were uploaded onto Sermon Audio in the last year. We now have 345 sermons, or lectures, on our page. During the last year: 17,334 sermons were downloaded and listened to online. The total sermons downloaded to date is 63,928. Downloads via mobile devices are 25,894. Our most popular audio downloads last year were: Poverty - Its Causes and Cure, The Failure of Atheism and the Triumph of Faith, Castro, Cuba and Communism, Was the Attack on Pearl Harbour an Unprecedented Surprise?, Brexit - Resisting the New World Order, Bible Survey - Mark, the Beatitudes - God's Pathway to Blessings, Living in the Light of Eternity, Bible Survey - Malachi, Historic Inaccuracies in Vikings, Lessons Learned from the Old Testament Survey and Remember Rhodesia Service.

Some of our most popular downloads overall, include: Islamic Persecution of Christians (3,460), Revival Amidst Persecution (2,620), Christophobia (1,180), Errors and Contradictions in the Quran (1,120), The Myth of Neutrality (1,080), The Crusades and Jihad (980), Persecution and Martyrdom (920), A Modern Idol - The Truth About MLK (860), Understanding the Crisis in the Ukraine (860), The Five Points of Calvinism in the Teachings of Christ (740), Animals in Heaven (660) and Christian Courage (640).

Our promotional videos include Great Commission Camp, Great Commission Course, Life Chain, Are You an Accessory to Murder? and the March for Life. These videos are viewable on the Video Gallery on The videos are also able to be shared on social media from Vimeo.Berdine and Christopher have edited and uploaded numerous videos of the Eurochor in Cape Town.

We now have 27 books available as E-Books, including: Sketches from South African History, Bybelse Beginsels vir Afrika, Holocaust in Rwanda, Firm Foundations for your Faith Boxset, including: The Apostles Creed, The Authority of Christ and the First Day Sabbathand Biblical Faith and Modern Counterfeits. The Discipleship Boxset, including: Putting Feet To Your Faith, Discipleship HandbookandPractical Discipleship. As well as Bill Bathman'sGoing Through – Even If the Door is Closed and Going On – with A Nod From God. Other books available in E-Book format include: Answering Skeptics, The Power of Prayer Handbook, Biblical Principles for Africa, Reforming Our Families, Victorious Christians - Who Changed the World, The Ten Commandments – God's Perfect Law of Liberty, Character Assassins – Dealing With Ecclesiastical Tyrants and Terrorists, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam – The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat, Faith Under Fire In Sudan, South Africa – Renaissance or Reformation?, Church History Manual, Livingstone 200 Missions Manual, as well asTaryn's book: Porndemic – How the Pornography Plague Affects You and What You Can Do About Itand The Pink Agenda – Sexual Revolution in South Africa and the Ruin of the Family.

Let the Earth Hear His Voice
On 31 October 2017 we will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's launching of the Reformation. As we enter into the 500th anniversary year of the Reformation and seek to educate and evangelise, equip and empower families, congregations, communities and countries, to return to the Bible, pray for our teams and our members throughout Africa and Europe as we conduct Soul-Winning Seminars, Discipleship Seminars, Evangelism Workshops, Reformation Conferences and establish Revival Prayer groups, Bible Study groups, Reformation Societies and Christian Action Groups that will initiate Back to the Bible movements throughout our countries and continents. "Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?" Psalm 85:6

Upcoming Events
Upcoming events include the South Africa Mission in March, which will include participating in the the KwaSizabantu Ministers Conference (6-8 March), Women’s Days Outreaches (9 August), Life Chains (1 October), the Global Church Council and Reformation Celebrations in Wittenberg, Germany (16-21 October), Reformation Celebrations in Cape Town (26-31 October) and the Great Commission Camp and Course (5-24 January 2018).

Thank you for your prayers and support. May His Name be glorified through this work to inspire, inform and involve Christians in pro-life, pro-family and pro-moral rebuilding of the walls.

“Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun… For evil men will be cut off, but those who hope in the LORD will inherit the land.” Psalm 37: 5-6, 9

“Proclaim His salvation day after day. Declare His glory among the nations, His marvellous deeds among the peoples. For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise. He is to be feared above all.”1 Chronicles 16: 23-25

In His Service

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Director                                                   International Co-ordinator

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