Biblical Worldview

Raising God-Fearing Children
Knysna Relief Mission
Droughts, Storms and Fires - Is God Speaking to Us?
Severe Storm Strikes Cape Town
Applying the Lordship of Christ to All Areas of Life
High Court Blunders into Dagga Minefield
The Christmas Truce
"But Jesus Wasn't Born on 25th December - Was He?"
Was Jesus Really Born on 25 December?
Think Before You Ink!
Why Does History Matter?
Inspiring Examples of Excellence from South African History
Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?
New Christian Education Resource: The Greatest Century of Missions
Promoting Racism and Intolerance in the Name of Combatting Racism and Intolerance
Racism, Xenophobia and Hate Speech
A Biblical Response to Protests
Epistle to Bible-Believing Churches
Does Your Calendar Reflect Your Faith?
Corruption Undermines Rhino Conservation
Idols for Destruction
A Tale of Two Islands - Ignoring the Ongoing Slave Trade Today
Obama Faces Opposition in Africa
Is There An Agenda?
Going Gaga? - A Call to Discipleship and Outreach
A Christian Response to Xenophobia
Confronting Crisis with Christian Confidence
Soccer, Sports and Scripture
Change the Campus - Change the World
The Battle for a Christian Calendar
Christophobia in Europe
What Really Matters?
Being Relevant and Compassionate in a Broken World
Reclaiming the Nations for Christ
Sounds That Shape Society
Dispelling the Myths of Time
Empowering Young People to Transform Campuses for Christ
The Heart of the Gospel
The Greatest Man Whoever Lived
The Paganisation of South Africa
When All Men Speak Well of You
Debating Polygamy
The Greatest Africans of All Time - Reader Survey Results
Humanists are Hypocrites
Guilt Manipulation
Droughts, Tsunamis and God
What Shapes the Family?
Is "Tolerance" a Christian Virtue?
The Difference Between True and False Guilt
Why We All Need a Biblical Worldview
Rhinos, Poaching and Conservation
The National Suicide of the Xhosa
A Biblical Response to Slander
Prophecy and Fulfillment
The Greatest Movement in the World
The Seven Sins
There's More to Life
Thy Kingdom Come
Marathon Relay Race
First Things First
The Name of the Lord
Book Review: Mind Siege
Should Pastors be Involved in Life Chains?
Humanism is Self-Destructive
The Bible is the Book of Books
The Christian and Music
Mohammed vs. Christ
Work For Reformation By Establishing a Christian Calendar
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