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An Interview with ACE’s Graham Yoko

A truly Christian education is invaluable; it will create an environment of respect for God, for His Word and for authority. It will lay foundations of discipline, moral values and a work ethic that will prepare a student for life. Is it any surprise then, that education has over the years become a battle ground of competing ideas and unbiblical agendas? Anyone who believes that education can be neutral is mistaken.

“See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.” Colossians 2:8

As parents, you are not faced with the choice between sending your children to a religious school or to a non-religious school. All schools are religious – they can promote Christian, non-Christian or anti-Christian values in the subtlest of ways. Many children have been led astray from their godly roots (instilled in them by parents and Sunday school) by bad friends, influential teachers and unbiblical teaching. If you love your children and want to see them walk in the ways of the Lord, you need to invest in their spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical well being. Being involved in their education is an integral part of this responsibility.

Graham Yoko is the CEO of Accelerated Christian Education South Africa and he spoke to Dr Peter Hammond about the importance of a godly alternative to secular education.

Why should a parent consider Christian education?

Many parents are dissatisfied with the levels of ungodliness in state schools. They have a desire for a godly alternative. God has commanded His Church to retake responsibility for the education of our children and for others in the community. Character and morals are an essential part of education.

What is Accelerated Christian Education?

ACE is an individualised, Bible-based, academic Christian education curriculum from Preschool to Grade 12. It is based on the mastery system requiring an 80% pass rate for each module. We have a unique approach to education in that every student works at their own pace. Character traits and Scripture are built into the curriculum and students must take responsibility for their own work.

Initially ACE received quite a lot of opposition…

Yes, the National Party government in the 1980’s threatened to close down the schools and imprison the pastors and principals concerned. They were most insistent that we had to use the state curriculum in our Christian schools. They claimed that, with their Christian National education, there was no need for our Christian schools. However, we felt that their brand of state Christianity was insipid and watered down. To us the Bible is not just to be an added subject, but integral to every subject. My father, and others involved in ACE at that time, made a strong and determined stand. Because they were willing to go to jail rather than close down or compromise their schools, they won a great victory which all Christian schools in this country benefit from to this day.

How many schools are involved in ACE?

There are 7 500 schools in 135 countries that are using the ACE curriculum. In South Africa we have 320 schools using the programme, including 2 200 teachers organised in seven regions.

What is the goal of ACE?

To teach children to live; not just how to make a living. We believe that by shaping a child, we can shape a nation.

How can one get in touch with you?

For further information concerning Accelerated Christian Education see www.aceministries.co.za, or call 031 573 6500.

This article was published in  JOY! Magazine


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