Marriage Under Attack in South Africa


Five years ago, Africa Christian Action published the landmark book: “The Pink Agenda – Sexual Revolution In South Africa and the Ruin of the Family” warning that the gay agenda was to work towards “homosexual marriages.”  At the time the gay community vigorously denied that this was their plan. 

Even before the book had been launched, it was being denounced as “the worst homophobic hate speech ever written!”  Various homosexual groups such as the Gay and Lesbian Equality Project demanded that the book be banned.  Considering that no one had even read the book at that stage and that these were the same people who had vigorously opposed South Africa’s laws censoring pornography, this seemed somewhat inconsistent. 

The Pink Agenda then became the first Christian book to be censored in the new South Africa.  Then it was discovered that the head of the Gay and Lesbian Equality Project, Evert Knoesen was, in fact, also a member of the Films and Publications Board.  Africa Christian Action appealed the decision and all restrictions on the book were lifted on appeal.

However, the controversy engendered by the hysterical overreaction of the homosexual community had lifted The Pink Agenda to national prominence.  Author, Christine McCafferty, and myself, fielded over 100 media interviews, including on national T.V., newspaper interviews and radio programmes.   Book sales of The Pink Agenda accelerated along with the media attention, making The Pink Agenda one of our best sellers.   At a rally at a local town hall, I publically thanked the Gay and Lesbian Equality Project and the Film and Publications Board for their invaluable assistance in helping to market our book.  Without their efforts to denounce and ban our book, we could never have succeeded in exposing the aggressive and intolerant agenda of the homosexual militants. 

The Pink Agenda documented, from the homosexualists own writings, that they have a radical social engineering project, not merely to have the deviant declared normal, but to have the normal declared deviant.  The stated goal of radical homosexualists is to force all of society – beginning in primary schools – to conform to sexual deviancy. 

At the time, the homosexual community denied that they had any intention to attack the traditional family and attempt to redefine the basic building block of society – Christian marriage.  Now, with the South African Cabinet discussing the Civil Unions Bill to grant “homosexual couples” the same legal recognition and benefits as the Marriage Act does for married couples, the warnings published in The Pink Agenda have been vindicated.

As a result, churches throughout South Africa are planning to March for Marriage this Saturday 16 September in seven cities throughout South Africa.  In Cape Town, the For Marriage March will begin at 10 AM.  We will march from Kaizerkraght Street past the City Hall to the gates of Parliament. 

Please pray for the Marriage Alliance of South Africa and for these Marches for Marriage in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Polokwane, Tzaneen, Johannesburg and Pretoria.  If you are in any of these cities, please do join these Marches For Marriage.

For more information, or to obtain copies of The Pink Agenda, contact: Taryn Hodgson, the National Co-ordinator of Africa Christian Action ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; 021-689-4480); or visit

“Who will rise up for Me against the evil doers?  Who will stand up for Me against the workers of iniquity?” Psalm 94:16


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