Unplanned Screenings Update
An INDICTMENT on Many Churches
LIFE CHAINS - What Difference Can I Make?
Stand for Life Amidst the Culture of Death
Warn Government of the Consequences of Indoctrinating Children in Abortion and Perversity
Can you help? Speak Up for the Pre-Born at a Pro-Abortion Conference to be Held in Grahamstown
Major Irish media forced to retract ‘fake’ poll claiming most doctors support abortion
MARCH for LIFE – Thursday, 1 February 2018
Life Chains Counter Messages of Global Abortion Day
New British-Funded Programme to Promote Abortion at Community Clinics in South Africa
20 Years of Abortion in South Africa: Has the Church Grown Silent?
International Life Chain Sunday - 1 October 2017 - Mobilise Your Friends and Family
INTERNATIONAL LIFE CHAIN SUNDAY - 2 October 2016 Mobilise Your Friends and Family
Rescue Those Being Led Away to Death
Magnificent Mothers with a Mission
Euthanasia Court Case Ruling Sets Dangerous Precedent
Assisted Suicide Court Case Ironic and Tragic in the Midst of Xenophobia Murders
Abortion in South Africa: Has the Church Grown Silent?
What You Can Do About Illegal Abortionists
Tutu's Case for Euthanasia Will Fuel Prejudice
National Day of Repentance
“The Worst Day of My Life” – Woman Reveals Traumatic Experience At Marie Stopes Abortuary
Adoption Rescue Mission
Marie Stopes Launches New Campaign to Target Youth
National Day of Repentance 2018
This is Personal - Abortion Survivors Speak
Planned Parenthood Marks 60 Years, Pushes Abortion in South Africa
NCOP Ignores Public Submissions on Abortion Amendment Act (2007)
Doctors for Life Pro-Life Court Cases
Woman Abused by Abortionists - Case Goes to Court (2008)
Pro-life Witnessing and your Legal Rights
Christians Protest 16 Years of Legalised Abortion
Clinton Global Initiative and IPAS to Promote Abortion in Africa
How Abortionists Lie to Women
Hard Choices: Does Abortion Hurt or Help Women?
Legal and Illegal Abortions on the Rise
Imprecatory Prayer Proclamation
Abortion: Safe and Legal?
Do Christians Care?
Arguing with an Abortionist
Deadly Deception
National Repentance
Two-Stage Abortions Overload Hospitals and Kill Mothers
Why Abortion for Rape Victims Harms, Not Helps Women
Worldview Blinders: Abortion-on-Demand and 'Missing' Women
Where Are All the Men? The Culpability of Men in the Abortion Holocaust
Life, Logic and Love
10 Arguments Against Abortion
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Euthanasia - Poem
Listen to the Children
Milestones of Early Life
Mypale van Vroee Lewe
You Can Stop Abortions
Christians Stand for Life
Sanctity Life Sunday - 28 January 2018
International Life Chains Proclaim Right to Life of the Pre-born
Christians Protest 15 Years of Legalised Abortion
Advertising Standards Authority Rules Pro-life Bilboard 'Offensive'
Internnational Life Chains Proclaim Right to Life of the Pre-born
Marie Stopes Exposed
What Most Christians Do Not Understand about Abortion
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