Listen to the Children


Quotes from letters to the President of South Africa, written mostly by South African children on the 4th anniversary of the legislation of abortion in South Africa.

"Jesus said 'Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him." Psalm 127:3

"...From the lips of children and infants You have ordained praise." Matthew 21:16

"...if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." Luke 19:40

"Babas is ook mense!!!" Steven 7

"It is cruel what we are doing and remember that whatever we do today it is not only for us but will affect generations to come." Koketso Kujane

"Mr President there is one favour I would like to ask you. It is going to be a very hard decision for you. When you became President you gave a rule that if a person (a woman or a man) doesn't want a baby they can kill it. It is called abortion. Mr President, I ask you please to repeal it." Caleb Mohammed (11)

"I support the abolishing of abortion." Tandiwe Mbangwa

"You wouldn't have been President if your mother did have an abortion. Just think of that please." Ashley Daniels

"Please don't allow abortion in South Africa. We must not smoke when we are pregnant cause all the dirty things goes to our womb..." Amino

"God's Law is that whoever harms one of this children can put a millstone around his neck and throw him in the deepest sea." Samantha

"It is sin against God and the another people." Michael (13)

"Stop killing the gifts that God has given to us." Zintle Molesi (15)

"We love you Mr President - please repeal this law." Thandeka Peter (12)

"Dit is so goed as moord...Dink oor die briewe wat ons skryf vir u." Wayne Halvorsen (14)

"I think people are doing this because it is legal." Pervileen Fisher (13)

"I am very concerned with the matter of killing unborn babies." Vicks Rens (18)

"So Mr Mbeki, please repeal this abortion thing - as you love children, please protect them... I am concerned about our beautiful country." Mthwakazi Msimang

"You must the clinic not to say yes to the people who want an abortion. The woman's are suffering from the abortion, they are killing the young babies, who haven't got a chance to see the world or smell the air of South Africa." Thandiwe Peter (15)

"We know this is the democracy, but as a Christian it's obviously not the right thing." Thozama Luke (18)

"You can make abortion by drink and steelwool. Mr President, why do you let people to do this because it is not right." Jennefer Ndisa (14)

"Everytime they do a abortion on a woman, they are taking an innocent baby away." Ashlan Moses (14)

"We as a nation do not want God's wrath or anger to fall upon us." Keegan Ferrais

"Repeal the law allowing abortion...Please be a good President...Don't break my heart." Bernisha

"To make better law in this country please repeal abortion." Liaan Marks

"Dear President Mbeki Can you please stop the abortion because it is against God." Howard Oliver

"We mustn't make sex before we marry." Anonymous

"I think it's wrong to have abortion. You know why? Because you are killing the image of God." Delicia Petersen

"I think it's very unfair to that baby.." SG

"Would your mother have an abortion? No, you are lucky that you are President. I am asking you to make abortion against the law." R

"Around the world I don't know why the people doing this thing it is called abortion." Sandise Hlengisa

"They know if they get a baby they can have an abortion. The Lord says in the Bible - do not have sex before marriage..." Gaynor Davids

"The law that says people can make abortion I think it's wrong." Thabo Kanyane

"When we were in our mother's womb, God never killed us so why must we allow the doctor to kill our children...if its mother didn't want a child, why did its mother do sex?" Jeanette Stevenson (11)

"It is four years since this Act was passed. In spite of Government's "A better life for all" it gave sanction to the act of murder. Does "life" depend on a human being's place of residence? In the mother's womb the child is fair game for all. Within minutes of its birth, the termination of its life would be considered murder." PJ Williams

"I recall being forced to watch a programme on abortion at high school, and am so glad that I did. The horror of the procedure is enough to put you off, even if you still cling to the misconception that a foetus is some imanimate blob of tissue. I wonder how many people today understand just what they are doing when they opt for an abortion?"
E Potter

"Meer as 140 000 babatjies wat nooit die kans sal he om op die gras te speel, om skool to gaan, om eendag verantwoordelike burgers van ons land te word nie. Dit is Skokken. Ja ons land het baie sosio-ekonomiese probleme, maar om kinders te vermoor voor hulle 'n kans het om 'n verskil te maak, is geen antwoord...Stop aborsie slagting en besin." Verushka

"I am extremly upset that the Government feels nothing for human life...People that say that they are not destroying life....are stupid and ignorant. If there is no life, then how come those that choose to have their babies give birth to babies that are ALIVE?????" Angela Bruhin

"Regardless of the completeness of the human being, once the life is conceived that life has full rights to be let alive as any other person." Songezo Nkukwana

"Legalized abortion is a national disgrace. People are now allowed to murder their own children." Laura Shortridge (14)

"I cannot understand how a government that claims to be committed to upholding human rights can deliberately and knowingly deprive these tiny human beings of their lives. You may be sure that the blood of these innocent victims cries to God from the ground, and that our nation will be severely judged by God because of it. In fact, that judgement is already taking place; the escalating crime rate, the plummeting rand, the various natural disasters around the country and the Aids epidemic...God is not mocked - He never has been, throughout human history, and He will not be mocked now." Alison

"Gee alle babas die kans om to lewe. Dan het jy die reg om to lewe." Rene

"As die man die baba nie meer wil he nie moenie hom dood maak nie. Skenk hom vir iemand." Tinus

"Dis lekker om te lewe - gee alle kinders die kans! In Psalm 139:16 U het al gesien toe ek nie gebore was nie." Tana

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves..." Proverbs 31:8

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