Euthanasia - Poem


1) They stoop and arrogantly discuss,
Planning the way they will organise us.
Committees deciding who should be born,
And from whom their precious life will be torn!

2) We are like gods they in error surmise,
Believing the old Dragon’s damning lies.
Clicking of numbers and making of slaves,
Poor humans, swiftly slipping into graves!

3) Make way for the younger, now we are told,
You are not wanted you are far too old!
And thus guilt for living is embedded,
Multitudes, life prematurely ended.

4) Wisdom oozes from our brilliant minds,
Though, you shall not murder, His Word reminds!
Slick slipping needle, plunger poison pushing!
Resist, this sealing evil from its loosing!

Andrew Du Preez

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