Abortion - Poem


I should have seen the sun
I should have seen the sun
But my Mommy wanted some fun
So she told them at the hospital
That she was short of capital!

Oh I’d love to have seen the sun,
But time for me its course has run.
My life all wrapped up in twelve weeks
With all my parts perfect, even to my four cheeks!

Why could I not have seen the sun?
To bask in its warm rays as I would skip and run.
I think ‘tis not convenient for them that way,
As they selfishly plan me dead away!

Ah the sun should have shone for me …
But oh … it’s so sore, as they rip at my knee!
Could Daddy and Mommy, with the law, not have kept me,
I would have made them all so happy!

A. Brian Du Preez

28th October 1996

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