Planned Parenthood Marks 60 Years, Pushes Abortion in South Africa


Melinda Gates and Injectable Contraceptives
On 28 and 29 November, International Planned Parenthood Federation is celebrating its 60th anniversary in South Africa, where the abortion giant and billionaire Melinda Gates have their sights set on targeting women and girls with injectable contraceptives. (These contraceptives ironically double a woman’s risk of contracting HIV). In April, Gates launched her 10-year plan to lend her voice (and millions of dollars) to ostensibly eliminate the controversy that surrounds contraception.

The South African Connection
Apparently duped by Planned Parenthood’s bluster, and the promise of healthcare, the South African government will participate in Planned Parenthood’s anniversary conference.

Historic Gathering
As the abortion giant gathers its 152 member agencies from around the world to meet together in the same place for the first time in two decades, the South African cabinet has announced the country will participate. The conference is scheduled to take place November 28 and 29 at the Pan African Parliament in Midrand, Johannesburg.

New World Agenda
Net News Publishing quotes the African Press Agency:
“The conference aims to celebrate the achievements of the IPPF and its member associations and set out a new agenda for the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for the Post International Conference on Population Development (ICDP) era.

Mass Mobilization
“This conference will contribute to mass mobilization for better reproductive health in South Africa, thus creating a better South Africa and a better and safer Africa,” Cabinet noted.

Presidential Endorsement
President Jacob Zuma has been invited to host the closing ceremony on 29 November, it added.

Strategic Vision
Planned Parenthood says the gathering in Johannesburg will be geared toward “formalizing its commitment to a common vision for the coming years,” as it “prepares to revise and renew its current 10-year strategic framework in 2015.”

Revolutionising Morality in Law
The abortion behemoth makes it clear that at the very heart of its agenda is establishing in law sexual immorality and the all-encompassing “reproductive rights” as basic human rights.

Reproductive Rights
“One of Planned Parenthood’s most urgent immediate concerns,” IPPF says on its website, “is to ensure that reproductive rights sit at the very heart of the international development agenda. In this regard, IPPF has formulated a call to action: a statement of the steps which the organisation believes governments and the world must take to tackle the many, many challenges which face us all in the reproductive rights field. IPPF will be sharing this call to action with everyone attending the anniversary event.”

Declaration of Debauchery
(See American Life League’s video Planned Parenthood’s Declaration of Debauchery for more information about Planned Parenthood’s “Declaration of Sexual Rights”.) 

Marketing Mass Murder
Planned Parenthood states in its strategic plan for Africa that it will push for a 68 percent increase in new “family planning” users by 2015 and an 82 percent increase in abortion “services” by 2015.

Threat to Life
Please pray for the people of South Africa to be delivered from Planned Parenthood’s overt attack on a population that needs not birth control, but basic food, water, and sanitation. Cardinal John Njue of Kenya vigorously objected to interference in African culture, saying that, “The drive by foreign agencies . . . to target millions of girls and women in Africa for the artificial family planning programme by the year 2020 is unimaginable, dangerous and could lead to destruction of the human society and by extension the human race.”

By Rita Diller, Washington DC,, 21 November 2012.

Rita Diller is the national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood Project.

“All those who hate Me love death.” Proverbs 8:36

"Rescue those who are led away to death; hold back those staggering towards slaughter" Proverbs 24:11 

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