Arguing with an Abortionist


No, I don’t kill babies, the mothers do.”  the “doctor” said, sitting in her Volvo outside her home and consultation room in Pinelands.  It was Tuesday 20 March, the day before “Human Rights Day” in South Africa.  Africa Christian Action had organised a prayer vigil and protest, distributing thousands of pro-life leaflets to passing motorists at the nearby Howard Centre traffic lights. 

Most of the participants of the prayer vigil had dispersed when the “doctor” drove slowly past her home and around the traffic circle.  As she pulled up next to our vehicle she demanded:  “What are you doing parked outside my home?  Are you the people who have been distributing these leaflets?”  She waved one of the “You Can Stop Abortions in Pinelands!” leaflets.  “Who wrote this?” she demanded to know.  “I did.” responded Taryn. 

“Well, I want you to stop.  You’re embarrassing me in my neighborhood.  I don’t want my neighbours to know what I do.”

If what you are doing is right, why would you be embarrassed about your neighbours knowing your occupation?”  I asked. 

“Because it’s controversial.  Not everyone approves of abortion.  You are embarrassing me.”

You are killing babies.”  I told her.

No, I don’t kill babies.  The mothers do.”  she responded.

“Well, the mothers pay you to kill their babies, but you’re the one who actually does the procedure.”

But it’s their choice, they sign the life of their baby away.  I’m just providing a service.”  responded the “doctor”.

So, you’re like a hit-man, who takes money to kill people?”

You could describe it like that,”  she smiled.  “I’m providing a service.  It’s the mother’s choice.”

You’re concerned about what your neighbours, today, think,” I responded.  “But, you should be more concerned about what Almighty God will say to you on the Day of Judgment.  You do believe in God don’t you?”

Yes, I believe in God.”  she answered.

Are you a Christian?”

No, I am not a Christian.”

Do you go to church?”

No, I am not a church-goer.”

Well, you have an appointment.  ‘It is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment.’  One day you will have to stand before Almighty God and give an account of everything you have done.”

Maybe,” she responded with a shrug, “but you’re speaking to the wrong person.  You need to be involved in sex education in the schools.  I have to do abortions for 12-year olds.  You won’t believe how many young girls come to me for help.  It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.  There’s a tremendous demand for what I am doing, and very few willing to do it.”

“We do go to schools and groups like True Love Waits are involved in vigorous sex education in the schools.  We do believe that education is our highest priority. I’ve worked in the fire brigade and the army – those are often dirty jobs – but firemen and soldiers can say that they’re  saving lives.  You cannot say that.  You’re not saving lives – you’re ending lives. The fact still remains that life begins at conception and abortion is murder.” 

That’s your opinion.”

No, that is a scientific fact.  Surely you, as a doctor, know that life begins at conception?”

That’s not the point.”

Yes, that is exactly the point.  Make no mistake, the day will come when future generations will look back on abortion in our time the same way that we now look back on the slave trade and the holocausts.”

Maybe,” she said, “but we won’t be around then, so it won’t matter to us.”

Don’t you the believe in the immortality of the soul?  It will most certainly matter to you in eternity.  There is a God in heaven, a Day of Judgment.  Heaven and hell are very real.  It will most certainly affect you after you have died and throughout all of eternity.”

The “doctor” was most agitated that ACA’s “You Can Stop Abortions in Pinelands!” leaflet suggested that abortions may be performed in her consultation rooms in Pinelands.  “I don’t do abortions here.  I do them in state hospitals.  I’m not the only one doing abortions.  You’d be surprised at how many doctors and nurses are doing abortions.  Many gynecologists also do abortions.  And there’s still lots of back street abortions.” she said.

However, some of her neighbours told us that they believed abortions were being performed at her consultation rooms at her home in Edinburgh Close, Pinelands.  “It is absolutely awful living next to this abortionist,” declared one neighbour.  “It is terrible.  We often see young girls going into her home and coming out weeping.”

One person we know reported that she had phoned and asked if she could have an abortion done at her practice in Pinelands and was told to come over that afternoon and the abortion could be done in one consultation at her practice, and she gave her address in Pinelands – 9 Edinburgh Close.  Numerous people questioned whether it was legal to conduct abortions from a home practice. 

Numerous drivers, passersby and pedestrians who received leaflets from our team responded positively.  There were many who hooted and gave a thumbs up sign as they drove by our banner, posters, crosses and coffins.  Some drivers actually stopped and got out of their car to come and shake our hand, enthusiastically thanking us for taking a stand and doing something about this abortion holocaust.  People from Christians for Truth, Pro-life and His People, joined Africa Christian Action on this literature distribution and prayer vigil protest in Pinelands.  Some residents came to request quantities of the literature so that they could distribute them to their friends and neighbours.

It was remarkable that this abortionist spoke so freely about “the mother” and “the baby.”  Normally abortionists try to de-humanise the victims by speaking of “the patient” and “the product of conception”, or “the foetus” or performing a “TOP” (termination of pregnancy).  However, she had no problem consistently referring to “the mothers”, who “sign their baby’s life away”.  At no time did she question the facts that life begins at conception, and that abortion is the killing of a baby.

However, her justification was merely that it is legal and that this is what the mother is asking (and paying her) to do.  As at all of our pro-life events we have been reminded again that the vast majority of people in South Africa are pro-life and oppose abortion.  It is time for the silent majority to stand up, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” Proverbs 31:8

Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering towards slaughter.” Proverbs 24:11

Every abortion stops a beating heart.  Visit for more resources to mobilise your friends, family, congregation and neighbours to save lives. 

Contact Africa Christian Action, P O Box 23632, Claremont, 7735, Cape Town, for a Starter Pack to establish a Christian Action group in your area.  Phone Taryn Hodgson:  021-689-4481 to arrange for a pro-life video/DVD or speaker for your church or school.

Together we can make a difference.

Dr. Peter Hammond

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