Imprecatory Prayer Proclamation


Imprecatory Prayer Proclamation on the Sanctity of Life

Whereas: the first of February 2007 marks the tenth commemoration of the legalisation of abortion-on-demand in South Africa; and in the light of the tragic fact that over 600,000 babies have been killed in South Africa during the last 10 years - through abortion - legally. And whereas the South African government received numerous and detailed expert testimonies concerning the irrefutable and indisputable scientific facts that life begins at conception and abortion is the violent taking of a human life. And whereas the South African government chose to ignore the biological facts of when life begins and the ethical implications of the right to life, and the clear opposition of a majority of South African citizens by legalising abortion on demand on 1 February 1997. And whereas the government had dismissed legal challenges in court - not even allowing the case challenging the constitutionality of the Termination of Pregnancy Act to come to trial and repeatedly ignored communications and protests concerning the abortion holocaust in South Africa.

Whereas: the providential history of mankind is covenantal in nature, comprised of Divine blessings for obedience to the Word of God, and negative sanctions for transgression of the Law of God, and in consideration of the historic precedent of public prayer proclamations by the Protestant Reformers in the 16th Century regarding the unlawful actions of civil magistrates and associates, many pro-life Christians in South Africa have, during Sanctity Life Sunday 28th January 2007 conducted concerted and public prayer for the government of South Africa using the Davidic imprecatory Psalms of the Bible as our form and pattern. This proclamation serves as a clerical warrant.

Resolved: to the end that the President of South Africa fulfils his duties as the covenantal head of this nation along Biblical lines, we as Christ's ministers pray and proclaim blessing. That is, if the President executes his duties in a fashion that would not be tyranny to good works, upholding the abiding validity of God's moral Law as delineated in the Ten Commandments, we pray that blessing, honour and good success would be upon him and his government.

Resolved: in that the government of South Africa has thus far sought the legalisation of abominations condemned in the infallible Law of God, especially the exploitative pornography industry and tax-funded state-sanctioned murder in the form of abortion, we as Christ's ministers proclaim negative sanctions. That is, as the President continues to hold in disdain the immutable Law of God by the ratification of evil and by such legislation holds our lives as citizens of the Republic in bondage to idolatry, we call upon the President and all members of the government of South Africa to repent and cease from this injustice towards those exploited by pornography and the innocents murdered by abortion. If the government does not reverse its destructive policies in promoting abortion, pornography, homosexual “marriages” and inter-faith idolatry, we pray that their days in office will be few, and that others will take their office.

May God's Will be done. Amen.

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