Christians Protest 16 Years of Legalised Abortion


Over 100 Christians, including numerous pastors from different denominations, took part in the procession and gathered afterwards to pray outside the main gates of Parliament in Cape Town.

Participants at the Prayer Rally prayed a Scriptural Imprecatory Prayer, calling on the nation and government leaders to repent of the national sin of abortion and warning of God's Judgement if they do not Repent.

Cheryllyn Dudley, ACDP Member of Parliament and Member of the Health Portfolio Committee, told participants of the Prayer Rally: “Those who are pro-life must ensure that they vote for parties that will represent their voice in Parliament.”

The Right to Life is the most basic right. Without the Right to Life, all other rights are meaningless.  We cannot consider ourselves a society that values human rights if the most innocent and helpless of all people - pre-born babies are denied the right to life,” says Taryn Hodgson, International Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network. “Life begins at conception. Abortion is murder. Every abortion stops a beating heart.”

We call the nation to prayer and repentance for this national sin of abortion.”

Obituary notices were placed in the Cape Times, Argus and Die Burger newspapers in memory of all babies killed by abortion since 1997. 

Sanctity Life Sunday

Throughout the country many church congregations and concerned individuals observed 27 January as Sanctity Life Sunday . They reflected on the tragic reality of abortion and proclaimed the sanctity of human life.  

A pro-life demonstration and prayer rally also took place this weekend in East London and Hammanskraal (near Pretoria), and a march for life will be held in Phoenix, Durban on Saturday, 11 February.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” Proverbs 31:8

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