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In 1991 Doctors for Life International (DFL) was founded to promote and uphold the sanctity of life from conception to natural death as well as sound science in the medical profession. DFL's legal department was established to provide free legal assistance to health professionals and other individuals who intend to defend these principles. Due to the wide scope of the Abortion law in South Africa, many doctors and nurses are under pressure to participate in a procedure that violates their consciences. Furthermore, many women have abortions without understanding the likely consequences to follow. The DFL legal department offers free legal assistance to people in these situations. However, to continue to make this possible, they need your assistance.


DFL is currently assisting theater sister Wilhelmien Charles in the Labour Court. Charles was dismissed because of her refusal to participate in the abortion procedure. The court action is based on the constitutional clause that provides that no one may be discriminated against on the basis of his or her religion, conscience and belief. Pursuing this case will provide a precedent for other nurses and doctors to exercise their constitutional rights in this regard in the future. Although some attorneys and advocates have rendered their services to DFL at a reduced rate or free of charge, there are still expenses that need to be covered.


DFL is also assisting a school girl (Crystal Osler) who is suffering from severe Post Abortion Syndrome. Facing a crisis pregnancy her school arranged for her to have an abortion without informing or consulting her parents. She did not receive any counseling pertaining to the risks or consequences of abortion. After taking the chemical abortion medication as prescribed by the abortion clinic, Crystal returned to the clinic when she started experiencing contractions. At this point it was discovered that her pregnancy was over the legal limit and she was told that no further assistance could be provided. She was abandoned by both the abortion clinic and the school. Crystal Osler gave birth to a baby boy who died a few hours later. She is now suffering from severe Post Abortion Syndrome, a recognized Post Traumatic Stress Disorder associated with approximately 25% of all abortions. DFL is helping Crystal and her family to sue the school and the clinic for pain and suffering as a consequence of the abortion.

DFL is requesting financial assistance with the costs of these cases.



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