What Most Christians Do Not Understand about Abortion


by Philip Rosenthal, ChristianView

While most Bible believing Christians profess to be pro-life, they have little or no effect in solving the problem. Partly, this is due to failure to understand key aspects of the issue.

Defining the issue
The abortion debate is not about whether abortion is wrong. Even most abortionists and feminist radicals admit that. The issue is whether we are obliged to act to protect "unwanted" unborn children against the selfish interests of their parents. Other issues of debate are mostly 'red-herrings' to deny truth and distract from this issue. Pro-choice, meaning 'tolerance of abortion' is an environment in which abortion flourishes. Christians who are passively 'pro-life' are really 'pro-choice'. There is not much real difference between the beliefs of most abortionists and most professing pro-life Christians.

Severity of the issue
Abortion is the killing of an innocent defenceless person, in the same tradition of mass murder as the Nazi holocaust, the Canaanite sacrifice of babies to Baal, Aztec war sacrifices, the Rwandan genocide etc. Babies are cut up alive, chemically burnt, suffocated or poisoned. Our culture is just as barbaric as these pagan ones. The secular humanist ethic of human life protects only the strong. Abortion is the thin end of the wedge towards the killing of the handicapped, infants, the elderly and the terminally ill. What was unthinkable yesterday is accepted today. The Sanctity of Life is the core conflict in the Christian/humanist culture war and is used by both sides as a litmus test of loyalty to the cause. The truth is too horrible for most to cope with and so they respond with denial.

South Africa in crisis
Since 1996, South Africa has had one of the most rapid retreats from Christian values of any country in world history. Most Christians and churches are unconsciously lowering standards to match the world. The delusion of progress and triumphalism is unhelpful. We are witnessing a rejection of God from society. Future generations will ask why we didn't fight harder to stop this. The battle is now and it is easier to defend than recover surrendered ground later.

Abortion is caused by negligence
Abortion of unborn babies is caused by the negligence of good people to defend them. Very few are prepared to intervene, with time and money, but those who do can all make a big difference. Most battles can be swayed at an early stage by a few people. There are considerably fewer defending the preborn's rights than providing welfare help. If all Christians fought in their area of influence, few abortions would occur. Most Christian groups are exclusively 'member-benefit' focused, and thus fail to help the preborn, who are disowned by protective groups such as families, churches and businesses or even as national citizens. Resources are allocated to help members only. Some Christian groups see other groups as rivals or excuse their inaction by branding pro-lifers as radicals. It is impossible to sustain a belief that is not accompanied by action - and inactive Christians eventually become compromised in belief. Abortion is substantially a solvable problem, and is caused by negligence to defend the unborn.

Affects many parts of society
Abortion affects all kinds of people. Christian involvement - positive or negative - cannot be avoided in this war. Your relatives, friends or yourself may be caught up in the process of doing or assisting in the process of killing of babies through hospitals, medical aids, taxes, waste companies, banks, building owners. If you are passive, your child or friend may be indoctrinated by pro-abortionists in the media, at school or university - they may for example commit sexual sin and then choose abortion to hide that sin. With legal abortion, tens of thousands of people a year, some of whom you know, secretly kill their babies.

Organising to solve the problem
A solution to the problem of abortion requires the pooling of resources. Your group can't win alone. Organisational infrastructure such as committees, money, training, leaders, publications, networks must be built up - rather than just adhoc work. A concerted attack against the enemy is necessary, rather than just education. Multiple strategies must be used such as prayer, confrontation, education and welfare assistance. An organised few can beat a disorganised majority.

Media unreliable and deceptive
The secular media is unreliable, often propagates false information, slanders pro-lifers; tries to create sympathy for perpetrators and marginalizes the issue, except when they want to promote the pro-abortion side. They falsely create the impression that most people are pro-abortion. Sadly, most Christians form opinions or decide the importance of the issue based on these deceptions. Most effective political change happens behind the scenes by people unknown to the public, unreported by the media. Most Christians only act when the media highlights the issue. Thus Christian media and churches should compensate for this.

Spirits behind abortion
Abortion and other forms of murder are not simply a political or social issue. Satan is thirsty for innocent human blood. Demonic forces motivate the enemy and oppose pro-life effort. To defend his blood-lust, the devil will put much energy into the fight. We must destroy such forces by prayer before fighting the cultural battle.

Deception of political power
The law is only one of many power-bases in the power-struggle to protect human life. The battle is not over when the law is passed, but continues in the struggle to stop implementation and reverse it. There is more abortion in some countries where it is illegal than in others where it is legal. We must fight for the allegiance of hospitals, media, schools, friends, family, churches, doctors, businesses, journalists, politicians and all those who influence the struggle.

Much political activity, such as Christian leaders' attempts to associate with important people, has no influence on the struggle. Energy would be better-invested working in partnership with groups who give dedicated attention to the issue.

How should I respond?
Having read this information, you already understand more about the abortion issue than almost all the other Christians you know. You can help educate them by copying and distributing this article or teaching from it.
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