Marie Stopes Launches New Campaign to Target Youth


In partnership with the Department of Health, the campaign will include indoctrinating schools, colleges and universities about sexuality, contraceptives and abortion under the auspices of “reproductive health”.

Leader of the Blue Light Campaign, Ndi Mumbengegwi, says she is excited about the roll-out of “exciting, fun and interactive campus activations.”

Slick New TV Advert
Marie Stopes also recently launched a slick new TV advert campaign to recruit nurses to work at their abortuaries. It has aired on Soweto TV, Bay TV in Port Elizabeth, and Cape Town TV.

Promoting Sexually Immoral Lifestyles
Abstinence advocates have pointed out that explicit sex education and the promotion of contraceptives has actually increased promiscuity and the consequent prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Infections and teen pregnancies in areas where these campaigns have been promoted.

Abortuaries Worldwide
Marie Stopes is an international abortion organisation that grew directly out of the early 20th century eugenics movement. It operates in 42 countries. There are 626 Marie Stopes abortuaries worldwide, including 29 in South Africa. In 2009, Marie Stopes SA launched ten micro-clinics, offering contraception and abortions in townships in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal.

Marie Stopes carries out over a third of the officially recorded abortions in South Africa. They rake in over R160 million (conservative estimate of gross income) each year.

Expanding Their Global Pro-Death Agenda
On top of their large profits, Marie Stopes International (MSI) receives funding from the Netherlands Ministry for Development Cooperation, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). UK Department for International Development, USAID and the European Union to expand their abortuaries in Third World countries. Their international website boasts that they performed 4.5 million abortions worldwide in 2011.

The Obama Connection
After the lift of the 'global gag' rule (Mexico City Policy) by the Obama administration, the US government now donates money to the International Planned Parenthood Association and Marie Stopes. The profits earned from abortuaries in First World countries also go towards expanding MSI's influence and impact in poor communities.

Read more here: Marie Stopes Exposed

What You Can Do
The need for pro-life groups to educate youth on the sanctity of life and the consequences of abortion, has never been greater. Urge teachers, youth leaders and pastors to invite speakers from Africa Christian Action, Concerned Young People, and Crisis Pregnancy Centres to give pro-life presentations or screen pro-life films at churches, youth groups and schools in your area.

Distribute pro-life tracts to friends, family, colleagues and to your congregation. Download here or order quantities from us.

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves." Proverbs 31:8

Reach nurses and doctors
Are you friends with any nurses, or doctors in your city? Invite Doctors for Life or Hospital Christian Fellowship to present workshops on Pro-life Issues and legal rights regarding participating in abortions for doctors and nurses at a hospital in your area. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Rescue those being led away to death, hold back those staggering towards slaughter." Proverbs 24:11.

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