Can you help? Speak Up for the Pre-Born at a Pro-Abortion Conference to be Held in Grahamstown


Pro-abortion academics, activists and students from around the world will be gathering at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape from the 8th – 12th July 2018 for The Abortion & Reproductive Justice: The Unfinished Revolution Conference. The conference website says the aim is to: “equip attendees with skills to perform abortions, to offer abortion-related services, and to unhitch the social, cultural, and religious stigma that is attached to abortion.”

The conference is hosted by The Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction, Rhodes University, the Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition (South Africa), and the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion, in partnership with the Department of Social Development (South African government) and a range of international partners.

The Conference website further describes their pro-death agenda:
“This interdisciplinary conference aims to bring together researchers, activists, policy makers, health professionals, artists and performers, drawn from social policy, criminology, sociology, law and policy, human rights, women’s health and rights, medicine, psychology, history and the arts working for safe abortion from around the world. The conference will provide a platform for delegates to explore, identify, share and pursue learning and research opportunities on a range of issues relating to abortion and reproductive justice in context, including access to abortion, activism and abortion politics. The conference will significantly contribute to the vision of unfettered and universal access to safe abortion and reproductive justice for women the world over.”

Neither “safe”, nor a “choice”
Abortion is never safe – a helpless pre-born baby is killed and the mother is often physically, and always psychologically wounded (as numerous peer-reviewed studies on Post Abortion Syndrome testify). Other physical consequences of abortion include infections, a perforated uterus or a lacerated cervix. Abortion also increases a woman’s chance of contracting breast cancer later in life. The pre-born baby does not choose to die! The rhetoric of choice also hides the reality of coercion. Abortion is often someone else’s “choice.” 64 percent of American women who have had abortions felt pressured by others and this pressure is significant. A woman’s choice to keep her baby may involve loss of home, family or essential support, or abuse that can escalate to violence. Homicide is the leading killer of pregnant women.

Real Choices
Pro-lifers uphold the sanctity of life – that every life is valuable to God. We provide women with real choices (alternatives) and loving support, not just one choice – abortion – that pro-abortionists so often coerce women into choosing. Over 62 crisis pregnancy centres and mothers’ homes across the country help women to clearly think through all their options.

No Pro-lifers Invited
Sadly, but not unexpectedly, pro-life groups were not invited to give presentations at the conference. Perhaps members of the National Alliance for Life can present research, particularly of an academic nature, at future conferences as a vital witness to the Right to Life of the pre-born.

Be a Witness for Life
Peter Throp, from Value Life, plans to park his “pro-life mobile” (covered in pro-life slogans, Scripture verses and pictures) outside the conference venue. He has printed 20 000 of his own Expose Lies, Lift up Truth leaflets and will also be distributing hundreds of Africa Christian Action’s Abortion – The Facts leaflets to conference participants.

He needs help to distribute these leaflets. Please contact him should you be able to assist: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 082 497 0863.

Any Pro-Life Media available to Expose the Pro-Death Agenda?
If any journalists are available to get a media pass to the conference to expose the pro-death and anti-woman agenda of the conference, this could also be helpful.

Annual Pro-Life Conference – National Alliance for Life – 6 October
Pro-lifers are not on the back foot. We are continuing to fight for life and set our own agenda. Representatives from pro-life congregations and organisations in South Africa are invited to participate in the annual National Alliance for Life Conference which will be taking place on Saturday 6 October, 9:00am – 13:00, in Durban. The following day, Sunday 7 October, there will be the National March for Life and International Life Chain Sunday.

The National Alliance for Life (NAL) is an umbrella body that was formed in 1995 and is the only body which represents all pro-life organizations and churches in South Africa. It was formed to create a platform for times where there is a need for pro-lifers in South Africa to plan and act together. It purposely does not have a constitution so as to allow very loose, non-rigid associations, within which each organization and church group can maintain their own identity.

The purpose of the conference is for pro-lifers to share ideas and experiences, and to strategise together for the year that lies ahead. This is followed by the National March for Life in Durban/Life Chains in different cities, the next day, Sunday 7October, 14:00 -16:00.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” Proverbs 31:8

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