Massive Abortion Summit in Nairobi Fails



Massive Abortion Summit in Nairobi Fails 2019 1Pro-life Activists Frustrate Pro-Abortion Conference


The historic Nairobi Pro-abortion Summit Conference in Nairobi ended on 14 November. The discussions at this pro-abortion conference will, apparently, never be used inter-governmentally or in UN documents. It ended without consensus as many people distanced themselves from its controversial agenda, process and commitments. The over 10,000 delegates seated at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, did not include pro-life organisations as they were denied entry, but the CitizenGO team participated from outside the fence and made an impact.



Petition to the President of Kenya was Effective


CitizenGO is most grateful to those who agreed to be counted, especially as they fought for life and family, the whole week. Their petition, delivered directly to the office of the president of the Republic of Kenya, asking him not to support the agenda of the Nairobi Summit Conference, had its effect. Right now over 111, 000 people have signed the petition. You can view it here>


The President of Kenya made a Pro-life Stand at the Summit

Hundreds joined together in asking the president not to agree with any agenda that was against life and family at the ICPD25 Conference.

The delivery of all the signatures to the president’s office, was a huge success. The signatures were received by a representative of the president, who assured the team that the president would act on their petition. By God’s grace the president of Kenya was in agreement. He made a firm stand against any agenda that was not within African culture and Kenyan laws when speaking at the Conference. This was a huge victory for the Right to Life!


Massive Abortion Summit in Nairobi Fails 2019 4Pro-life Events Undermined the UN’s Abortion Agenda

The signature delivery received a lot of good responses from Kenyan citizens, as well as the media. It also created an awareness against ICPD25. The entire week was extremely busy. CitizenGO co-sponsored pro-life and pro-family side events that took place concurrently with the ICPD25 Conference. The friendly side events took place at the Cardinal Otunga Plaza and Catholic University.


Unplanned Film Derailed Pro-choice Propaganda Campaign

Pro-lifers in Kenya began this series of events by screening the touching and inspiring true story, Unplanned. This film does not shy away from the true acts of abortionists. It has even shocked leftists to such a point that they decided to censor the film, as it shows exactly how cruel they are. The film was screened twice in Nairobi during the week. (Ster Kinekor recently announced that they will be screening Unplanned in their cinemas from 28 February 2020!)


Massive Abortion Summit in Nairobi Fails 2019 2Pro-lifers of Kenya United Against Abortion

The pro-life side events were attended by many and had participation from high level officials, which included ministers, the nuncio, Members of Parliament, bishops, leaders of civil societies and pro-life activists. The side events ended with a rally held at the large hall of the Holy Family Minor Basilica.


March for Life Permit Cancelled

The rally was supposed to be a March for Life but the police cancelled the march permit, which had been obtained by our friends from Kenya Christian Professionals Forum.


Massive Abortion Summit in Nairobi Fails 2019 7Pro-abortion Summit Called the Police on Pro-life Messengers

The CitizenGO team also joined local organisations and churches to read a resolution after the successful pro-life and pro-family side events.


CitizenGO were not allowed to be part of the ICPD25 Conference. However, they did not give up. They were even more motivated to send a pro-life message to the Conference participants. So on Wednesday they did a performance at the doors of the Conference and demonstrated to the participants what abortion does to babies. The pro-abortionists could not handle the visuals and decided to call the police!


Massive Abortion Summit in Nairobi Fails 2019 6Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly Violated

CitizenGO set up the performance with realistic-looking dolls and red colouring, representing aborted babies, and showed it to the ICPD25 participants.

The police were present in about 45 minutes. The person at the gate told the Conference co-ordinators that pro-life people were at the gate, but they were asked to leave. The CitizenGO team did leave, after they made their stand and making it clear that their rights to assemble, even as pro-life people, were being violated.


Massive Abortion Summit in Nairobi Fails 2019 8Kenyan President and People Reject Abortion Agenda

The success we received from our pro-life activities around ICPD25 was immense. Many people distanced themselves from the controversial conference, including the Holy See, the Kenyan Parliament, The United States and 19 other governments, the churches in Kenya and the President of Kenya. He commented that the conference organisers should not dictate to anyone to accept homosexuality and other foreign values.  We joined a brief by the United States Government in which they read a joint statement, distancing themselves from the ICPD25 Conference. At the ICPD25 Conference, one of the sessions focused on “Groups that are a Threat to the Abortion Agenda” in the world and CitizenGO was mentioned! This was such an encouragement!


Massive Abortion Summit in Nairobi Fails 2019 9Opportunities to Stand for Life

After the ICPD25 side events, the CitizenGO team met a lot of people and also honoured an invitation by the University of Nairobi students to speak to them about CitizenGO.


Speak Up for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves

CitizenGO thanks everyone whole heartedly for standing to be counted and helping them to show abortionists that they can never silence pro-life voices. CitizenGO will continue with the lobbying to Parliament, African Union and the United Nations, amongst others, on matters of life and family.


“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.” Proverbs 31:8


This Press Release was adapted from a report by Ann Kioko of CitizenGO.

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