Please Love Us


I am small, frail and unwanted,

Though never a bad word I uttered.

Nobody wants me around,

Even though I’ve never touched the ground.

I can’t help but cry,

Because of me my Mom is shy.

Out of lust they made me,

If you ask me that‘s stupidity.

So now I’m here,

But they want their records clear.

The doctor said that’s no issue,

I’m just “a blob of tissue.”

My Mom wants to abort me!

Mommy I beg you please don’t be crazy!

I’m a HUMAN BEING just open your eyes and see.

I would like a shot at life,

So please just let me survive.

Millions of us are aborted each year,

But for us no one ever sheds a tear.

They butcher and kill us in many a way,

Some down the toilets are flushed away.

Our voices can be heard across all the world,

We want to live and in your arms lay curled.


By Eben Pienaar

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