A Biblical Response to Halloween
31 October is Reformation Day 2018
Redeeming Holy Days from Pagan Lies — Hallowe’en: A Short History
The Authority and Sufficiency of Scripture
Reforming Bible Schools and Seminaries
Back to the Bible
Participate in the REFORMATION 500 CONFERENCE via Livestreaming
31 October is Reformation Day
The Battle for the Bible
The Reformation Roots of Western Civilization
Why Celebrate the Reformation?
The Urgent Need for Reformation Today
New Booklet: The Authority of Christ and the First Day Sabbath
How Luther Reformed Marriage and the Family
The Myth of Neutrality
Compromise and Cowardice in the Church
Work For Reformation By Establishing a Christian Calendar
New MP3 Audio - War Against God
Resisting Islamisation
The Curse of Cowardice
Africa for Christ - Laying Foundations for a New Reformation
Reformation Today
Practical Steps for Reclaiming South Africa for Christ
TIME Acknowledges that the New Calvinism is Changing the World
Return of the Judaizers
Coalition on Revival - Resources for Reformation
Whatever Happened to the Prayer Meeting?
Reforming Music
Reforming Our Churches
Critique of Modern Youth Ministries
Teen Church - Beneficial or Destructive?
William Wilberforce - Setting the Captives Free
National Repentance
Reportback on National Initiative for Reformation in South Africa (NIRSA)
The Urgent Need for Reformation and Revival in South Africa
The Forbidden Bible
Conviction and Courage
How the Reformation Changed the Church
How the Reformation Changed the World
The Reformation
God's Plan for South Africa
Reformation or Islamisation?
Faith on Fire
Fire of God
Celebrate the Reformation
Christians Can Change This World!
Revive Your Devotional Life
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