Christian Action Network to Highlight Widespread Abuses of Abortion Act at Hearings - 14 August 2007


The Christian Action Network will be highlighting their concerns regarding the abuses of both the Principal and Amendment Termination of Pregnancy Act at the hearings currently being held across the country. International Co-ordinator, Taryn Hodgson will be presenting the Network’s submission at the hearings in Cape Town (date still to be confirmed).

“Other than the greatest abuse of all, which is the murder of hundreds of thousands of pre-born babies by abortion, we have many concerns regarding both the Principal and Amendment Act which we believe should be changed to protect pre-born babies and women from harm.”

“One of our major concerns is that many abortions are not taking place at hospitals or clinics with emergency facilities as prescribed by the Amendment Act. According to Section 2 of this Act an abortion, whether surgical or chemical, must take place at such a facility. We are aware, however, of many doctors that are simply prescribing the abortion pill (Misoprostil) and then sending the woman home to give birth to her dead baby. This is extremely dangerous as Misoprostil has been proven to cause severe hemorrhaging, sometimes even death, if the pills are not taken correctly,” says Hodgson.

Another concern is that women are not receiving proper counseling prior to having an abortion. Section 5 of the Principal Act requires that a woman must give her informed consent. Informed consent stands on three pillars: knowledge, appreciation (of the physical and psychological risks both during and after the procedure) and consent.

Around the world, credible, scientific studies are finding that the risks of psychological damage, substance abuse, homicide (mainly due to risk-seeking behaviour) and suicide increase dramatically after a termination of pregnancy, compared to (1) the general population, (2) those who had live births and (3) those who had miscarriages. This information needs to be clearly spelled out to the woman seeking a termination, in order for the consent to be fully informed. It also highlights the extreme importance of pre and post-termination counselling.

A woman should also be fully informed of the alternatives to abortion, such as adoption.

“It is our contention that many women would not choose abortion if they were fully informed of both their alternatives and the after-effects of abortion.”

The Network has encouraged its Members and Affiliates to make submissions at their hearings across the country.

CONTACT: International Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network, Taryn Hodgson on 072 215 4801 or 021-689 4480, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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