Christian Action Network Concerned Public Not Given Meaningful Opportunity at Hearings - 21 August 2007


Members of the public giving submissions at today’s Cape Town hearings on the Abortion Amendment Act were only given 6 minutes each, were rushed, and no opportunity was given for any questions from the Western Cape Social Development Committee.

International Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network, Taryn Hodgson, presented the Network’s Submission at the public hearings held at the Provincial Legislature Building in Cape Town today (Tuesday, 21 August 2007).

“We understand that the Provincial Committees, are under time constraints, but we believe however, that today’s public hearings, at which major stake holders on this issue were present, were not given sufficient time in which to make a meaningful contribution," Hodgson said.

“We are concerned that the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) will be pressurised by the Executive simply to rubber stamp this Bill. We respectfully remind both the NCOP committees and the Executive that the ruling in the Doctors for Life Constitutional Court Case made it clear that the public must be given ‘meaningful opportunity’ to influence the outcome of these bills.

Should the ANC again decide to force a block vote on their MPs, (as they did with the Termination of Pregnancy and Civil Unions Bills) when this bill is passed to the National Assembly, they will again be making a farce of the democracy they so often pay lip service to. It is tax payers’ money that is paying for these public hearings and it is the tax payers' voice, especially the major stakeholders such as medical practitioners, whose voices should be heard.”

Christian Action Network members have been campaigning for the right to life of pre-born babies since 1991.


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Click here for a copy of the Christian Action Network’s Submission

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