NCOP Approval of Abortion Amendment Act Again Makes a Farce of Democratic Process - 3 October 2007


The Christian Action Network believes the recent approval of the Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Bill has yet again made a farce of the public hearings and wasted tax payers’ money.

The NCOP committees have again ignored the concerns and suggestions for improvements to the bill made by members of the public, particularly the emphasis that more informative counseling be given to women seeking abortions.

At most of the hearings the overwhelming majority of submissions were against abortion altogether. This again is a reflection of the hearings held before the principal TOP Act in 1996, where over 80% of the submissions were pro-life.

The Christian Action Network would support Doctors for Life, should they decide to return to court to challenge the constitutionality of the bill. In a recent media statement, Doctors for Life said they would look into the possibility of challenging the new bill as it had come to light that the Mpumalanga legislature had not followed the correct procedure in mandating the province’s NCOP members to support the bill.

Should the ANC again decide to force a block vote on their MPs, (as they did with the Termination of Pregnancy and Civil Unions Bills) when the National Assembly votes on this bill, they will further demonstrate that they are not interested in democracy nor do they they effectively represent the views of the people who voted for them.

Christians in 9 different cities in South Africa will be speaking up for the Right to Life of the pre-born in Life Chains this Saturday and Sunday (6 and 7 October). The Life Chain is a peaceful pro-life placard protest and time of prayer, held at busy intersections.

Christian Action Network members have been campaigning for the right to life of pre-born babies since 1991.

 “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” Proverbs 31:8

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