Pro-life Groups To Call On MPs Not to Let Abortion Bill Go Through Without Changes - 17 January 2008


Pro-life groups, including members of the Christian Action Network will be protesting outside Parliament today from Thursday, 17 January, 11:00 am onwards to demand that MPs not allow the Abortion Amendment Bill to be passed without significant changes.

The National Assembly is due to vote on the Bill, today (Thursday, 17 January).

"If the Bill again goes through without any of the important changes that have been recommended by pro-life groups, it will make a farce of the public hearings,” says Taryn Hodgson, International Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network.

“The point of public hearings is for MPs to made aware of improvements that need to made to the law that will save the lives of women and babies.”

A major point highlighted in all pro-life submissions included that women must receive adequate counseling in which all the risks (both physical and psychological) are explained in the counseling session prior to the abortion. Others included the right to conscientious objection by doctors and nurses and the viability (ability of baby to survive outside of womb) of pre-born babies from 22 weeks.

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