Sexpo Promotes Slavery - 11 May 2009


Along with other pro-family groups and churches, members of the Christian Action Network will be protesting outside the Sexpo, held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre this Friday, 15 May from 12:00 – 14:00 (outside the main entrance to the CTICC, Coen Steytler Street).

A press statement released today by Sexpo organizer Silas Howarth, incorrectly stated that Christian Action will be protesting on Thursday.

In the statement, it was also incorrectly assumed that the Christian Action Network was somehow involved in the defacement of a Sexpo billboard along the N2.

“Whilst we disagree with the methods used, we sympathise with the frustrations of Capetonians who are involuntarily subjected to such in-your-face pornographic images,” says International Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network, Taryn Hodgson.

“This kind of advertising is unacceptable, especially as children are inadvertently exposed to it.”

Section 19 of the Sexual Offences Act, which makes it a criminal offence to expose children to pornography, has effectively been ignored by lawmakers and the Advertising Standards Authority. The Advertising Standard Authority did however, rule against advertising used in Durban last year as it, “reinforces a stereotype that women, especially provocatively dressed women, primarily serve as 'eye-candy' and should only be regarded as valuable for their sexual potential" and that "the only area of her body focussed on effectively reduces her to a sexual object." (ASA ruling, 28 September 2008).

Considering the extremely high incidents of rape, child abuse and sexual violence against women, the Network believes it is unacceptable that the City of Cape Town should host such a Sexpo in our premier Convention Centre in the very centre of Town, at the busiest intersection and entrance to the Waterfront.

The Good Hope Subcouncil approved four temporary licences to adult shops due to host stalls at the Sexpo. The preemptory tone of the Business Act leaves officials little choice but to approve such licences, without any consideration of proximity to schools or churches.

The Christian Action Network will be urging the new Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry to review the Business Act, which currently does not allow for communities to be consulted regarding the opening of sex shops in their neighbourhoods.

“The Sexpo glamorizes and normalizes an industry that promotes the exploitation, objectification and degrading of women.

A recent Noseweek report described how women at well known South African strip clubs are kept in a suburbian homes under “lock and key”. A large percentage of the women “working” at such places are lured under false pretences of lucrative job offers from countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and Russia. This is nothing less than slavery.

“Women need respect and protection. It is completely meaningless and hypocritical for us to have a National Women’s Day, and then allow such degrading and exploitative events such as this Sexpo to abuse our Convention Centre.

“We are however grateful to the organisers for allowing a church group to have a free stall promoting marriage enrichment courses and counselling inside the Sexpo.

"As Christians we believe that sex is a gift from God to be expressed within the confines of marriage. The Sexpo however, is a celebration of lust and lewdness, adultery and perversion.

“The family is the basic building block of society, and it is suicidal for any society to tolerate, let alone promote, such an exploitative industry. Allowing such an event to use the Convention Centre close to the heart of our city will pour fuel on the fires of sexual abuse and exploitation,” Hodgson says.

Pornography and so-called “adult entertainment” such as strip clubs, fuel the sex trafficking industry. Many studies have proven that the pornography industry fuels all the other vices and indeed in the words of the US Attorney General’s report on pornography: “Pornography is the theory, rape is the practice.”

 CONTACT: International Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network, Taryn Hodgson on 072 215 4801 or 021-689 4480, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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