Christian Action Network Supports Proposed Amendments to Abortion Act - 25 May 2008


The Christian Action Network supports the Private Members Amendment Bill to the Abortion Act proposed by ACDP MP Cheryllyn Dudley.

The Bill provides for comprehensive counselling for women seeking an abortion, which includes discussion of the physical and psychological risks of abortion, including the risk of breast cancer, depression, future difficulties in conceiving and bearing children and available alternatives to abortion including adoption and other support that is available, to enable a mother to give fully informed consent for any abortion.


This Bill will also enable access and viewing of ultrasound technology which accurately determines the gestation period prior to abortion and provides for important information on the development of the unborn child.


This Bill was presented to The Parliamentary Committee on Private Member's Legislative Proposals last Friday and is being deliberated today.

"The truth is that most women don't want abortions," says Taryn Hodgson, International Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network. "Those who have abortions often do so based on inaccurate or inadequate information, non-support, and intense pressure, which can escalate to violence. (See "Forced Abortion in America" at Recent research published in a major peer-reviewed journal found that 84% of women felt they did not receive adequate counseling before abortion.

"A decision made in the dark or under duress cannot fairly be called a 'choice.'  

"Research published in peer-reviewed medical journals indicates that 64% of abortions in America involve coercion. Other studies show that most women undergoing abortions do so because of pressure from others, such as boyfriends, husbands or parents. In June 2006, a South African woman was shot by her boyfriend when she refused to abort their baby.


"Many abortionists lie to women for money. They tell women that a baby is not fully formed until 5 months and yet at 3 weeks a pre-born baby has a heartbeat and at 6 weeks, brainwaves. They tell women that it won't hurt and yet the procedure is extremely painful. They also fail to tell women of the terrible psychological after-effects such as depression and nightmares.


"Abortion is the un-choice because it's not a choice. In most cases, it's not wanted, it's not freely chosen, it's not fully informed. In many cases it's forced. But no matter what the mother's circumstances, pro-choice is a lie. Pre-born babies don't choose to die!"

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