Advertising Hypocrisy - Prayer, God and "Killed by abortion" not allowed in classifieds obituary? - 1 February 2011


Despite assurance from The Cape Times/Argus editor last year that Africa Christian Action could place an obituary notice in memory of aborted babies in the Personal Column (they refuse to publish it in the Deaths Column), the Advertising Manager stated that Independent Newspapers finds the wording "too explicit" and that Advertising Standards Authority regulations prohibit the use of the phrases "babies killed by abortion" and "May God have mercy on South Africa".

 The Advertising Manager further stated that such an "explicitly worded opinion regarding abortion is not allowed in an advert".

On contacting the Association for Communication and Advertising, they informed Miss Hodgson that it would cost R684 to have the obituary wording checked by a lawyer.

 Miss Hodgson checked the Advertising Standards Authority code on their website and did not see any regulations pertaining to wording on deaths, or mention of God.

 Die Burger and other newspapers have had no problem in publishing similar notices commemorating the babies in their Deaths Column.

 Cape Argus Executive Editor, Gasant Abarder has been contacted for further clarification on the matter, but has not yet replied.

 Says Hodgson, "Would a Marie Stopes advert deceptively advertising 'safe and pain- free terminations of pregnancies' be allowed in the Personal Column? It seems that double standards are being applied. Are God and prayer also being censored from ads?

 "This seems a violation of our right to freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

 "In saying that 'babies killed by abortion' is an 'opinion', is Independent Newspapers suggesting that babies killed by abortion are not real people or are not really 'killed'?

 "These Independent Newspapers and ASA regulations indeed seem hypocritical when sexually explicit ads that objectify women and advertise women-exploiting brothels are tolerated in the classifieds and elsewhere in newspaper advertisements."

 On 1 February 1997 abortion-on-demand was legalised in South Africa. By 1 February 2011 an estimated one million South African babies have lost their lives through abortion - legally - with tax-payers' money.

 Cape Town: Today Tuesday, 1 February 2011, a funeral procession will be hosted by the Christian Action Network in memory of the thousands of babies, killed by abortion, who have never had a funeral.

 The procession to Parliament will start at 12:30 from Keizersgracht Street parking lot (below CPUT) and march down Darling Street into Buitenkant Street to Parliament, main entrance in Roeland St, where a Prayer Rally (12:50) will be held in memory of the innocent victims of the abortion holocaust. A woman who has had an abortion will testify at the Prayer Rally about the terrible physical and psychological after-effects caused by her abortion.

 Throughout the country many church congregations and concerned individuals observed 30 January as Sanctity Life Sunday. They reflected on the tragic reality of abortion and proclaimed the sanctity of human life.  

 A pro-life demonstration and prayer rally took place this weekend in Boksburg and will also take place in Potgietersrus today, and in Durban and East London this coming weekend. (See contact details below).

 "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves." Proverbs 31:8

 CONTACT: International Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network, Taryn Hodgson on 072 215 4801 or 021-689 4480, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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